NO! Not racist, not stupid, not d#ckheads

by SEAN BURKE – THE elites have lost. 

Despite turning college kids against their own parents and demonising good-hearted people, the Voice activists have failed – badly. Every State and the nation as a whole has said No – by at least 60-40. 

Australians understood it was okay to recognise the Voice as a bad proposal – a proposal that the Prime Minister continually failed to provide details when asked.

It changes now.

It’s now about accountability. What on earth have these elitist thieves done with our $40b a year?


Inner-city (mostly white) Aboriginal activists – including BLM and the Australian Communist Party – are individually wealthy beyond imagination.

Meanwhile, they have used and abused remote Aboriginal communities for their ideological agenda.

Senator Jacinta Price, who is tipped to one day lead Australia, is correct.

“The Australian people have said no to division in our Constitution,” she said last night at a No victory address.

“We’ve said no to bullying and to manipulation. We’ve said no to grievance and to the push by activists to say we are a racist country – when we are absolutely not.

“We are one of the greatest nations on earth and it’s time for Australians to believe that once again.”

Senator Price said Australians needed to be proud to be Australian.

“Until we can be proud, we can’t form a position to be strong and tackle our tough issues.

“Australians understand it was okay to recognise that the Voice was a bad proposal – a proposal that the Prime Minister failed to provide detail when we kept asking him questions.


“My family has been exploited for the purpose of someone else’s agenda – this referendum has been another one of those agendas.

“A vast majority of Indigenous Australians did not support this proposal and it has been a shame we have been accused of misleading this country through disinformation, when it has been a campaign of no information whatsoever.”

Senator Price said the Albanese Government had misled voters.

“Whether it was the claim that 80 per cent of Indigenous Australians supposedly supported this, when we know that they didn’t.

“When it was the claim that this was simply an advisory body when the word ‘advice’ didn’t even appear in the referendum question.

“The Australian people were misled and the Australian people saw this for themselves – and that is why they voted No.”PC

Jacinta Price

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Jacinta Price  (courtesy Sky News)

4 thoughts on “NO! Not racist, not stupid, not d#ckheads

  1. The Voice

    Now old Albo is a bogan,
    Of that you can be sure,
    and he’s given us a vote now:
    A dodgy left-wing lure.

    He’s a man ill-educated,
    Who barely has a clue,
    Tell him anything that’s relevant;
    To him it will be news.

    He’s a bigot and a buffoon;
    He channels Trotsky like a champ,
    And with his whiny nasal voice,
    He never needs an amp.

    But sadly this dumb has-been,
    Who really never was,
    Finds the mojo’s disappearing,
    Like his referendum’s cause.

    So vale to our PM then,
    A man who has no class,
    An ignoramus who’s been bitten,
    By democracy on his arse.

  2. Quote:

    People would be terrified if they knew. For example, the NT is virtually land-locked because there is Native Title over intertidal areas across most of the NT coastline.

    The Government has to pay each year to maintain access, otherwise tourism, commercial fishing, and recreational boating would be shut down.

  3. The Aboriginal Activists and far left fellow travellers history needs to be exposed, from 1960s university years to land rights to UNDRIP to Voice Treaty Truth referendum of deception and denial when asked for full details.

    The money trails need to be followed past Audit Office auditing to recipients.


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