Nigel Farage: See ya

BREXIT Party leader Nigel Farage was cut off during his farewell European Parliament speech on January 29 after his MEPs flouted the rules by triumphantly waving Union Jacks.

The chamber’s vice-president Ms Mairead McGuiness turned off Nigel Farage’s microphone and said: “If you disobey the rules you get cut off.

“Could we please remove the flags. Mr Farage remove the flags please,” she said.

Mr Farage replied: “That’s it, it’s all over. Finished. Gone.”

Ms McGuiness: “Can I please ask for quiet. I’m really… Please sit down, resume your seats, put your flags away, you’re leaving…

It didn’t seem to bother Brexit Party members who carried on cheering and clapping as they walked out of the room.

The dramatic exit followed an afternoon of fireworks, tears and anger as the EU Parliament passed UK’s withdrawal agreement by 621 votes to 49.

Remain-supporting members burst into a chorus of Auld Lang Syne – a traditional Scottish song of farewell – to drown out the cheers from those in the leave camp.PC