‘Immorality’ puts Libs in crosshairs

by PAUL COLLITS – THE Australian Christian Lobby has a very clear strategy for the 2022 federal election. It is targeting candidates and not Parties. 

It is attempting to get more members in the parliament that are sympathetic to Christian families, values and traditions. 

The Liberals must be pretty damned broad if they can house the likes of Zimmerman. Especially, when in government, they accommodate core philosophies that are simply anathema…

Here is an excerpt from one of the ACL’s regular communications to voters: “It’s extremely hard to make a decision about the federal election.

“There is disillusionment with the government due to the things they’ve allowed like queer education in schools and mitochondrial donations.


“Not to mention the failures on the Religious Discrimination Bill, vaccine mandates and more. Everyone’s in a state of confusion.

“But the consequences of your vote are very profound.

“You have a contest between light and dark; good and evil. There are people who are trying to change the social fabric of the nation. There are also people who have faithfully upheld truth and Christian values.

“You need to be wise and understand the people on your ballot.”

One of ACL’s mobile billboards states: “Fiona Martin voted against Christian schools”.

Martin (of course) was a 2019 “captain’s pick” of the Prime Minister and a “Modern Liberal”.

ScoMo is famous now for his captain’s picks. He is also alleged to be a conservative and a Christian.

Martin is a champion of the transgendered and the trans-gendering – a little unlike that other famous Morrison captain’s pick a little to the east of Martin’s Sydney seat of Reid.

Here is another of the ACL’s communications: “The voting records of the Coalition MPs who destroyed the Religious Discrimination Bill in February are being highlighted in North Sydney, Wentworth, Bass and Reid – through multiple channels.”

It is the ACL’s biggest election campaign ever.

Unsurprisingly, another of the targets of ACL is Trent Zimmerman, the Member for North Sydney, Leftist and loyal lieutenant of the Liberal Party’s rainbow mafia.

A champion of homosexual marriage, of course. He is also pro-abortion and crossed the floor to prevent the Liberal-led government in Canberra from actioning its earlier commitment to (a grossly imperfect form of) religious freedom.

Not a lot of joy for ACL, then, in Trent.

One Nation is also recommending preferencing against certain Liberal politicians of dubious moral and economic merit.


The Liberal Democrats are also preferencing against Fiona Martin in Reid. She isn’t very popular on the deplorable Right, it would seem.

According to one report: “Guardian Australia understands that One Nation will put Liberal Trent Zimmerman last on its how-to-vote cards in North Sydney, with moderates Bridget Archer and Tim Wilson also potential targets of the minor Party.

(Bridget Archer has described the excellent Claire Chandler’s proposal to safeguard girls’ sport as a “vanity bill” and “not government policy”, “unnecessary” and “divisive”, despite the Prime Minister’s strongly stated support for it. No wonder the punters are confused by this Government).

Back to Trent. Zimmerman is also a sworn enemy of the Australian economy in relation to the lie of climate change.

Here is The Guardian: “Liberal Party MP Trent Zimmerman says he and fellow moderate MPs ‘prevailed’ over the deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, in securing a net-zero climate target, saying the Nationals leader was opposed to the policy.

Zimmerman has also noted: “I am pleased that the PM is on my side on this debate and not on Matt Canavan’s.”

Matt Canavan, of course, is one of the few Coalition members willing to speak truth to Left-liberal power on the climate-renewables fantasy.


If Morrison is, indeed, on the side of genuine net-zero (and who would ever know what side ScoMo is on, on anything) it is no wonder that George Christensen, Craig Kelly and Nicolle Flint ran screaming from the Liberal building.

The only question is how on earth they lasted as long as they did.

Given all this, it was somewhat surprising that Liberal Party great John Howard turned up at Zimmerman’s campaign launch. Yep, you read that correctly.

Gladys of Willoughby was there as well, of course. No surprises there, in view of her massive commitment to all things rainbow and Leftist.

Naturally, the corporate media wrongly saw the story as being about Gladys’s presence, not about Howard’s.

But Howard? Why would he be there, launching the enemy? He is a professed Christian, after all, and deemed to be an arch-conservative.

On reflection, there is no real surprise here.

Howard’s loyalty has always been to the good of the Liberal Party, and not to conservatism of any real kind.

Well, I suppose the Iraq war showed him to be a neocon, and we thought that he was against same-sex marriage and infanticide on demand (to use Tony Abbott’s description of recent NSW abortion law changes supported by Howard’s mate Gladys).

No, the Liberal faithful and conservative voters have always come second to The Party in Howard’s view.

As well, and equally relevant, Howard in parliament was always the master pragmatist and the keeper of the keys to the famous “Liberal broad church”.


Well, it must be pretty damned broad, if it can house Trent Zimmerman. Especially, when in government, the Liberal Party manages to accommodate those whose core philosophies are simply anathema to many on the Right-of-centre.

This was never a mere accommodation to attain and hold onto government, either.

Howard Liberals see the broad church as a virtue, a paean to Menzies’ alleged fusion of liberalism and conservatism. (“Modern” [Left] Liberals, of course, have a very weird definition of “liberalism”).

The problem is that the Liberal Party is not a remotely broad church any more. It is run by green, Leftist, globalist, socially libertarian ideologues and populated with chancers and careerists. Yes, it is a church, but not in the traditional sense.

ScoMo, too, is a broad church kind of guy. Indeed, he himself can occupy several broad-churchy positions on any given day, without flinching.

Here is what he said about the above-mentioned Bridget Archer: “You know, we love Bridge. We really do. And I’m really pleased she’s on my team, and she’s on my team and she’s a fiery member of my team and she’s a fiery member for Bass.”

You could not make this up. Long live the broad church! And ideological schizophrenia, it would seem.


Except that Archer’s moderate faction actively seeks, wherever possible, to rid the Liberal Party of anyone who, like Claire Chandler, believes in traditional values and common sense conservatism.

That is the problem with alleged conservatives trying to convince anyone the Liberals are still a broad church. They are not.

Morrison is clearly seeking to position himself as a latter-day Howard, but without the skill-set.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Trent Zimmerman. (courtesy The Age)

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  1. Hard-left “Liberals” have exposed the LNP’s soft left flank. Their crazy agenda has exposed the government to attack from every side – Christians, Teals, One Nation, United Australia, Malcolm Turnbull and fed-up ex-Liberal voters. May many lessons be learned on May 21!


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