LGBTQ lobby: ‘Voice to marginalise gays’

by PAUL COLLITS – IT HAD to happen. Once the Aboriginal industry started clamoring for a Voice, it was only a matter of time before the other “victims” of the white, male, patriarchal, colonialist, heteronormative, Islamophobic world order would come running. 

In the twelve long years I worked for the NSW Government, I got sick to the back teeth of seeing, hearing, reading and being forced to write the phrase “whole-of-government”. 

LGBTQ activists argue the Voice will further marginalise those without a “special place” at the table. Indeed, it will. That is the point of it.

It was everywhere. I suspect it emerged from the new public management rubbish of the Greiner-Sturgess era.

Add a soupcon of Leftist social justice mumbo-jumbo, and you had the idea of “holistic” governance. Not to mention “inclusion”, the meaningless buzz word for the ages.


The ability of the progressive, green, globalist, woke, COVID (PGGWC) class to come up with new terms that capture epiphenomena is something to behold.

The other terms on the list are too familiar to have to recount.  But “inclusion” is a doozy.

It implies that there is “exclusion”. There may have been some once, but the only exclusion now is of white, male, patriarchal, heteronormative, colonialists.

A lot of this ghastly new world order corporate-speak also came from Tony Blair and his then muse, the academic inventor of the “third way”, Anthony (now Lord, God help us) Giddens. 

Blair, of course, was last seen jetting into Canada with Jacinda Ardern and other assorted globalist types for yet another gabfest.

Mercifully, there were “shocking scenes” of Ardern being heckled captured by Rebel News. The event is called the Global Progress Action Summit. You couldn’t make this up.

Back to the push-for-voices. The Taylor Square Industrial Complex wants more megaphones.

The Australian newspaper’s headline read: “LGBT Groups Lobby for Voice to Parliament”.

“LGBT groups have welcomed the NSW Government’s drive to listen to religious leaders on policy but have urged the premier to honour a commitment to set up their own advisory council.

As reported by CathNews: “Religious leaders will use a ‘mileston’ faith council to push NSW Premier Chris Minns for stronger protections for religious freedom, amendments to euthanasia laws and better outcomes for their communities.

“The 16-member NSW Faith Affairs Council will be the most influential in state history and will directly advise Multiculturalism Minister Steve Kamper on faith-based matters, programs and policy.

“It comes as faith leaders across the country claim they have been marginalised by other Labor State governments from the running of religious schools and hospitals to anti-discrimination laws for gay and trans people.


“They have also expressed concerns over upcoming bills in the NSW Parliament, such as one requiring religious-run aged-care homes to allow euthanasia on the premises.”

It all sounds very voicy. The rationalists won’t be happy. Back in February, before the election, they said: “NSW Labor’s promise to privilege religious voice will further marginalise non-religious, says RSA.”

And here was I thinking the non-religious were relatively non-marginalised. But they have a point, and it is relevant to the Indigenous Voice proposal.

They say the Voice “will further marginalise” those without a special place at the table. Indeed, it will.  That, it might well be argued, is the point of it.

The National Secular Lobby – yes, it exists – was reporting the NSW religious voice as well.

Which brings us to the LGBTQ push. If it’s good enough for those religious leaders, then we (the gays and trans) want one too.

Leading the charge is one Ghassan Kassisieh of Equality Australia. Inevitably, the Gay Lawfare Man, Alex Greenwich, is on board.

As Ghassan said: “Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, including LGBT people, people of faith, and those who belong to both groups.”

What about gay Aborigines of faith? They will have hit the jackpot. They will have more voices than they know what to do with.


One aspect of all this that deserves at least a little attention is the evolution of the meaning of “voice” and the recent insistence that, apparently, you only get dignity and respect if you have an advisory council.

This is a strange equation, and could lead to tens of thousands of qangos. Boring old democracy and voting just isn’t good enough.

Not even in-the-know lobbyists to whom ministers owe their positions and who “get stuff” for their clients are enough for these folks.

But a voice isn’t enough, either. The Equality Australia people want a “strategy” as well as a voice.

Having a health portfolio strategy (which already exists in NSW) isn’t enough. 

As NSW Health states: “The NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy marks a significant commitment in the history of the NSW Health system. This strategy provides direction to all NSW Health organisations and staff, so that collectively we can deliver the best care to LGBTIQ+ people and work with them to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.”

It now has to be a “whole-of-government inclusion strategy”. Just like they have in Queensland and Victoria.

The ACT, inexplicably granted self-government in 1988, naturally has an Office of LGBTIQ+ Affairs.

So, we have whole-of-government meets the voice. As the Sydney Institute’s Gerard Henderson would say, can you bear it?

Everyone wants one. Or, should we say, yet another one.

For the gay, globalist class is dripping with voices. Mind you, they will have to do without Alan Joyce now, who can still be heard in the distance singing (as per Mark Knight):

I’ve been the CEO who’s closed some things down
From Qatar’s landing rights and Qantas jobs
To messing loyal customers around …
But no matter how far or how much they moan
I still call the millions in bonuses, my own.

(Yes, it is the same Mark Knight who was once excoriated for accurately depicting Serena Williams stomping on a tennis racquet in a fit of pique).

Where will it end?

As a Reddit commenter noted: “We also need a voice for the Left-handed people who earn 10 per cent less than right-handed people.”

Nuns and other enlightened types used to beat left-handedness out of youngsters, back in the day.

If the Leftist pay claim is true, then I as a person of left-handedness want it sorted!

It is a shocking case of ongoing exclusion, long after left-handers’ rights were first recognised and the severest forms of discrimination ended. An accident of birth, and all that.

I will be on the phone to Chris Minns – the NSW Premier, for readers who may not have heard of him (and this isn’t a criticism) – to advise the need for a whole-of-government left-handers inclusion strategy.


Another commenter suggested: “Can we have a voice to parliament for fat, middle aged bordering alcoholic men?”

Now you’re getting warm.

Karl Marx once opined that his future communist nirvana would be ruled by the simple maxim, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” (from the 1875 Critique of the Gotha Programme).

Sadly, the latter-day, neo-Marxist, identitarian version goes something like, from each according to his megaphone-driven, rent-seeking capacity to garner special treatment from the State, to each according to his accident-of-birth victimhood, defined by woke lobbyists.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Alex Greenwich. (courtesy Wikipedia)

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