Party is all about me – Kean

ULTRA-Left NSW MP Matt Kean has suggested he is the future of the Liberal Party – and not conservatives such as Menzies, Howard or Abbott. 

In what could only be described as a self-congratulatory piece in Friday’s Australian Financial Review, the NSW minister spoke of his government-supplied Tesla, his Greens Party agenda as well as his disapproval of former PM Tony Abbott. He also provided a glimpse of his deep dislike for US President Donald Trump. 

The article even labelled a number of Party colleagues as people “who’ve never seen a lump of coal they didn’t like” – and delivered a special serve of vitriol to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


“I’m a liberal,” the NSW energy & environment minister told AFR’s Tony Davis. Not a conservative.

The two spoke over lunch at Sydney’s exclusive Berowra Waters Inn [$165 a head excluding wine].

“I’m going to measure my success in politics by the impact in transforming and improving our State and our nation, not on the office that I hold,” said Mr Kean, who is dubbed Captain Planet by Greens MPs.

Such “success” has him so far overseeing the nation’s highest bushfire death toll – 25 of Australia’s 34 in total – as well as the nation’s highest land destruction from last summer’s fire tragedy.

While Kean was quick to blame global warming for NSW’s lop-sided devastation, those in the know – including the Prime Minister himself – pointed their finger in his direction after he had significantly slashed fuel reduction burns.

PM Morrison said at the time that no-one knew who Kean was and that he didn’t have a clue what was going on – before publicly ordering him to focus on fuel reduction.

Yet Kean stands by his claim that global warming was to blame – despite his decision to slash staff responsible for fuel reduction burns by 16 per cent.

“I wasn’t trying to pick a fight with Scott Morrison,” Mr Kean told AFR. “I was standing up for what I believed was right and if that comes in conflict with the Prime Minister then so be it. I’m not here to be popular.

‘‘Thanks to him, everyone in the cabinet [now knows who I am]. Seriously, after I drew the link between climate change and the bushfires, a number of federal MPs and cabinet ministers contacted me.”

Since taking up the NSW energy and environmental portfolio, Kean has been expanding national parks, planning Renewable Energy Zones to replace coal, culling brumbies and upsetting farmers with excessive green tape.


‘‘The problem is we’ve seen climate change only as a threat to our way of life, a threat to our standard of living, a threat to our economy and threat to the jobs that we have. It is a threat, but it’s also this enormous opportunity,’’ he said.

His plan sees NSW carbon emissions reduced by 35 per cent by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050, but believes he can comfortably beat those targets.

One of Mr Kean’s proudest personal environmental contributions is his government provided Tesla T3 (RRP $88,000) which replaces his government supplied Toyota Kluger (RRP $41,000).

“This is the first fully electric ministerial car in the country,” he says.

“It’s no more expensive to lease than the Toyota Kluger it replaces, yet is more efficient and a better all-round experience. So why wouldn’t you go electric?’’ he asks.


Mr Kean’s first taste of politics came from a stint of work experience with then Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott – but this “didn’t last long”.

‘‘We read different books … he’s a conservative, I’m a liberal.’’

Kean said he was much more comfortable after shifting to future NSW Liberal leader John Brogden’s office.

Mr Kean suggested the future of the Liberal Party was Green.

‘‘Warringah was Liberal heartland and they kicked out the sitting member [Tony Abbott], not because of his economic views, but because of his environment and social views,’’ he told AFR before taking aim at US President Donald Trump.

“I think he’s the most dangerous man who has ever occupied the White House,” he said.

“I think that he’s bad for the economy. I think he’s bad for the environment and globalism. I think he’s bad for the stability of the world.

“If Trump is completely smashed it will mean the populist experiment will have failed … it will send a message that leaders who want to make decisions based on facts and evidence, and govern for the community interests rather than vested interests, will be rewarded.’’

Mr Kean could very well be left dining out on his own words come November 3.PC

16 thoughts on “Party is all about me – Kean

  1. These whacky nutters such as Kean MUST be ousted by Berejiklian, or the good, Conservative people of NSW will show their derision for his green-economy-destroying, ludicrous plans at the next election!

    Their ‘theories’ are being disproven and denounced every day now by thousands of scientists, and intelligent, sensible Australians.

    1. “These whacky nutters such as Kean MUST be ousted by Berejiklian […]”

      Gladys “Baby Killer” Berejiklian, on whose watch was passed a law allowing for unborn babies to be slaughtered for no particular reason?

      Gladys “Beastiality is Beautiful” Berejiklian, on whose watch the “liberals” attempt to pass a law that would have softened the State’s stance regarding those who like to have sex with animals?

      You need to wake up and have a good look at Berejiklian’s eyes, Jennifer – there’s a very good reason why they are so lifeless (if you can’t tell by looking at her, you could always check with her crooked-as-a-dog’s-hind-leg soul-mate Daryl Maguire)…

  2. “ULTRA-Left NSW MP Matt Kean has suggested he is the future of the Liberal Party.”

    He is indeed the future of the Liberal Party – a party devoid of conscience or purpose, a party completely out of touch with electorate, a party that is in terminal decline – a festering and putrid carbuncle that within a few short years won’t even be worthy of the epithet “rump”.

    There’s nothing quite like hitching one’s political career to a falling star, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual than the thoroughly execrable and unfailingly repulsive Matt Kean.

  3. Most people I know are keen to see the back of you Mr. Kean.
    You are a fly in the ointment of Government.
    Tony Abbott is a champion.

    1. Go & start another party mate. You are everything true Liberals don’t want!! You are full of yourself,a windbag!!! A waste of space!!!!!!

  4. Was this the young Matt Kean who came into the Liberal Party professing to care for a friend who had committed suicide yet now is such a nightmare that seriously farmers (with the problems of fuel load), business people who seek cheap and reliable power, and self funded retirees seeing their retirement funds decreased because of Keen’s immature ‘climate change’ charges on their power bills?

    1. Kean was also the one whose Koala overlay reserved 3 rows in BankWest stadium for Koalas. I would be interested to know how he would persuade 1 koala to sit through a rugby match there – let alone 3 rows of them! Cheers Melanie

  5. Without a shadow of doubt Kean should be in the Greens party and is certainly out for himself. Given the chance this phony left wing loony will destroy the LNP in N.S.W. and must be voted out at the next election. Any one with half a brain can see he is not for the worker and is obviously against the values that our brave Military fought and died to protect.

  6. How could anyone so seemingly intent on perpetrating such cruelty and damage on the populace, albeit assumedly inadvertently so, have anything to offer the liberal party’s future, aside from perennial opposition and decline, and that’s before the effect of his stated policies are factored in with regard to occasioning such awful economic damage upon the populace. He should both be disendorsed as a candidate for the next election, and have his party membership withdrawn as soon as possible, so that he can join the Greens, where he belongs.

    Why did we have such terrible bushfires, causing so many native animals to die such ghastly deaths, not to mention human deaths and misery caused by people losing their homes and livelihoods? The reason was that under Kean’s policies there was no meaningful culling of the huge fuel load that had built up, and no fire trails cut to enable access to volunteers to put out fires, so resultant combustion took place, unaffected by the temperature being a few degrees hotter or colder.

    When confronted with the consequences of his policies, he retreated to the habitual Green scoundrels refuge, blaming the bushfires on climate change. There were worse bushfires in Australia 200 years ago, not to mention hotter temperatures sometimes. Why does Kean think that the aboriginals have practised backburning for so long.

    We are told that the seas are rising, but Kean and cohorts forgot to tell Fort Denison, where recorded measurements taken since 1880 have not supported their claims. Satellite pictures taken in 1979 and now do not record sea rises in the south pacific, but the islanders aren’t stupid, see the likes of Kean coming, and demand climate change compensation from Australia.

    What about poor people and pensioners who can’t pay their power bills because of Kean’s policies! The average bloke wants a job so that he can provide for his wife and kids, but one of the biggest cost inputs borne by small business and manufacturing are electricity prices. The nutty ideas espoused by Kean and others have consequently ratcheted up unemployment as prices have increased, and caused so much hardship, yet they have no shame at all. They don’t appear to care about how much they hurt people, or about the environment, given their fuelling of the bushfires.

    New nuclear power is safe and has no emissions, but apparently that’s no good either for Kean and his fellow fruit loop ideologists.

    Morrison won the election that Turnbull would have lost, people really aren’t that stupid with regard to green ideology, and an uncontrolled Kean would soon lose the liberals power in NSW. Kean decries Trump, but pre covid virus US unemployment had fallen to record low levels, base wages had started to rise, poor people were a lot better off, and why would they ever vote for the likes of Kean, who will probably have to come to terms with Trump’s re-election in November.

    Technologies such as hydrogen, and better batteries are likely to change power sources as technology advances, unaided by Kean. Meanwhile he and his kind should be restrained from forcing Australia to become uncompetitive and lose its standard of living, by failing to use current available cheaper power sources. How else are we going to be able to pay for schools and hospitals, and live decently! So far we have been able to pay to cover all with healthcare, and we have much to lose should we fail to stand up to this unhinged madness. He is not saving Australia or the planet at all, simply insulting common sense, and if he seeks a worthy cause he should concern himself in a non idiotic manner with pollution, and the rising levels of plastics in oceans.

  7. Spunk and promise only gets you so far. In Matt’s case, it helpfully washed away the issue of his leaked texts to fellow MP Eleni Petinos, and there’s no doubt his spunk and promise has done wonders for his self confidence.

    But when drunk on self confidence, nothing else matters, and inexperience leaves you ripe for exploitation by the career activists who’ve seen it all before and know the game. Matt is being played by the activists dressed as senior public servants in his department. There’s nothing that kills spunk and promise more surely than the sight of a dupe being played.

    It’s not Matt’s fault. We can’t even blame Michael Photios. Matt was placed in this position by Gladys before he had the street smarts to cope. Gladys wears this one. Spunk and promise, in a room full of acolytes telling him how loved he is (by people who will never vote for him), and hearing only what he wants to hear (by now, all the more easy as the addiction to this has set in), blinds Matt to the political realities around him.

    His only KPI now is how loved he feels, and the players know how to play him… “This way Minister, this is how you make your mark on history Sir. Let me show you what to think, better still, let me show you how to think. That’s right, there’s much love for you now, Sir. You know, they’re even calling you Captain Planet…”

    One day, Matt will talk to an engineer about wind, solar and hydrogen, and he’ll be forced to confront the laws of physics. If he’s there long enough, this day will come. And someone will point out that any Tesla charged in NSW is effectively coal-fired transport. But he won’t hear these things from his senior bureaucrats, for they have eyes only for his KPI – the love index.

  8. IT SEEMS KEAN IS A KEEN BELIEVER IN HIMSELF – and – his outrageously expensive Tesla! He should try travelling the breadth of NSW in that car without frequent, long, tiresome stops for recharging. And I’m not even mentioning the ghastly downsides of their MASSIVE batteries!

    Poor young man, he obviously hasn’t caught up; he still doesn’t know that all the old ‘climate change’ dogma has been proven to be complete tosh and that these last round of bushfires were absolutely and undeniably caused by another of our continuously-recurring, fierce Australian droughts.

    Without any doubt, the lack of adequate, wide fire breaks, the neglect of major back-burning and undergrowth clearing, – all incompetently, direly ignored by Kean himself, – provided a huge stimulus for the overwhelming conflagrations.

    As always, this drought has now been broken magnificently in most areas, disproving AGAIN all the old dire, outlandish predictions for empty rivers and dams touted by the likes of Tim Flannery.

    Kean needs to gain the insight and wisdom imparted by living in Australia for at least another quarter century and through studying Australia’s climate, drought and bushfire history since record-keeping began. Most of all, he needs to engage in a serious chat with one of the multitude of in-the-know scientists such as Ian PLIMER.

    How he ever became a NSW cabinet member is beyond me. He is definitely not the sort of know-all, radical Liberal we Conservatives, (who make up the greater proportion of Liberal voters), want in our Party. No, his criticisms of Tony Abbott and Donald Trump, two eminently sensible, astute and patriotic Politicians say it all: HE’S WRONG-HEADED AND IN THE WRONG PARTY. Why didn’t he join the irrational, imprudent Greens? He should resign and change tack; he would relate very well to their wild, dangerous policies!

  9. Sydney Morning Herald, December 13, 2019 says all that needs to be said:

    Michael Photios, a long-term party powerbroker who is close to Kean, says Kean has shown “strength and boldness” and has grown into his role as a minister. “Matt Kean is equally charming and disarming,” Photios says of his protege.

    Kean replaced Photios as leader of the moderate faction three years ago. “His actions this week define him as a contemporary leader of the future,” Photios says


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