‘Get Pell’ crusade continues despite High Court ruling

VICTORIA Labor Premier Daniel Andrews lifted two fingers to Australia’s highest court this week after it ordered the release of imprisoned Cardinal George Pell, ruling he’d been wrongfully convicted. 

Andrews, who wears the permanent face of a scolded infant, said “I believe every single victim and survivor of child sex abuse” in a pointed swipe at the High Court’s unanimous decision. 

The Premier heads a State whose politics, police, media and judicial systems have been infected by Left-wing activism – where emotions and feelings almost always trump the truth. 


It was Andrews’ highly politicised police force that went trawling in 2014 for a crime that didn’t exist.


They had pre-emptively formed a hit squad, code-named Operation Tethering, for the sole purpose of pursuing Pell. Tethering means to bind an animal with a rope – and helps expose the utter disdain they held for the cardinal. (That they saw fit to parade the ageing priest in handcuffs is equally shameful.)

Police then advertised far and wide searching for a “victim”. Incredibly, after successfully drafting one, they proceeded to charge Pell with raping the very same teenager who had earlier denied that an assault had taken place. 

Prosecutors alleged the cardinal had raped two choir boys in Melbourne’s St Patrick’s sacristy immediately after a mass in the 1990s, despite one of them saying it never happened.

To amplify the injustice, Victoria’s activist judiciary threw due process under a bus. By giving weight to the second boy’s “persuasive” testimony, it all but ignored Pell’s defence team’s highly credible counter evidence.

Despite a long trail of reasonable doubt, the Victorian Supreme Court subsequently rejected Pell’s appeal 2-1 because the complaints against him “sounded” believable – despite containing gaping holes.

Thank goodness the truth eventually prevailed (7-0) after the case was finally removed from Victoria’s incapable hands by Australia’s High Court.


Pell has rightfully engaged consultants to assess if Australian media outlets have defamed him. They need look no further than the ABC.

Many news outlets made grievous mistakes, but none came close to the malicious behaviour of the Catholic-bashing national broadcaster. The ABC was relentless in its bias, prejudice and ideological pursuit.

Evidence was ignored, the Church was their target and Pell was its proxy.

It became blatantly clear neither Andrews, his police nor their ABC cheer leaders had set foot inside a church in a very long time, if ever.

A cursory review of the published evidence should have raised serious questions even among irregular church goers.

After a mass is finished, the celebrating priest and his senior entourage exit the church in a procession down the aisle and out the front door. Once there, they greet the departing congregation. This is a long-held tradition. It rarely, if ever, changes.


While the priest is out front, the altar servers and other liturgical staff pack up. Silverware, crucifixes, linen, Bibles, collection plates, candles and outer garments are placed back into the sacristy.

A sacristy is just a fancy name for a store room. After mass it’s buzzing with people coming and going, sometimes multiple times each as different items are returned and stored. Any sexual activity therein would be noticed by many, many people.

The evidence surrounding timing and location (when and where) had almost every practicing Catholic scratching their head. “Surely Pell couldn’t be guilty, ” they deduced. “The evidence makes no sense.”

But in Andrews’ Victoria, the evidence didn’t matter. Feelings did. “Victims” must never be questioned. Their claims must never be tested. Every single one must always be believed, according to Premier Andrews.

As a result, an innocent priest was sentenced to six years in prison. He spent more than 400 days in maximum security and 23-hours a day in solitary confinement.

Yet, even before the High Court quashed this injustice on April 7, Victoria’s Leftists were again ramping up their never ending witch-hunt.

Victorian journalist and former Federal Senator Derryn Hinch spearheaded the frenzied outrage.

Within hours he was gasping that while Pell could not be called a pedophile “he’s not been found innocent”. 

Hinch was wrong, as usual, and this time it was the entire High Court of Australia saying so, 7-zip.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews and (inset) Cardinal George Pell.
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3 thoughts on “‘Get Pell’ crusade continues despite High Court ruling

  1. There must be some legal way to stop hard-left Andrews and his Victorian Police from further persecution of George Pell; to stop the coercion of some unfortunate to put forward more ghastly lies and prompt further vilification by the blindly hating trolls.

    Pell is absolutely innocent and wasting more taxpayers’ money on this inquisition is just so shocking. Those behind this continual, extreme defamation should be criminally charged, or at least lose their jobs.

    I’m sympathetic to all real victims of any sort of childhood abuse. However, as we mature, we must put aside our past life, allow past hurts to heal, move on and live in the present. We should look outside ourselves, gravitate to the kind people all around us and perhaps help the present generation of youngsters who have even greater problems to overcome.

  2. Daniel Andrews is the Vic. Premier and as such has made it a political issue fingering up the highest court in this land after its decision. Whether it is or isn’t a political issue then Mr Andrews should be impartial and grateful we have such a court. One only has to read the earlier court records and know church procedures after mass to understand the High Court decision. We should respect this decision and not go on a witch hunt.

  3. Sorry to disagree. This is not a political issue. I am 90 years of age and until recently I have been an active member of The Liberal Party and I am still a paid-up Member.
    My opinion is parallel to Daniel Andrews.
    Also please don’t forget he is the Premier of Victoria.

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