We’re done! Love affair over with Albo

by NICOLE JAMES – IT’S not with a light heart or a trifling spirit that I commit these words to paper, but rather with an earnestness that echoes through the annals of time, much like the resonant clangour of a bell tolling in a hushed cathedral. 

Before you unleash your misinformation crusade, I feel the pressing need to spill my thoughts. God forbid I’d be silenced by Orwellian tactics, courtesy of your government and the media. 

Drown your sorrows mate because in the immortal words of the 1972 Whitlam campaign, “it’s time”. Grab Toto, put on your Radio Birdman t-shirt and hit the road. We’re done.

Back when we started this rodeo, you were always on shaky ground with an approval rating of just over 30 per cent but you made promises – no vanishing acts in tough times, no disappearing tricks when the job needed doing.

You pledged to show up, step up, and grind away to build our togetherness.


Fast forward to today, and I’m here left wondering if you’ve set up camp in some undisclosed international location.

A relationship is about intimacy and it’s pretty hard when you’re collecting more air miles than a private jet on a world tour of climate change conferences.

You’ve made 15 trips to 18 countries, to be precise. How in the world are we supposed to cosy up if you’re playing pilot on your private jet, “Airbus Albo?”

Let’s talk about fidelity. It’s like you’re having a tryst with absence, a clandestine affair with distance. Are you trying to ghost me, or is this some misguided attempt at a long-distance relationship?

And oh, the saga of the red, white and blue! It’s not a mere colour coordination hiccup; it’s the dramatic flag of our shared identity fluttering in the winds of neglect.

Are you allergic to patriotism, or have you just developed a sudden, overwhelming affinity for rainbow aesthetics?


In the grand comedy of our relationship, the punchlines seem to be veering into tragic territory. So, do enlighten me, dear Albo, because right now, your actions are more perplexing than a tax code written in hieroglyphics.

Attempt as you may, you’re no Biden, Trudeau, or Macron.

In the grand theatrical production of global politics, you’re more of a supporting character.

You feigning admiration for Xi and snugging up to other nations has left me feeling a tad neglected. As your own homeland, I confess to a tinge of jealousy, which brings us to the matter of your extravagant spending.

While our love story didn’t kick off over a ledger, I can’t ignore the open wallet policy you seem to have with everyone else but me.

A casual $100m here for the WHO, a whopping $910m there for Ukraine, complete with Bushmaster-protected mobility vehicles and heavy artillery.

Oh, let’s not forget the generous $8m pit stop in the Cook Islands and a cool $600m splurge on Papua New Guinea.

I can’t help but wonder, Albo, where’s the love for me? Your $1000 for families in one of Cairns’ worst floods just doesn’t cut it.

Drown your sorrows mate because in the immortal words of the 1972 Whitlam campaign, “it’s time”.

Grab Toto, put on your Radio Birdman t-shirt, and hit the road. We’re done.

Yours truly,


Nicole James

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy The Courier Mail)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on December 21, 2023. Re-used with permission.

12 thoughts on “We’re done! Love affair over with Albo

  1. What I find amazing is that people (especially media) seem surprised that he’s turned out to be totally useless, seemingly only concerned with his own and Labor’s image. That’s who he has always been.

  2. Whitlam, Rudd, Gillard, and now Albosleezy – how does the Labor Party attract these zombies?

  3. Quote

    “Oh, let’s not forget the generous $8m pit stop in the Cook Islands and a cool $600m splurge on Papua New Guinea.”

    Or the requisitioning of a large RAAF Airbus A320 combination air to air refuelling tanker and passenger aircraft leaving the RAAF VIP Flight two Boeing 737 Executive long range jets in Australia, and for the flight to China by RAAF A320 Airbus and then transferred enroute to Cook Islands to a RAAF 737 Boeing. aircraft.

    I trust that taxpayers purchased carbon credits for his travels – sarc!

    [Carbon – C is not Carbon Dioxide – CO2]

  4. I suspect that the only person in love with Anthony Albanese is Albo.

    And he is so obviously deeply in love and way out of touch with the real world as a Prime Minister in name only, leadership poor.

    1. How this guy ever conned so many Australians is beyond me! How our proud beautiful country has turned into a socialist country is beyond me. The socialist Greens and the Teals put labor in with their votes as Labor could not win the election without them. Please be careful people where you put your votes next election! Take a look at other socialist countries and see if that is how you want to live. They take more and more money from the pockets of taxpayers than you can imagine. Our country was always a work hard do well country but what is happening now will change our country forever!!!!

  5. Anyone silly enough to fall in love with Elbow was obviously trying to work through being abused by ScoMo.

    They’re all cads.

  6. It’s not just Albo, consider his cohorts; blackout Bowen (BOB), clueless Clare O’Neil (CCO), Tony Bourke, Mark Dreyfus (absolutely hopeless), Tanya Plibersek (environmentalist?) need I say more! Great in opposition, hopeless in Government. Heaven help us.

    1. I don’t agree that any of these socialists were ever great in opposition!! Train wreckers is my opinion!!

  7. Albo has certainly turned out to be a dud. We’ve had a real string of bad leaders. Morrison with his response to covid wrecked the economy, before him there was Malcolm Turnbull who had no idea how to run a campaign letalone run a country. The last decent leader was Tony Abbott got run out of office by leftie activists.


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