Left blames conservatives for Liberal Party’s demise

DESPITE the Liberal Party’s wholesale embrace of nation-destroying Greens’ policies, ultra-Left Liberals continue to blame conservatives for the Party’s spectacular demise. 

In just two election cycles the Coalition has lost more than two million supporters and a federal official is reporting mass anger among members on a “scale never before witnessed”. 

WA Liberals were annihilated earlier this year after adopting a policy platform so extreme even Labor & The Greens were rattled…

Yet, with the Party reduced to cross-bench status at Western Australia’s March 2021 election, a post-campaign review appears to avoid any mention of its Green-appeasing manifesto.

The WA Liberals were annihilated earlier this year, winning just two of 59 lower house seats, after adopting a policy platform so extreme even Labor and Greens MPs were rattled.


The headline findings of the post-election review, however, failed to identify any issue whatsoever with its policy agenda.

Instead it attributed the loss to factional power games, lazy MPs, an inexperienced leader and recommended a 40 per cent female parliamentary quota as part of a solution to rescue the Party from “extinction”.

With only a handful of its 66 recommendations made public, the Danielle Blane/Mark Trowell report has left the door wide open for Left-wing Liberals to shift blame onto conservatives. And they have.

“We are starting to see why no talent is coming through,” one said in response to the report.

“Because of the distortion of a small group of Right-wing conservatives who care more about their position than getting the Party elected.

“They offered no talent and no policy.”

Yet the WA Liberals did offer policies. In fact they unarguably offered the most extreme Left-wing policy agenda ever taken to any election by any serious political Party.


Under then leader Zak Kirkup, they promised to legislate net-zero emissions a full 20 years earlier than Labor & The Greens.

They promised to close down the State’s power plants by 2025 and throw entire townships into social security dependency.

Not only did Mr Kirkup fiercely support the overreach of homosexual rights, he was also pro-euthanasia and, for him, it was never too late to abort a child.

While he proudly described his policy agenda as “bold” to the hooting cheers of Left-wing Liberals such as NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean, voters simply walked away. As millions have done to the wider Party since 2013.

The solution is not to take the Party further to the Left. There’s good reason why The Greens’ command around only 10 per cent of the national vote.

It’s because 90 per cent of the population don’t take them seriously – just as WA voters no longer take the Liberal Party seriously.PC

10 thoughts on “Left blames conservatives for Liberal Party’s demise

  1. You have complete control over where your preferences flow. You can put Liberal Democrat candidates at the top of your preference and then One Nation, and then whatever other minor party you prefer, and your vote will NEVER flow on to the ALP UNLESS you put an ALP candidate ahead of the Liberal/National Party Candidate.
    And if enough of you put the Liberal Democrat or One Nation candidate at the top, they will be in there with a good chance of winning – to the betterment of Australia.

  2. Apart from the 2016 election, I have been a lifelong Liberal voter. However, because of people like Matt Kean in NSW and my local MP (Sharma), I am seriously considering my options. I will not be voting for the Lib Dems or the UAP but the Liberal Party does not deserve my vote. The ‘moderates’ have taken over the Party.

  3. It’s our collective fault for allowing the left in, and we remain shamed until we put them out. Our shame derives from the damage that we are allowing them to do to the futures of our kids, grandkids and country, without seriously trying to stop them. At some point of time there has to be an equivalent type ‘shoot out at the OK corral’. We have stood by and allowed these dreadful, treacherous cretins to expel Ross Cameron from the libs, and to even try to expel ultra faithful servant John Ruddick from the party, who eventually left in disgust anyway.
    Had we all threatened en masse to resign if they attempted to proceed with either action, so cutting off funding and requisite grass roots support, then the enemy would have folded. We need the advocacy of both the above in parliament, as opposed to them trying to defend the ‘stacked deck’ woke outrageous expulsion motions with which they were then faced. If we re-made our party as it should be then we might even be able to entice Mark Latham into our ranks, who in concert with Cameron in parliament would not only be the equivalent of 2 wrecking balls smashing the greenies, but also the best show in town to watch, and we certainly need like relief post covid, to cheer the country up. They, Matt Canavan and Barnaby Joyce when in full flight together could give us hope, which is the present missing national ingredient.

  4. In a way the left is right. Apart from Trump no Western conservative leader has been prepared to take it up to the scum-bags of the left. They have capitulated, assumed there are still rules and that the left can be reasoned with. The left are destroyers and seekers of power; they don’t play by the rules. Scomo demonstrates the vacuity of the conservatives when he says he won’t fight the culture wars. There is no other war to fight!. Unless you show zero tolerance of the left they will destroy you. Their MO is to accuse their opponents of some ism and then infiltrate. The infiltration of the LNP is almost complete. Matt Kean’s senior staff are all greens and or have green backgrounds: Atticus Fleming is a case in point. The LNP have kicked out all their conservatives, Kelly, Christensen and are now just a hollowed out party apart from a few exceptions: Flint (going), Antic, Canavan, Chandler, Rennick, I’m struggling.

    In short the conservatives are weak, gutless and have no stomach for a fight.

  5. The WA Liberals 2020 environment policy platform look at all familiar??

    > $60 million to expand WA’s electric vehicle network, promote uptake, plan a hydrogen vehicle network and install additional fuelling stations.
    > An unknown amount, in conjunction with the private sector, to build a new solar and wind energy facility in the Mid West and create an extra 4,500 megawatts of wind and solar energy by 2030.
    > A commitment for WA state government owned assets to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 through the closure of all state owned coal-fired power stations by 2025.

    How many times do dunderhead Liberal strategists have to be told – you can’t get rusted-on Greens voters in urban seats to vote Liberal. You could pre-select Bob Brown for all they care.

    1. Free enterprise system?

      Let markets and consumers pick winners and losers, no government interference via subsidies and/or penalising of competitors in favour of politics.

      Without free enterprise the USA would not have become such a strong and powerful nation as the Russians and the Chinese realised and decided to allow free enterprise by approved comrades.

  6. There are plenty of other parties on the right. Why not vote for them.
    The LNP does not have a mortgage on the conservative vote.

    1. A word of caution: “there are plenty of other parties on the right”?

      So votes for the minor parties then split the Coalition vote and most often result in preferences flowing to candidates the minor party voters never intended to support. It’s one of the faults of our preferential voting system.

      And would those minor parties include a group (party) of GetUp activist organisation and friends candidates masquerading as independents and claiming to be trustworthy conservatives? Or could it be One Nation trailing the far-left Greens in support according to published polling that effectively saved Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbons in The Hunter NSW in 2019, one example?

      I am not thrilled at the prospect of voting for a Coalition Party candidate knowing that there are globalist leftists among them, and very influential in Liberal Party NSW executives and influencers LINO. But I am well aware that factional wars and struggles have been taking place on the Union controlled and managed Labor Party side possibly since that party was established in Australia, the UK unionist communist influence that caused the split during the 1950s. In fact around 2006 then Deputy Leader Gillard merged her Socialist Forum faction with the Australian (Socialist) Fabian Society before her appointment.

      It is a difficult choice to make but beware of opening the electoral gate and allowing the many former Rudd and Gillard Labor governments MPs into government because you decided to vote for a minor party or independent backed by climate hoax globalist investors in renewable energy businesses.

      1. “It is a difficult choice to make […]”

        That’s not correct. There is always the option of “None of the above” – simply vote informally in the lower house and for a true conservative party of your choice in the Senate.


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