‘Sorry I backed gay marriage’ – MP

by SEAN BURKE – A NSW MP has admitted being wrong in his support for same-sex marriage, saying the rainbow cause has become a religion without a god. 

NSW Libertarian Party Leader John Ruddick MLC said that, prior to the 2017 same-sex marriage plebiscite, he had ignored warnings about changing the Marriage Act. 

The rainbow calendar is now similar to a religion without a god – having all these feast days and holy days that everyone has to acknowledge or be shunned for heresy.

“During that campaign figures like former Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi and ACL Director Lyle Shelton were demonised for warning that same-sex marriage would be a slippery slope,” Mr Ruddick told the NSW Parliament this week.

“I didn’t believe them. Seven years later we face the reality. Bernardi and Shelton have been proven utterly correct.”


Mr Ruddick said he was concerned about increasingly radical causes being pushed by LGBTQ activists.

“Somehow June has become Pride month,” he told parliament.

“My Party is in favour of community events, festivals and celebrations. But Western civilization’s most ancient and celebrated festival, Christmas, is over and out in a week,” he said.

“A month for Pride is way too excessive. And it’s not just Pride Month or Mardi Gras in February and March.

“There’s Transgender Day of Visibility in March, there’s the International Day Against LGBTQIA+ Discrimination in May, Non-Binary People’s Day in July and Wear It Purple Day in August.

“October is busy with Pronouns Day, Asexual Awareness Week and Intersex Awareness Week.

“But don’t forget November with Intersex Solidarity Day, Transgender Awareness Week and the Trans Day of Remembrance.”

Mr Ruddick said the Canadian Government had recently announced that June to September – “four months!” – would be designated as Pride Season.

“No doubt that’s on its way down under,” he said.

“The rainbow calendar is now similar to a religion without a god – having all these feast days and holy days that everyone has to acknowledge or be shunned for heresy.”


The Libertarian Party (then known as the Liberal Democratic Party) was the first political Party in Australia to support legalising same sex marriage. The policy appeared in its 2000 founding document.

In a 2017 plebiscite, a large majority of Australians supported changing the Marriage Act to allow same-sex unions.

“In the years prior to same-sex marriage a privately and publicly well-funded activist movement ran the campaign to bring about this change,” Mr Ruddick said.

“And then they won!

“So, the activists then had a conundrum: How could they keep all the high salaries flowing?

“Easy! Invent new rainbow causes that are so important that the taxpayer has to fund them.”

When lobby groups fight for a cause and win, they don’t just pack up their lobbying tents and go home, he told parliament.

“Too often they simply find new and more radical causes within the same framework.


“Taxpayer-funded lobbyists get addicted to the gravy train.

“When campaigns for equal rights are won, too often they evolve into a never-ending campaign for special privileges.

“It’s hard to count, but on my reckoning there are least another 22 government-funded programs specifically targeted at rainbow groups.

“This isn’t about equal rights, this is about lining the pockets of activist groups.”

Mr Ruddick said if businesses, individuals and community groups wanted to celebrate Pride Month and everything else, “I wish them all the best when it is self-funded”.

“My hunch is that, without public funding, the free market would soon settle on far fewer rainbow neo holy days.”PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  John Ruddick. (courtesy The Mandarin)

13 thoughts on “‘Sorry I backed gay marriage’ – MP

  1. I’ve found your article & the comments there after enlightening … I have no wish to make the lives of gay couples more difficult but I now totally understand why the ‘hooHaa’ surrounding it has made me very uncomfortable.
    Yes it’s the days weeks months we are instructed to remember gay pride.! It’s the politically correctness that has emerged..no … forced on us .
    I’ve finally been able to reconcile my misgivings & understand finally what I have found unsettling.

  2. Gee, another conservative pollie admitting they f..ked up. Oh wait, that’s fairly unique. Now do something really unique: repair the damage you caused:

    Marriage is between a man and a woman. And a man is an adult male and a woman is an adult female.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Suppose they gave a party…and nobody came? The gay marriage debate was primarily driven by activists who have to keep their relevance alive by inventing new issues to be insurgent about. The incidence of gay marriages is pitifully low, after all the ignorant bally-hoo that gay marriages would revive the economy and provide catering companies new profitability. No. Similar to the South Australian Voice, which attracted dismally low voting amongst Aborigines of that State. Both issues are simply irrelevant (but costly) in practical outcomes.

    1. The power of the gay dollar seems to be consistently overrated. Satellite Group was set up as an investment vehicle for the non-hetero demographic. Floated on the stock exchange in 1999; into administration in 2000.

  4. The worst threat that all this glorified garbage poses is to children. Firstly they were monstered by perverted priests who eventually were outed and prosecuted after several hundred years, and now they have to run the gauntlet of the LGBTQ brigade who have embarked on a like coercion and grooming exercise. Basically we have swapped one evil for another.

    However much whichever allegedly enlightened halfwit tries to eulogise this process, the fact remains that the greater percentage of kids never recover from being assaulted by these perverts, ending up either suiciding, on heroin, or being permanently damaged.

    Most homosexuals and lesbians are decent and would never harm a child anymore than most men would rape a woman, yet here is the LBGTQ to campaign for carte blanche, inadvertently or otherwise, for the creeps in their midst to prey on our kids and grandkids.

    Homosexuals and lesbians should be left unvilified to partake normally in society and to discreetly live their lives with other like consenting adults, but as Keating put it ‘two blokes and a cocker spaniel don’t make a family’, as opposed to a heterosexual couple and their kids.

    We are fortunate to have the likes of the highly cerebral and effective John Ruddick in our parliament. Very sadly however, had he and his group formerly prevailed in the liberal party against its LGBTQ component and other ghastly operatives, we’d now be much better governed, enjoying a higher standard of living, and poor people would be a lot better off. Firstly they’d be paying much lower electricity prices, and the environment wouldn’t be being raped by renewables.

  5. “‘Sorry I backed gay marriage’ – MP”

    Ruddick is a nothing but a politician.

    I’m sorry too – I’m sorry that we have such spectacularly ignorant morons who are doing nothing more than keeping seats warm in our various parliaments.

  6. I always thought that the conservative side of politics missed the boat on this issue. I don’t see the distinction between straight and gay marriage as important but, rather, the important distinction is between men and women getting married to raise children on one side, and all other marriages on the other. A man and a woman, both in their 70s, getting married, might be cute, but it isn’t the focus of marriage. The focus is raising children. Also, it isn’t a matter of married straight couples having children is somehow just ‘desirable,’ but rather that this is the only form of arrangement where civilisations can realistically survive and be able to have their culture passed on to the next generation.

  7. If I may, I would like to mention a novel which humorously satirises this whole phenomenon. It is about a not-for-profit which wants children (and then countries, and the UN) to start using another map of the world which shows the respective sizes of the continents, rather than the traditional world map, which makes Africa appear smaller than it does, and where Russia and Iceland appear much bigger than they are.
    Once the not-for-profit has succeeded in all its goals, their comfy jobs and salaries are threatened, so they then start campaigning in favour of the belief that the Earth is flat. Great stuff. It is called The End of the World is Flat by Simon Edge.

  8. It should be remembered that the Howard Government changed the Marriage Act to read that marriage is between a man and a women and this amendment was supported by the Labor Opposition including Ms Gillard and Ms Wong.

    1. “[…] changed the Marriage Act to read that marriage is between a man and a women […]”

      LOL; now we need legislation that states that two plus two is four, that the sky is blue, and that the earth revolves around the sun.



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