Leftist MEPs caught in ‘bribery’ raid

by MÁTYÁS TEMESFŐI – ONE of the European Parliament’s biggest scandals is unfolding before our eyes. 

It has been reported that €600,000 (A$940,000) has been recovered after 16 houses were raided in Brussels. 

Corruption is the first enemy of democracy and is inexcusable. Everything must be done to restore the dignity of the European Parliament.

Investigators from the Federal Judicial Police had for months suspected a Gulf country of trying to influence the economic and political decisions of the European Parliament by “paying large sums of money or offering large gifts to third parties with a significant political and/or strategic position within the European Parliament”. – Reuters

The Belgian federal prosecutor’s office has not named the country involved, however, many sources believe it is Qatar.


Among five people detained was Greek MEP Eva Kaili, the vice president of a centre-Left political grouping.

Qatar became a focus after a visit by Ms Kaili to the Gulf State in November, where she “welcomed reforms”.

Shortly after her visit she stated that “Qatar is a leader in terms of labour rights” – which drew a backlash from other MEPs.

Kaili’s parliamentary office had been sealed by Belgium police on Friday, along with those of two Belgian socialist MEPs, Maria Arena and Marc Tarabella, according to Euronews.

Also, Kaili has been stripped of her duties as vice-president of the European Parliament.

The Socialists & Democrats Group has also suspended Ms Kaili. In addition Pasok, the Greek political Party to which Ms Kaili represents, has also moved to distance itself from her.


Transparency International said the affair is most likely “not an isolated incident” and that “over many decades, the Parliament has allowed a culture of impunity to develop, with a combination of lax financial rules and controls and a complete lack of independent (or indeed any) ethics oversight”.

It is without a doubt a terrible blow to the face of Western democracy, with the scandal blowing up just as the EU Parliament celebrates its 70th anniversary.

The EU Conference of Presidents has made the following statement: “There will be no business as usual. The European Parliament will initiate an internal reform process to ensure that transparency and accountability are reinforced and become watertight.”

Centre-Right groupings have demanded an end to EU political corruption.

Most recently the European Conservatives & Reformists group stated: “Everything must be done to restore the dignity of the House, including an investigation by an external body. Corruption is the first enemy of democracy and is inexcusable.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also weighed in with an online post.PC

Mátyás Temesfői

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Eva Kaili. (courtesy FOCI VB)

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