Left’s plan to ‘kill’ Trump

by PAUL COLLITS – I HAVE been increasingly convinced that COVID was, at its heart, an anti-Trump strategy – which worked. 

It is clear that the global elites and America’s Deep State teamed up in 2020 to defeat the greatest threat to their respective plans. 

As in 2020, the 2024 Presidential Election will be a two-pronged attack against Trump. Just to make sure. The Left will introduce another global pandemic, then let the American Deep State do the rest.

Well, we are now commencing another American electoral cycle and just look at the polls. Setting aside the quirky campaign of the insurgent, Robert F Kennedy Jr, the noteworthy thing about Election 24 at this point in the cycle is that Trump is leading in the polls.

Against all odds, the man-beyond-the-pale is back. Despite the indictments. Despite all the manic January 6 “insurrection” narratives. Despite the GOP contenders, one of which had far better credentials than Trump in relation to COVID State and wokedom (Ron DeSantis).


As Jeffrey Tucker notes: “The betting odds favor Trump for the presidency by 40 per cent, whereas Biden is at 31 per cent.

“This follows fully nine years of non-stop attacks, two impeachments and countless legal harassments.

“No candidate for public office has been pummeled so many times by so many. And yet Trump thrives despite all of this, or even because of all of this.”

Interestingly, one of the absolute glamour boys of the World Economic Forum, Yuval Noah Harari– famed author of the best-seller Sapiens and other tomes, eugenicist, transhumanist, and favourite writer of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama – issued a specific Trump alert on the eve of Davos.

Trump is likely to be elected, and this will be a “death blow to what remains of the global order”.

It is that serious. Harari, of course, has often questioned why we need so many humans, or, indeed, why we need humans at all.

Tom Slater at Spiked has called 2024 “the year of elections”. Apparently around half the world is going to the polls this year. And with “far Right loons” seemingly doing well, the elites are worried.

“2024 is the Year of Elections and that’s a threat to democracy,” they repeat.

If you had to sum up the ideology of Western elites in one headline, you’d struggle to beat that one – from a recent Bloomberg piece about the apparent horrors that await us in the next 12 months.

Bloomberg isn’t the only journalistic outlet chilled to the bone by what really should be a cause for celebration.

Namely, that this year represents a historic high point for democracy. In 2024, at least 64 countries will go to the polls, plus the EU.

In all, that’s more voters voting than in any year ever. The first big one has taken place in Taiwan – and the result has upset more than a handful of communists and socialists.


But such is the deep distrust of democracy among our supposedly enlightened elites, the prospect of billions of the world’s plebs being given the opportunity to steer their respective nations, all at once, is enough to make the professional opinion-havers of London, Paris and New York reach for their third glass of Sancerre.

Why do the elites fear populism? The clue is in the name. The dictionary definition of which is “political ideas and activities that are intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want”.

To most people, that sounds like democracy. But our elites, desperate to cling to power, have convinced themselves that this is the stuff of tyranny.

We are in the midst of what the author Thomas Frank has called a “democracy scare”.

When the establishment rages against populism, it’s really raging against that still radical notion that ordinary people, rather than elite cliques, should rule.

Nothing fills the political class with dread more than people actually getting what they want.

Elections as a threat to democracy? You couldn’t make this up. But the US poll is the one that matters.

This brings us to another arm of the derail Trump movement, centred on the American Deep State.

These people are far more hands-on. Rigging elections, indicting candidates, targeting conservatives. Hanging with Jeffrey Epstein.


Becker News quotes the Politics Brief: “A Deep State Cabal is already preparing for ‘worst-case scenario’ of Trump being re-elected.”

In the aftermath of the highly contested 2020 election, America’s political elites have revealed in striking fashion how a shadow campaign had worked to thwart Donald Trump from becoming president again.

This time around, they are doing American voters the courtesy of giving them advanced notice on how they will keep Trump from ever becoming president again.

In an NBC News article, the alarming machinations in the “deep state,” which is a euphemism for the established bureaucracy in the federal law enforcement, diplomatic and intelligence communities, were revealed in stark fashion.

The article leads into the story with full-fledged, baseless fearmongering in an apparent effort to induce the reader into a state of paranoia: “Donald Trump is sparking fears among those who understand the inner workings of the Pentagon that he would convert the non-partisan US military into the muscular arm of his political agenda.”

So, again, as in 2020, it will be a two-pronged attack. Just to make sure. Introduce another global pandemic, then let the American Deep State do the rest.

They will have another excuse for postal ballots, which helped kill Trump last time. They will be able to keep Uncle Joe off the hustings and in the basement. It worked last time.

They will lock the place down again. Roll out the vaccines. Use mandates all over again.

All the while Trump is glued to his own vaccinate-or-perish strategy in 2020, ridiculously defending it to the hilt, so won’t be able to run a credible campaign against it.

Bigger than the US election is the next planned pandemic.

I hadn’t heard of Kate Kelland until recently. You probably hadn’t either. Probably most of the world hasn’t heard of her.

One only hopes that Team Trump has heard of her. Kate Kelland was, until recently, a health journalist for nearly two decades.

She worked for that global spinner of lies and disinformation, Reuters. Now, she works for CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

This is the mob which miraculously predicted everything about COVID and the way the world responded to it, three months before anyone in the real world had even heard of it.

CEPI is funded by Bill Gates (it goes almost without saying).


Kate is going to become very famous very soon. Her biggest claim to that fame is that she was the author of a book in 2023 called Disease X: The 100 Days Mission to End Pandemics.

Amazon’s blurb provides an excellent summary of the book, and is worth quoting at length:

“A must-read account of how international scientists and global public health leaders are preparing the world to contain outbreaks of new and re-emerging infectious diseases before they become pandemics like COVID-19.

“Disease X is the codename given by the World Health Organisation to a pathogen currently unknown to science that could cause havoc to humankind. Emerging infections are sending us multiple warnings that another Disease X is looming.

“We’ve had SARS in 2002, H5N1 bird flu in 2004, H1N1 swine flu in 2009, MERS in 2012, Ebola in 2014, Zika in 2015 and now COVID-19. These events are not freak events, but are happening continually, and at an increasing cadence.

“Disease X explores the emergence of the novel coronavirus and the crisis it caused, analysing the responses of global health organisations and experts, including the WHO, national governments such as Britain, China and the USA, COVAX, the global vaccine allocation facility, pharmaceutical companies, and leading research scientists.

“Weaving in insights from the likes of Bill Gates, Sir Jeremy Farrar, Dr Anthony Fauci and Sir Patrick Vallance, the book explains how the world’s public health scientists are embarking on a 100 Days Mission to snuff out future threats before they become deadly pandemics. This is the inside story written for the public.”

Note from whom the chief “insights” are coming. The Big Four pandemic criminals. Unsurprisingly, the foreword to Kelland’s book was written by Tony Blair.

Kate Kelland has even made it into the mainstream media as a columnist, at, of all places, London’s Telegraph.

Then again, it should not be surprising that a high Tory rag – the best of Britain’s newspapers, but that is saying precisely nothing – should be spouting the narrative, since the Tories themselves did with obscene relish for three years.

She states: “Disease X. It’s an ominous concept. A mysterious and dangerous pathogen that we don’t know, but we do know is out there – waiting to make a deadly jump from an animal or bird into an unsuspecting person, and take off on a viral killing spree.

“The reality is, that just because we’ve just spent the past three years trying to deal with the death and destruction that can be wrought by a Disease X, that doesn’t mean we’re done with them. 


“The COVID pandemic is often described as a ‘once in a century’, or ‘once in a lifetime’ event. But that is far, far from the truth. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is only the latest in an increasingly regular series of previously unknown viral pathogens to have emerged in recent years.

“In fact, it’s the seventh infectious disease to have caused an epidemic or pandemic in this 21st Century alone – and we’re not even a quarter of the way through it yet.

Another disease X is out there – perhaps many more of them. It’s only a question of time before one or more begin to make their way across the animal-to-human frontier.”

You get the picture. And the lies, large and small. One, of course, is that the 21st century has been awash with “pandemics”.

There have been no pandemics. Then there is the familiar tilt to spreading fear. “Twenty times worse” will be ringing in all of our ears before this year is out.

How does Kate know this disease is out there? Well, because her mates are already working away at creating it!

The ruling class is continuing on as if massive COVID dissidence and a global awakening to its crimes didn’t exist. (A recent American poll suggests that a majority of people believe that the vaccines are causing excess deaths and that most people know others suffering from vaccine harms.)

Wherein lies the ruling cabal’s confidence that it can pull it off all over again? Well, here are six reasons that we now face far greater peril than in 2020.

Yes, we-the-people will be better prepared, and forewarned, but the Covid State will be better prepared too.

They will have:

  • Ever strengthening relationships and determination across the cabal;
  • Years of pandemic planning under their belts;
  • The WHO pandemic treaty, signed and sealed;
  • Global laws against “mis- and dis-information”;
  • Digital ID; and
  • Central bank digital currencies.

Together, these essentially totalitarian measures allow the ruling cabal to name a pandemic, kill off dissidence and dissidents, punish those who dare to push-back and to know who is saying and doing what, anywhere and at any time.

They will be better prepped than ever. Will we?

If the push back plateaus or, worse, peters out, they will have seen off Trump, and, crucially, will continue to have a friend in the White House.

No doubt, one who is prone to corruption and its bedfellow, globalism.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Donald Trump. (courtesy biography.com)

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