Modern Liberals: No room for conservatives

by PAUL COLLITS – TO LOSE one Liberal MP by your own hand might be regarded as misfortune. Two looks like carelessness. But what about three? 

The ABC reports: “Two Tasmanian Liberal MPs have quit the party to sit as independents, pushing Australia’s only remaining Liberal stronghold into minority governance. 

The case of Moira Deeming’s expulsion from the Party has kept the complete idiocy of the rag-tag Liberals in the news. Daniel Andrews must get down on his knees every day to thank the gods.

“Bass member Lara Alexander and Lyons member John Tucker resigned this morning as both party members and members of the parliamentary Liberal Party.

“They have also left their parliamentary positions, including memberships of parliamentary committees. Both politicians will continue to serve their electorates as independents on the crossbench.


“They have both said they did not plan to bring down the government, with Mr Tucker saying he hoped Mr Rockliff would remain as premier.”

(Mr Who? I hear you ask. No, I hadn’t heard of him either).

These two didn’t like something about the construction of a new footy stadium. The imposition of the COVID State – admittedly less onerous in the Apple Isle than elsewhere – wasn’t enough to get a single Liberal to quit the Party across the wide brown land, setting aside the case of Craig Kelly. Yet a stadium … we can’t have that!

Mind you, seeing someone stand against a deal involving the repulsive AFL has its upside. Apart from the deal over the stadium and a new Tasmanian AFL team, the woke, corporatised football administrator has been in the news most recently because of the actions its General Manager of Inclusion and Social Policy, Tanya Hosch, has taken over alleged racism among the punters in the stands.

Yes, you read that correctly. An organisation charged with the heavy responsibility of running a footy competition has an executive position for inclusion and social policy.

At any rate, Tanya is seeing to it that alleged racists are barred from football for life – with the help of dobbers at the ground.

Yes, dobbing on COVID behaviour has jumped over to the sporting arena.

Back to the Liberals. Alert readers will be aware that the Liberal Party’s only remaining government is in Tasmania. They haven’t got a lot more to lose.

One might conclude that it should be doing all in its power to avoid “man overboard”. Or in this case, man and woman overboard.

Jump across Bass Strait to the north and there is yet more Liberal carnage. (It must nearly be time for the old joke, that Victorians are proof that Tasmanians can swim).


The case of Moira Deeming’s expulsion from the Party has kept the complete idiocy and disunity of the rag-tag Liberals in the news. Daniel Andrews must get down on his knees every day to thank the gods of politics for his good fortune at landing in office at a time of unprecedented opposition buffoonery.

A Victorian Young Liberal once explained to me that there are about seven factions in the Party down there.

They are the exemplar of an organisation that doesn’t know what it is there for. That is yet to figure out what it believes in.  The Victorian Branch makes its cousins north of the Murray look like a well-oiled, disciplined, highly focused machine.

Moira Deeming is only in the Parliament because the Victoria Liberals got rid of someone else (Bernie Finn) for celebrating a legal victory (in the United States) over abortion.

Finn was and is highly pro-life. This was deemed unseemly by the Victorian Libs. No doubt they had other objections to Finn’s old-fashioned brand of conservatism.

Meanwhile, Deeming’s alleged sin was to attend and speak at a pro-women’s rally. Yes, pro-women.

Given the Liberals’ much discussed “problem with women”, you might think that Deeming’s move would see her in the Party’s good books.

But the rally was invaded by (probably paid by the Left) Nazi impersonators with a brief to turn the thing ugly. It is amazing how easy it is to undermine a craven political Party these days. They just roll over.

Given her initial suspension, Deeming’s subsequent decision to sue the Liberal leader for defamation was entirely reasonable. She was unreasonably vilified.

Her delusional leader John Pesutto couldn’t stand being humiliated, so, as all good Victorian Liberals do, he took his petty revenge at the earliest opportunity.

Another outstanding conservative overboard. At least Nicolle Flint and George Christensen (sort of) left voluntarily.

Inevitably, the ABC referred to Deeming as a “rebel”. Really?

Rebel is one of those words that ABC types use to belittle or defame those of whom they do not approve. Embattled. Controversial. Divisive.

All these words are similarly deployed. In fact, Mrs Deeming is a breath of fresh air in the parliament.

Deeming’s parliamentary web page states: “Prior to entering parliament, Moira worked as a high school teacher for over a decade, teaching English, Literature, Legal Studies, Philosophy, Science and Psychology. She also served as a local government councillor for the City of Melton from 2020-2022.


“She was prompted to run for parliament to see individual rights and responsibilities balanced equally in law, and to ensure that the government and its departments exist to serve individuals and families, rather than the other way around.

“Moira’s priorities are to ensure that we have clear, fair laws that promote and protect justice, personal agency and community, rather than special interests or authoritarian governance.”

So far, so good. In her maiden speech (now ludicrously called inaugural speeches), Deeming stirred up The Age: “Victoria’s new upper house Liberal MP for the western suburbs used her inaugural speech on Tuesday to slam Left-wing school curriculums, decry the decriminalisation of sex work and take aim at the State government’s approach to gender-diverse young people.

“In a wide-ranging speech, Moira Deeming denounced ideals of unity and equality ‘taken to extremes’.

“Deeming, who was chosen by the Liberal Party to top its ticket in the Western Metropolitan Region at last year’s State election, slammed what she described as Left-wing educational curriculums.

“ ‘The final straw which compelled me to challenge the government head on was discovering that school policies and curriculums had been radically altered,” she said.

“ ‘Instead of being inspired by history’s heroes, students were being chastised and even told to stand up in class and apologise for historical crimes they had neither committed nor condoned.’ ”

She sounds all right to me. See for yourself. She started her maiden speech by thanking God. Perhaps as a part-Maori, she felt unobliged to mention whoever’s sacred ground she was standing on. More brownie points.

She referred to the age (we live in) of “hive mind politics”. A very good description. She is a proud “westie”. Hence, grounded.

She gave an honourable mention to “independent thinking”. She is an ally of “Uncle Wazza”, aka Warren Mundine. Ironically, she referred to bullies. Union bullies!

I think we are beginning to see why the Liberal leaders wished to be rid of her. Another slap in the faces of the pre-selectors who only very recently installed Mrs Deeming as Finn’s replacement.

The Human Rights Law Alliance’s John Steenhof asks whether: “…there is a place for people who hold Christian views in the Victorian Liberal Party.” Indeed!


The HRLA goes on: “A Victorian Liberal Party insider made the following comments to the media about Ms Deeming: “At end of the day, an MP is a brand ambassador for a political Party. Moira knows that. Rather than focusing on helping the team rebuild the Liberal Party for the modern era, she’s focused on herself and everyone blowing up with her,” the insider said.

“If you’re joining the Liberal Party to implement regressive politics such as repealing abortion or turning back voluntary assisted dying, it’s not the Party for you.”

We get the picture. The culture wars as they are termed appear to be “toxic” for the “modern” David Cameron-type Victorian Tories.

How is this approach working out for you in Victoria, lads? The Liberal branch of the UniParty.

There is a problem here, and it is Blind Freddie territory. The Liberal leadership – I use the word ironically – wants to get rid of “these people” yet the Party pre-selectors keep voting for them.

And the leaders keep on losing to Labor by the length of the Flemington straight. Go figure.

The imbecilic Pesutto claimed after the expulsion: “Today marks a real turning point for the State parliamentary Liberal Party,” he said after the two-hour party room meeting.

“We are committed to being a disciplined, united and focused team. We know that in order to be an effective opposition, which is our primary responsibility now – to hold the Andrews Labor Government to account but also to be the alternative government in 2026 – we know we have to be inclusive, welcoming and an engaged Party that is in touch with our local communities.”

The Age also claimed that there was much anger in the room, despite the leader’s bluff: “Five Liberal MPs, including former leader Matthew Guy, on Sunday co-signed a motion to expel Deeming from the Party room after she threatened to launch legal proceedings to challenge her nine-month suspension.”

You could not make this up. That Guy is probably the worst leader of any Party in Australia’s history tells you all you need to know about the bungling wets of the south.

One is minded of sinking ships. Yet the rats here seem to be at the top.

Mixing animal species as well as metaphors, they say that the fish rots from the head down. So it would seem, if the hapless southern Liberals on either side of Bass Strait are taken as examples.PC

Paul Collits

Deeming’s brave maiden speech…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  John Pesutto. (courtesy The New Daily)

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  1. A slight digression, but ‘conservative’ would have to be the most uninspiring name for any group or ideology. It indicates no thought, no ideas, no innovation; nothing except nothing. The ‘conservatives’ haven’t even got the principles or courage to reverse the tax payer dependency and destruction of the ‘progressives’. I suppose though that it is an accurate description of the Liberal/National party coalition.

  2. Liberal Party??? No, the woke broke joke party. And the AFL will crash and burn for how is has become a woke joke. It was allowing females into the competition that started it all. Commentators (obligatory woman ) on all of them, AFLW they could not even come up with their own name and again stole (rode on the males ) coat tails. And this banning people from games for booing? Just like the COVID NAZIS they want Social NAZIS to implement moral conduct
    conduct in sport where people are tackled and slung to the ground – but dont you dare hurt their feelings! All of these snow fake agendas are anti-Australian, but it is okay for a Muslim player to say what he likes or a Jewish player and Black Player but it was once the VFL that became the Australian Football League and now just like Victoria the CCP Storm Troopers.

  3. For many, including me, the Libs have finally slipped beneath the waves. It’s time to cut them lose and start again. Count the current conservative Liberals, Nats and Independents and the numbers are almost there. A new party will bring back many of the disaffected Lib voters.

  4. The Victorian Liberal leader is a perfect example of a woke shit-for-brains leader. Dan Andrews cant believe his luck…

  5. “The Liberal Party is the exemplar of an organisation that doesn’t know what it stands for.”

    The Liberal Party is the exemplar of an organisation that doesn’t know the things for which it stands.
    (Don’t end sentences with prepositions 😉

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