Matt Kean: I was right, Liberals are losers

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean is blitzing the ABC and other “progressive” media outlets in a desperate attempt to bully Liberal colleagues to swing even further Left. 

The extremist factional boss (described as the most dangerous politician in Australia) is attempting to blame Saturday’s bruising election loss on his centre-Right colleagues – despite overwhelming evidence otherwise

Mr Kean’s factional power took a hit on Saturday. And he wants it back – no matter the damage to the Liberal Party or the nation.

Of the 16 Liberal MPs who lost their seats last Saturday – costing Scott Morrison his prime ministership – as many as 13 were aligned to Mr Kean’s radical Left faction.

These included high-profile global warming warriors Dave Sharma, North Sydney’s Trent Zimmerman and Mackellar’s Jason Falinski.


Each was punished with swings multiple times the national average – more than triple in some cases.

As Mr Kean is incapable of forming a coherent case before enquiring journalists, the Treasurer has targeted sympathetic and unquestioning Left-wing media organisations to amplify his mind-bending spin.

In an interview with ABC’s David Spears on Sunday, Mr Kean was given an open microphone to spout factional nonsense free from enquiry.

“I think we didn’t listen to women across the electorate and the issues they are facing,” he said.

“It was very hard to sell our policies to educated communities in our heartland when they wanted strong action on climate change and a fairer go for women.

“If we go too far to the Right, we will alienate people in the centre and we can’t afford to do that.”

Yesterday, he wrote an opinion piece in the Malcolm Turnbull-inspired Guardian Australia.

While playing all the classical propaganda strings, his article was little more than a cringe-inducing call-to-action for the Left.


“It’s time that my Liberal-National colleagues in Canberra hear the message from the Australian people,” he wrote.

“The Liberal Party should be the natural Party to take action on climate change,” he continued.

“Climate change risks an environmental catastrophe.

“This means adopting science-aligned emissions reduction targets of between 45 and 60 per cent by 2030.”

Mr Kean’s personal target even exceeds Labor’s set-in-stone policy of 43 per cent carbon reduction by 2030.

“Some will say we can’t go further on these issues because of the ‘base’,” he continued.

“Let’s be clear, the traditional Liberal Party base watches more ABC than Sky After Dark,” he alleged.

Mr Kean’s Liberal colleagues have described his policy agenda as “political poison”.

The truth is, however, that Mr Kean’s factional power took a hit on Saturday – and he wants it back no matter the consequences for the Liberal Party or Australia.PC

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MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Matt Kean portrait. (courtesy NSW Art Gallery)

9 thoughts on “Matt Kean: I was right, Liberals are losers

  1. NSW Liberals need decisive action on Matt Kean for them to be any chance of avoiding a further electoral trouncing in March 2023. Will the custodians of the party reins heed the warnings, grow some spine and act? If the electorate has to do their jobs for them, then just like in the federal sphere, the casualties will be severe.

  2. ““The Liberal Party should be the natural Party to take action on climate change,” he continued.
    “Climate change risks an environmental catastrophe.”

    How about a serious debate about if climate change is actually influenced by the actions of humans?
    And I am willing to bet if there were to be a panel of real scientists (not necessarily all government (and therefore somewhat conflicted) scientists but some independent, Matt Kean would be shot down in flames.
    Just because Kean and other catastrophists come alarmists wish to jump on the Greta bandwagon and sing her tune, does not mean that it is happening. The real concern all tax payers should have is that after spending billions of tax payers money annually, that the “climate change” continues on its merry way unabated from our measly 1.3% of global emissions, to produce results not too different to what has always happened given coming out of and going into ice ages, solar activity etc that the catastrophists will claim they have won.
    Recall Tim Flannery saying that Warragamba dam would never be filled again? tell that to the hundreds of residents in Windsor and Richmond. this is the same Flannery that coerced Gillard to give him $50,000,000 thermal power plant – “will be relatively easy to do” said Flannery …. another failed Labor and Flannery project.

    Time for Matt Kean and his buddy Turnbull to go Teal and get the hell out of the Liberal Party, or is it time to start up a new party with conservative values and let Kean and Co dissappear to oblivion. Let us hope Hornsby voters realise the zealot and egotist that Kean really is and maybe if the voters kick him out he will find his level in the Greens party.

  3. Matt Green has commissioned an economics based report on climate change from Deloittes and is now pushing alarm buttons to speed up the scare campaign. At the expense of NSW taxpayers of course.

    That’s what the UK Blair Labour Government did after their chief scientist disagreed with the UN IPCC climate modelling, they binned his report and requested an economics report using the climate modelling as the basis to estimate what the UK economy would look like when, not if, climate change impacts.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    When will the climate change pandemic be treated before it causes even more global problems, economic vandalism based on Carbon Dioxide which is essential for life, fraudulently referring to CO2 as Carbon (C) pollution despite it being odourless and invisible, and a tiny 0.041 per cent of the atmosphere, 410 parts per million?

  4. It looks like the LINO left transition to Electric Buses is over, the Matt Green dream has ended;

    UPDATE, 17 February 2022: Ambitious plans to build a new $700 million electric vehicle manufacturing facility in NSW have been scrapped, Drive understands.

    Sydney-based company Nexport – which is also the Australian distributor for soon-to-launch Chinese marque BYD – had previously promised to assemble zero-emission cars and electrify 8000 public buses domestically, while employing more than 2000 Southern Highland residents.

    However the undeveloped 94.5 hectare rural site originally earmarked for the project has since been listed for sale online, and Nexport has conceded its plans were never financially viable without tax-payer subsidies.

    Multiple company executives and employees declined to comment when contacted by Drive for further information, however today told the ABC a lack of local government backing had sunk the project.

    “We were highly committed to the development of the land at Moss Vale and the opportunities this presented to our company and the broader community,” a spokesperson for Nexport said.

    “Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to engage with government over the past year we have not been able to secure any certainty regarding the 8000 buses across NSW that need to be transitioned.”

    I add: Taxpayers effectively provide several billion dollars a year to private sector wind and solar energy producers as direct subsidies to boost their profits, that’s in addition to tax deductions for expenses incurred in earning taxable income that all companies can claim or other diversion subsidy claims the renewable energy lobby tries to use.

    And this collapse of the electric vehicle manufacturing dream is another example of climate hoax based emissions reduction schemes at our direct and indirect expense. No subsidies not commercially viable.

  5. Important to recognise the hierarchy on the Left. Without question, the puppet master in New South Wales is Michael Photios, and without his backing and support, the likes of Matt Kean may lose confidence and implode. But former MP Photios has removed himself from democratic accountability, apparently having realised that with a large enough stable of MPs, both state and federal, he could become a master influencer, exercising far more power than say, a state premier. You can imagine the anguished phone calls Photios is currently fielding, as defeated candidates such as Zimmerman, Sharma and Falinski seek solace and advice. Sharma’s anti-Morrison spray earlier today has all the hallmarks of an operation designed to deflect blame from himself following his failure to retain Wentworth. Was it scripted by Photios? After all, if a week is long time in politics, three years is eternity.

  6. Interesting final election result becoming clearer, Labor attracted the lowest primary vote ever and with preferences formed government with one third of the vote, about one third of voters did not support the two party preferred indicator major parties and there is a huge number of Australians who did not vote.

    I believe our system of government is in trouble, too many political games and mischief making, too much emphasis on climate politics.

    1. What is more worrying with the very low primary vote, is that suddenly Albanese believes he now has a mandate to do the stuff he promised. Which begs the question, what percentage of voters know how the preferential voting system really works?

  7. Get out of our Liberal Party Kean! Go join the Greens!





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