Crazy-extreme Lib MPs in crosshairs

A GRASSROOTS political movement has launched in Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbs targeting radicalised Liberal MPs, who have rendered the Party all but unelectable. 

Using a South Australian template to attract large numbers of new conservative members, the recently formed Eastern Suburbs Conservative Forum met last week with Federal SA Senator Alex Antic. 

Unless we return to providing competent, conservative government we will impoverish ourselves – as nothing green, woke or politically correct has ever put bread on anyone’s table.

Also at the meeting was Menzies Institute executive director Nick Cater as well as conservative Liberal Branch presidents and Party members.

By bolstering conservative membership, the group aims to deny Party preselection to sitting Leftist MPs.

One of the Conservative Forum’s organisers said its focus was to remove the Liberal Party from the grip of “green Left liberals”.


“Senator Antic recently helped rescue the SA Libs from the grip of green Left liberals and return the Party to its democratic, free speech roots,” he said.

“This gave rank and file SA members a say in the running of our Party.

“Alex explained how they took control from the Left in SA. We now have a much clearer road map.”

Senator Antic last year stood up to SA’s left-wing Liberal executive council, including Senator Simon Birmingham, who had attempted to expel or investigate 550 new Party members due to their Christian faith.

The purge failed after the executive’s autocratic plot was publicly exposed.

“The further green Left our Party has moved in each State, the more seats we’ve lost,” the Eastern Suburbs Conservative Forum spokesman said.


“WA moved to the extreme Left and is now left with only two parliamentary seats,” he said.

“SA didn’t move quite as far Left, but still got smashed. And the Left leaning Liberal Party in Victoria can’t even beat Daniel Andrews.

“In NSW 12 years ago, it took the combined herculean efforts of Labor’s disgraced Eddie Obeid, Ian McDonald and other current jailbird luminaries to finally drag the Liberals across the line.”

The spokesman said Australia desperately needed a sensible, conservative Liberal Party.

“Unless we return to providing competent, conservative government we will impoverish ourselves – as nothing green, woke or politically correct has ever put bread on anyone’s table,” he said.

“The Liberal Party is supposed to promote free speech and govern for everyone – especially for those who can’t pay their power bills.

“Frighteningly, Europe’s current energy travails are what’s coming here unless we mend our ways.

“The Liberals are really not supposed to be a Greens/dictatorial Labor-like hybrid for promoting privilege for the elites.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  NSW Treasurer Matt Kean (L) & Roads Minister Natalie Ward (courtesy The Daily Telegraph, enhanced)

17 thoughts on “Crazy-extreme Lib MPs in crosshairs

  1. Hear, Hear. Let’s have a Liberal Party that is genuinely conservative. No compromises.

  2. I recently experienced the fury of Liberal Conservatives at the CPAC forum held in Sydney, it was plain to see that we have had enough of this moronic climate change insanity as we carried our baseball bats into the arena.
    Is the coalition getting the message yet? Sadly no! It’s as though they want to blunder their way to defeat rather than ‘read the room’ (and it was a very big room). Alas some people have to learn the hard way and take their punishment in due course.

  3. The Coalition lost massive percentage of votes (impossible to calculate exactly) because they failed to communicate the business case of how long in years (not weeks or months) it is going to take to get green hydrogen and pumped hydro into the Australian energy Grid. The Coaltion were made to look like old “fuddies” because no one went and and bluntly told the electorate that these forms of energy are going to take at least ten years to commercialise and deliver. Regardless of how hopeless Kean etc are, they are thinking and communicating a scenario ten to twenty years away, but what are we going to do for the next ten years to ensure we get sensibly priced energy into NSW in sufficient volumes to ensure NSW remains the Premier State? With Kean talking twenty years out and downgrading gas production in NSW, only the seriously positive companies like maybe Santos who will wish to progress new gas projects that will fill the void. Trying to get a meeting with Mat Kean to help him with his thinking is a pipe dream at best and negligent at worst on his and his staff’s watch.

    1. “Trying to get a meeting with Mat Kean to help him with his thinking is a pipe dream […]”

      Never wrestle with a pig, because you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

  4. We need a strong leader. I thought that was Peter Dutton but he has been almost as disappointing as Perrotet so far. We want strong opposition to the Voice, climate change action, the ABC, immigration, the education syllabus, the list goes on. Come on Peter and Dom! Stop listening to the likes of Simon Birmingham and Matt Kean or you’ll end up irreparably ruining the Liberal Party as conservatives abandon the sinking ship.

    1. ” I thought that was Peter Dutton […]”

      LOL; Dutton is an ill-educated and spineless moron who is no better than Morrison was – he finds the views of those who oppose sodomy or the slaughter of unborn children to be “abominable”. He’s going to get a very nasty surprise when he stands before God on the Day of Judgement.

  5. Don’t forget recent Liberal Party parliamentary history beginning circa 1990 and a branch stacking exercise in the Electorate of Wentworth resulted in the sitting Liberal MP Peter King losing preselection, the new candidate won the seat but lost many votes compared to the previous MP.

    Fast forward to November 2007 when Rudd Labor defeated the Howard Coalition Government and the Liberal MPs voted for Dr Brendan Nelson to lead them and become Opposition Leader. The MP for Wentworth was not happy and according to reports Dr Nelson was harassed by him, putting it mildly. Later Dr Nelson was replaced by Malcolm Turnbull MP who soon lost support of most Liberal MPs and in 2009 he was replaced by Tony Abbott MP who led the Coalition to effectively defeat the by then Gillard Labor Government at the 2010 election forcing them into a minority alliance government to retain power.

    Despite the Abbott led victory at the 2010 election and Labor facing potential defeat at the next 2013 election Opposition Leader Abbott was harassed, the LINO left even used Union-Labor activist organisation GetUp to help them to undermine Opposition Leader Abbott, and effectively the Coalition he was leading. Despite the leaking from cabinet, media briefing anonymously and attacks from Labor too, the Abbott led Coalition defeated Rudd again Labor at the 2013 election, a landslide defeat.

    In 2015 Malcolm Turnbull, who was Minister for Communications in Prime Minister Abbott’s Cabinet, again replaced him as leader and Prime Minister. At the 2016 election the Turnbull led Coalition lost the seats gained at the 2013 election victory. The Coalition was saved by the Nationals winning a new seat.

    By the end of 2018 a majority of Liberal MPs decided to replace Prime Minister Turnbull and voted for Prime Minister Morrison who following the now established LINO tradition of effectively undermining the Liberal Party and therefore coalition partner the National Party the relentless negativity was directed at Prime Minister Morrison, and regardless of how we assessed him do not forget that LINO left combined with Labor deceptive claims such as the family holiday in Hawaii in late 2019 when seasonal bushfires started, natural disasters are primarily State responsibility: there is no Federal SES (State Emergency Service) or RFS (Rural Fire Service) or what other States call these services, and other services that deal with natural disasters. And Labor and media conveniently ignored that the Deputy PM was acting PM while the Prime Minister was absent, normal procedure.

    I trust that you are all following the court case news regarding the Parliament House Canberra after hours affair and the evidence presented so far? Prime Minister Morrison was targeted about that and it was nothing to do with Federal Government business apart from two staffers being involved.

    Of course the LINO left are centred in New South Wales State Executive. Members of State Parliament have effectively turned Liberal voters away with their woke stupidity, what happened to honourable members representing the people who voted for them and in government governing in our best interests?

  6. The problem is the Evil control the processes and procedures so the Good can’t get elected under the current system, and even that is not complied with to make sure only the Evil’s Chosen Ones are elected!

  7. Mr Perottet, if you keep Matt Kean in the Ministry and maintain the green left position with the NSW Liberal Party, your position will become one in opposition sitting a long way back on the back bench. Sadly there seems to be almost no one in the Liberal Party who is representing the electorates (read: voters) as they are self serving and more about themselves.

    Liberal members of Parliament, take time out to realise who put you into the job (and who can take you out of the job) and get back to the conservative values that the voters thought you were going to exercise,

    Time to realise and commit to the real truth and not that of some alarmists in the media and other left wing political parties. And take a does of Common Sense pills too.

    1. Carmen, I’m sure you already know this … but Matt Kean is Dom’s ultimate boss. Perrottet can’t even belch without the left faction’s approval. Dom could no more remove Kean than he could ascend bodily into heaven. Those who know what’s right but continue to do wrong for personal gain will ultimately be condemned.

  8. Good. The conservatives can never win when they abandon their values and scorn their supporters. This has been going on for decades culminating in the scomo debacle. A bit of courage wouldn’t hurt either. Kean has to go.

  9. Need to put in a procedure for removing the woke lefties who creep into the party…. and making sure they never get into preselection to start with. Turnbull, Falinski and Kean are some examples

  10. Lets pray this has some effect, or the moronic left will be in power for a very long time. Only a conservative Liberal party can oppose them.

  11. These are the sub-humans who attempted to relax bestiality laws. Never forget!

  12. Most Australians interested or not in politics and political parties are around the centre of the political spectrum, some leaning slightly left and other slightly right. The slightly left are very like Labor right and I have always believed that Australia is in good hands when the elected representative majority are representative of the majority of voters.

    Right now the anger, frustration and feelings about being manipulated by leftist globalists is widespread.

    The Abbott led Coalition is an example of what we want.

    Without the LINO left MPs.

  13. A Liberal voter since my first vote I no longer identify with them, the wrecker got what he was after and the Liberals In Name Only have been very effective vandals.


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