Hazzard’s ideology crashes public health

by PAUL COLLITS – THERE are many, alas, still unpunished, crimes perpetrated by the Australian COVID class. 

The list is almost endless, and, sadly, familiar. Lost education. Lost careers. Recession. Endless deficits. Crushed small businesses. Suicides. Mental health collapse. Dying loved ones, un-mourned. Split families and friendships. Excess deaths, still unexplained, not even referenced. 

Not to mention workplace culture destroyed. Projects endlessly postponed. Terminal illnesses unattended. Democracy downsized. Federalism obliterated. Massive inflation created. A cost-of-living crisis. Soaring interest rates. 

The NSW Health Minister has been responsible for far greater atrocities against the people than John Barilaro or Stuart Ayres.

All on the altar of the scheming, venal morally corrupt Lib-Lab duopoly.

But there is a new phenomenon. Every third Australian seems to be sick. Not COVID. You know it’s not COVID because you are so damned sick.


The evidence is there on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies. The cold and flu shelves have been cleaned out. There is a shortage of tissues.

But the evidence is elsewhere. Airport chaos. Transport service cancelled due to “staff shortages”. Businesses short-staffed.

Yes, there is a lot of COVID about. But this is only half the story. Anyone with “symptoms” has to isolate. Most of them actually have the common cold or the flu.

I know that the self-obsessed, incompetent goons who run NSW have other things on their minds at the moment.

Like their inherent duplicity, crass incompetence, amateur hour governance, revolving door leadership, sick-making self-regard.

All of it focused on a strange little man who decided, in the spring of 2021, to ditch his career, ditch his wife and family, organise a job for his girlfriend, organise a job for himself, and sell off his city pad. A busy time for “Pork” Barilaro from Queanbeyan.

Be that as it may.

Real problems still stalk the land. And there are inconvenient truths about the regime in which this strange little man participated. Events and decisions that still require answers to questions that legacy hacks are still too afraid, or dumb, to ask.

The main one is – why is everyone in the NSW crook (sick) as a canine?

Here is a plausible hypothesis. Could it be possible that the idiotic lockdown policies of the NSW Government have caused the greatest, totally engineered, collapse of immunity in the country’s history?

It is not as if the impact of bizarre, unscientific and unprecedented lockdown policies weren’t predicted.

The World Health Organisation, before it was hijacked by the Chinese Communist Party and Bill Gates, for half a century had wisely advocated against lockdown and social distancing policies as a solution to viral spread.

All that “settled science”, we know, was junked in March 2020 when other agendas and opportunities presented themselves.

The science of the day suggested that we should let the COVID virus circulate, with appropriate protections for the truly vulnerable easily then identifiable as the aged and non-aged with specific ailments, and let the healthy build up herd immunity.


It was the settled science for a reason. And it was flagged by some of the world’s leading medical experts. See under the Great Barrington Declaration.

Vitamin D, anyone? We have been conned by idiots and vaccine fascists. Even Gates-funded media outlets recognize the impacts of COVID policies, especially on children.

Has one single NSW Health briefing canvassed this smoking gun? There is precious little medical research on the long-term effects of isolation policies that has been drawn to the attention of NSW voters. A disgrace.

The BBC in 2020 admitted: “While staying inside our homes is helping to shield us from the pandemic, missing out on time outdoors might alter our risk of catching diseases in other ways.”

The first part of the statement is, we now know, utter rubbish. But at least they explored the rest of the picture. It is not as if this issue wasn’t out there. The ripple effects of a massive policy disaster.

Professor Gupte of Oxford, demonised for her insights, was onto it early:

“People are not exposed to germs and so do not develop defences that could protect them against future pandemics, Oxford epidemiologist warns.

“Prolonged periods of lockdown cocooning the public from germs could leave people dangerously vulnerable to new viruses, a leading epidemiologist has warned.


All forgotten now, now that the flu has made its big comeback. This is an epic fail for public health policy.

It is what happens when public health becomes ideology and when our elected representatives stop doing their jobs. Noble cause corruption combined with basic incompetence, or something far worse? The jury is still out.

With the utter failure of the vaccines now clearly demonstrated, where even Gates himself has admitted defeat, the notion of herd immunity has rightfully resumed its place at the centre of epidemiological thinking.

Even the pro-vaxx class now acknowledges its ongoing relevance. At a time when the ultra-jabbed are the most likely to get COVID, be hospitalised and die, we are left with the very, very inconvenient truth that natural immunity was the way to go.

And that was destroyed by lockdowns, which had the inevitable result of denuding a whole population of the chance to build immunity.

The strangely surviving, now under-the-radar NSW Health Minister, who has been responsible for far worse atrocities against the people than John Barilaro or Stuart Ayres, has some questions to answer.


Such as: Were you aware of the impact of destroying the natural immunity of your citizens? Like your peers in other Australian jurisdictions, you sentenced your people to the 2022 cold and flu pandemic that we now have. Why did you abandon the science? Why didn’t your two bosses pull you up?

Where is the Upper House Inquiry into your health actions? Yes, pathetic jobs-for-the-boys issues should be properly probed, and duly punished.

But the Heath Hazzard’s survival is a scandal far greater than anything currently making the newspapers.

Half the State is sick. And his policies did this.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brad Hazzard. (courtesy Western Weekender)

10 thoughts on “Hazzard’s ideology crashes public health

  1. Both he and Chant are on video saying This is The New World Order and we must get use to it . That should scare the shit out of all the nation. This vile man is retired School Teacher with a personal worth of $13 million and Chant is married to a Phizer manager !? Why is it that these people have portfolios that they are not qualified to handle ??

  2. With so many specialist Dr’s and Scientists opposing the Government health strategies! And the amount of reporting done across the Net proving MSM is lying when they too support the Government health officials and their lies, we need to spread the truth to neighbours, friends and our Dr’s so we can have our lives back, stop the mandated JABS FOR EMPLOYMENT AND GET THIS COUNTRY AND PEOPLE BACK TO WORK AND SURVIVING! We need One Nation and United Australia Party’s to lead for our futures!

  3. Well said. As far as increased sickness goes there may also be another contributing factor. Reduced immunity due to the nature of the Covid Mrna vaccines. There is a growing number of reports stating the vaccines can weaken general immunity. Best medical quote I have seen : “A managable pandemic turned into a catastrophe.”

  4. Hazzard is a political relic of the worst of what the tired L/NP state government has to offer.
    The lurch to the hard left by the L/NP totalitarians in NSW has resulted in many disenfranchised voters

  5. And now there is concern that there is a new virus on the way not related to COVID-19 (2019).

    Who will be blamed?

    1. The real question is who will be accountable? The modelling was garbage, the Expert health advice was garbage, huge payments of public money have been made for vaccine that did not work.
      I have to stand by my work, and fix any errors or omissions out of my own pocket, Where is the accountably from ministers, CHOs and other bureaucrats for their clear, persistent and repeated incompetence.
      Lives and livelihoods have been trashed due to their ineptitude, hindsight is no excuse, they are well rewarded to provide expertise that they have failed to deliver. All of them must be held to fully to account.

  6. Regardless, when the virus arrived here early in 2020 there was no rule book on how to deal with it. No vaccine anywhere and not available until the first vaccinations commenced in the UK during December 2020 and supplies spreading around the world during 2021.

    As it turned out New South Wales was a far better state to be in than Victoria or Queensland, and others.

    Lockdowns and restrictions imposed in Victoria by the State Government and enforced by State Health and State Police were by far the worst of any.

    And the blame game by Labor States targeting the Federal Government and Prime Minister should have been called out by media but most supported the deceptive accusations and ignored the areas of responsibility and powers of States compared to the Commonwealth or Federal Government.

    It was obvious to informed people, for example, that the National Leaders Cabinet that replaced the Council Of Australian Governments is a cooperative forum for discussions to reach agreement on the issues nation wide. The PM had little or no power to force states cooperation.

    1. There is and has been treatments for decades . This is a flu and Ivermectin (45 years) and HCQ (used to quell SARS) are the drugs that prevent and control the virus . Fact is he and his UN cohorts signed up to the lie thus killing the elderly and others and ceasing onto their properties and allowing their Construction Mate (Richard Crooks) to Knock Down and Rebuild at a pofit. The Great Reset and they are all in on it . Oh I have a Virologist and Immunologist in the family. Both can support the treatment I state .

      1. You’re correct and all the evidence you need to support you is at ivmmeta.com which is DR Tess Lawrie’s UK site with a meta analysis of over 80 studies supporting Ivermectin as an effective early treatment.

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