Libs parachute pro-Zali candidate into Warringah

IN AN act of political insanity, the Liberal Party has appointed a registered supporter of climate activist Zali Steggall to run for the seat of Warringah. 

Solicitor Katherine Deves was yesterday given the nod by a federal committee headed by PM Scott Morrison. 

The appointment of Deves is viewed as a betrayal by Liberal Party members, denied their constitutional right to preselect their own candidates.

She will carry the Liberal banner in the once blue-ribbon seat against her former ally and sitting MP Zali Steggall.

Up to 12 other NSW seats have also had candidates imposed on them by the Prime Minister’s committee – in agreement with factional wishes.


Ms Deves, who benefited from a factional deal with the NSW Left, had failed to nominate by the January deadline and, also, required head office exemption as she’d only recently joined the Liberal Party.

She was appointed ahead of the only legitimate candidate to nominate, Lincoln Parker, a national security and defence expert who is factionally unaligned.

Broadcaster Chris Smith, a supporter of Mr Parker, said the Liberals “must be kidding”.

In a social media post on Saturday, April 2, Mr Smith wrote: “As revealed on @2GB873 today, @nswliberalhq has recruited a ‘Voices Of’ volunteer into Warringah. They must be kidding.”

The appointment is seen as a betrayal of Liberal Party members, who have been denied their constitutional right to preselect their own candidates.

It will likely result in a volunteer strike for the upcoming federal election, expected to be held in May.

NSW Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, a vocal supporter of preselection plebiscites, said grassroots members would “simply not turn up” in response to the Party’s efforts to avoid preselections.


“This is not the Liberal Party I joined,” Senator Fierravanti-Wells said.

“There is much anger out there from ordinary Australians and Party members who no longer support us or will not vote for us,” she told The Weekend Australian newspaper.

“Grassroots members will not volunteer to work. It will be difficult to have sufficient workers at all booths in NSW.”

Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ concerns were echoed by the president of Hughes Federal Electoral Conference John Riad.

In a letter to the Liberal Party’s NSW Executive, Mr Riad said the Party should have no doubt about the consequences of its “self-indulgence”.


“For the avoidance of doubt, the conference will not support or have confidence in the selection of an individual that did not nominate for preselection or bypasses the due process set out in the constitution,” he wrote.

“The Party is in disarray as a consequence of this self-indulgence.”  PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Katherine Deves. (courtesy The West Australian)

30 thoughts on “Libs parachute pro-Zali candidate into Warringah

  1. Unless either ‘Get Up’ or the ‘Fake Independents’ man her booths, one is curious as to how she will manage her campaign on the day! Perhaps the libs NSW Head Office have some of their greenies lined up to assist, but assumedly most of them will be needed to help in other lib left seats, thence the writer’s curiosity in these regards.

  2. As the song tell us:

    SO BY COMPARISON: The wise and experienced, hard-working Scomo is the green, landscaped, well-facilitated oval!

    The dull, hard-left, little socialist is the small, mean, bitumen-covered parking lot of the song!

    AND: As so many were continually criticising the Libs for a slight paucity of women M.P’s, so the intelligent LIBERAL team have remedied this perceived imbalance!

    ON RECENT STATEMENTS: LABOR will have the multi-Nationals upping-stakes and to go where they won’t be grossly slugged, while us poor, self-funded retirees and the average hard-working Aussie will be hit hard with INCREASED TAXES to pay for Labor’s IMPOSSIBLE PROMISES!

    1. ” The wise and experienced, hard-working Scomo […]”

      The boorish PM who professes Christ, but who not only condones but actually participates in DEMONIC CEREMONIES at parliament house (perhaps you thought that aboriginal “spirituality” is actually of God ?).

      You can see that I, too, have a CAPS LOCK.

    2. “The wise and experienced, hard-working Scomo […]”

      Morrison professes Christ, but he countenanced and in fact PARTICIPATED IN a so-called “smoking ceremony” at Parliament House. As a supposed Christian, he should know what the Apostle Paul wrote:

      “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons”.

      Aboriginal “spirituality” is spiritual alright – how else do you think it is that someone dies when the bone is pointed at them? Do you think that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob does that?

      So Morrison certainly isn’t “wise”, for we know that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. I’m surprised that you are not aware of these simple truths. As far as “experienced” goes, he has not had a real job in his entire life.

  3. I was blustering around the house, very, very angry, on finding that the chosen and very able Candidate, Lincoln Parker had had his legal preselection overturned!

    HOWEVER, as I DO want to see the tail-end of useless ‘climate change’ Steggall and DO want the far superior, blue-ribbon, Morrison Ministry running our Country with the vitally important issues of OUR ECONOMY AND OUR SECURITY getting their concerted attention, I had to swallow my ire and think rationally.

    For me, the ‘parachuted’ Katherine Deves gets many points for speaking up and wanting to protect REAL WOMEN IN SPORT. Having trans women competing against biological women – as is now happening worldwide – is a shocking travesty and every Australian woman who values the place competitive sport has in our lives and in our Country’s psyche and achievements, should be loudly condemning this overwhelming injustice.

    What I do want to know is if she will just as loudly proclaim that ‘climate change’ is well down the list of issues with which our Government should concern itself.

    For me, the whole ‘climate’ issue is one cart-load of ordure! — Steggall and the cabal of cretinous ‘Climate 200’ (NON) independents, — where are the sea levels rising, where are the heatwaves? The Arctic and Antarctic Ice sheets are presently GROWING!

    The ‘Zero Emissions’ Policy is certainly a sore point with me Scomo! Monstrously idiotic and massively economically destructive.

    1. Thanks for the balanced comment. I did not know Deves was strong on the grotesque gender equality BS (the Tasmanian senator Claire Chandler is too). The climate alarmism is putrid and and an inner city virtue signalling indulgence which is going to bite Australia ferociously on the bum very soon as it it did the Eurotrash, UK and the US under the scumbag biden.

      Climate change was rebutted in 2007 by 2 things. The first was the Judgement in the Al Gore An Inconvenient Truth by the English HC by Justice Burton: see Judgment:

      Burton J did a clever thing: he instructed the experts (the late, great professor Bob Carter was for the plaintiffs against Gore) to not argue about the climate ‘science’ but to focus on whether the 9 consequences of climate change presented in Gore’s movies had sufficient evidence to prove them. After listening Burton J decided there was NOT sufficient evidence to prove these effects of climate change and ordered that Gore’s film not be shown in the science syllabus, an instruction binding on Australian schools but ignored.

      The second thing was the publication of the IPCC’s 4th report, AR4 which included Figure 7.3:

      This conclusively shows humans emissions of CO2 are only 3% of all CO2 emissions on an annual basis which proves humans CANNOT be responsible for all or even most of the CO2 rise and therefore any alleged change in climate and temperature.

    2. “I had to swallow my ire and think rationally.”

      So Morrison has shown his undisguised contempt for the rank-and-file of his own party, has conspired with grubby factional overlords to trample on the democratic process, and has made a mockery of the rights of members that were explicitly stated in the Rosehill resolution – and your “rational” response to this is to reward his arrogance and perfidy by voting for a blow-in who just joined the so-called Liberals?

      Maybe you should be voting in a Swedish election rather than ours, as you might be suffering from a very nasty case of Stockholm Syndrome.

  4. Deves has a strong chance of taking the seat off Steggall ( who she supported some 7 years ago ) Her strong stance for Equality for Women in Sports is a No.1 vote getter. Manly Daily reported the news of her standing, and overwhelmingly the ‘likes’ were strong, of course moaners put in their 10c worth. You want to win the seat ……. don’t you ?

    1. Scomo has won a court case but lost the branches, in twelve seats. It remains to be seen whether the imposed candidates have the skills necessary to win an electoral race in the absence of support from the party membership. Taking a wild guess, it’s mission impossible.

    2. “Want to win the seat?” Sounds like a Labor remark Susan, “Whatever it takes!”

      No we don’t want to win the seat that way, we want a true Liberal person.

  5. Okay people if you really want action and actions speak louder than words and ( videos of trees shedding leaves in Autumn ) and think that because these women think they have all the answers to everything and that is the only choices ??? One Nation Candidate for Warringah is Steven Tripp . Remember people it is One Nation that has stood up to the cash ban, the mandates and the climate hoax . Yes hoax . Just because it is called Mother Nature does not automatically make it directly connected to women (feminazis) . Zali is just that.

  6. Meanwhile, look left before voting, and using the Union controlled Labor and Greens supporters example, look far to the left, the factional home territory of Albo all of his political life until recently when he started to imagine that he is other former PMs, and latest a QLD female Premier.

    Like Rudd became Howard lite in time for the 2007 Federal Election.

    Gillard merged her Socialist Forum with the socialist Fabian Society.

    1. “This is full of incorrect statements and is defamatory[.]”

      You’d have more credibility if you’d omitted the honorific “Dr” (perhaps you could take a lead from Barnaby Joyce, and wear an Akubra whilst typing your comments).

      Are you a “doctor” the same way that Zali is a “barrister”?

  7. Cannot believe after 60 years member & voter LP, being forced to ditch the party with their infiltration of wets & moderates, really exploded after backstabbing of Tony.

    1. So did the drug epidemic in the community. Can’t rent anywhere anymore without a drug addict in an adjoining unit. But that’s the elephant in the room for the pathetic NSW govt!!

  8. OMGoodness I have always worked on a Warringah booth Polling day …but this time I have to “sort my sock draw” and will not be offering my services.So disappointed disgusted with the decision …saw Lincoln Parker at pre selection and was “more than impressed’..Katherine Deves has “just joined the Liberal Party” what does that say about the integrity of the decision makers…

    1. Many examples on all sides of people selected as candidates and just joined in past history.

      Labor’s midnight foil candidate and former Greens supporter Garrett for example.

  9. A pity that the parachute is full of holes! An even more diminished campaign team from the previous election can be expected with many members boycotting the entire sorry business,
    Where have the Warringah FEC Executive and our “duty senator” Bragg been hiding rather than defending the rights of grass root members?

  10. Deves will fail despite the inevitable preference swapping deal with her mentor, Zali Stegall. Why vote for Zali-lite when you can get the real thing? Morrison and Perrottet will fail too. They don’t understand that the Liberal Party membership are not mindless drones who will donate and volunteer whenever the party leadership demands. The fatal error in NSW was the failure to implement the Warringah motion, passed with a two-thirds majority in 2017. It would have broken the power of the factional warlords like Photios and opened the way for a grass-roots rebirth of the party. During the long years in opposition that await, Morrison and Perrottet will have time to reflect and learn.

  11. A plague on the Liberal Party and all its doings. I vowed two federal elections ago to never vote for a party that includes the term ‘liberal’ in its name ever again. My decision is amply justified. I would rather vote Green and enjoin the obvious battle rather than suffer death by a thousand cuts. I hold the Liberal Party of Australia in the contempt it so richly deserves.

    1. I used to be a member of the Victorian Division. It had integrity the NSW Division couldn’t even contemplate!!

  12. Lincoln Parker should stand as a Independent Liberal. Give the people a choice.

    1. Sometimes it’s wise just to stand back and observe the impending disaster. If Parker stands as an independent he forfeits the right to use the Liberal Party franchise in future. Better by far to watch Deves stumble and fall, as she will.

  13. Wow, just wonderful! Thanks Liberal Party nincompoops. We have a choice between Zali and Steggall-lite?
    Total madness has beset you!

  14. Q: What can be found at the point where peak stupidity, rank incompetence and breath-taking arrogance intersect?

    A: The “Liberal” party.


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