Premier-in-waiting fiddles while NSW burns

LET the excitement reign! We might still get our fireworks on New Year’s Eve, despite Clover Moore. And we have our premier-in-waiting to thank. 

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, arguably one of the most compromised Right-wing (sic) politicians in Australia’s history, has been content to sit in the corner while his rabid Leftist colleagues prevent families from even seeing each other, or doing much else. 

Is this guy for real? The greatest attack ever on the people of NSW, that out-does the Japanese subs in Sydney Harbour by a fair margin … while he confines his concerns to fireworks.

I assume that Mr Perrottet has been assured he will be the next NSW premier so long as he sits out the imposition of the fascist police State that his current boss, Gladys “we all have choices” Berejiklian and co have engineered.

As reported by Sky News: “Plans to scrap Sydney New Year’s Eve family fireworks show could be reversed after the City of Sydney council announced its cancellation earlier this week.


“The council faced major backlash for the decision after it was made months out from the event which would be well after the State has reached 80 per cent double dose vaccination.

“NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the government would “explore options” to ensure the fireworks went ahead in a COVID-safe environment…

“We all need a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and after the year we’ve endured the traditional Sydney fireworks can help send us out with a bang.”

Is this guy for real? The greatest attack ever on the people of NSW, that out-does the Japanese subs in Sydney Harbour by a fair margin, is not enough for this man to think about which hill he might want to die on, for the people.

No, he will confine himself to fireworks. Fireworks, one presumes, that will only be allowed for masked, socially distanced, vaccinated citizens to enjoy.

Many of us must now be thinking about where we would like to aim the sky rockets.

Mr Perrottet’s university degree was in Commerce/Law, so literary references such as “Nero fiddling while Rome burns” and “bread and circuses” might well elude him. Change Dominic for Nero and Sydney for Rome, and you pretty much have the current state of the empire.

Of bread and circuses, Wikipedia notes: “This phrase originates from Rome in Satire X of the Roman satirical poet Juvenal (c. AD 100). In context, the Latin panem et circenses (bread and circuses) identifies the only remaining interest of a Roman populace which no longer cares for its historical birthright of political involvement. Bread and circuses provide “superficial appeasement.” Indeed.

Mr Perrottet is probably bang-on the money in his assessment about what matters to those who might one day vote for him as Premier. Bread and circuses work! The populist leader, caring for the people. One of us, despite the horn-rimmed glasses.


Retired Federal Court Judge Stuart Lindsay recently opined that all Australians now seemingly care about is having “Netflix, a full belly and a warm place to defecate”.

Well, that seems about right in these times of the low information voter who doesn’t understand remotely what is going on under his or her nose, and, quite frankly, apparently could not give a rat’s about rights and freedom.

“Go on, get the jab!” might well take over from “Oi Oi Oi” as the Aussie chant of choice.

Evidence is emerging here and elsewhere that the punters earnestly believe that the “emergency” is real, that gazillions of people have died from COVID, that many children, too, have succumbed to the dreaded virus, that our governments never lie or conceal the truth, that lockdowns work, that governments have our interests at heart, that vaccines stop you from getting or passing on the virus, and that “superspreaders” are evil enemies of the State. Go on, just get the jab!

Such has been the effectiveness of all the propaganda, the masked-up press conferences, the COVID death porn, the no jab-no job blackmail, the hidden truth about vaccine-related deaths (448, according to a recent update from the Database of Adverse Event Notifications report, along with 46,438 cases), and the sneering at the principled unvaccinated by third rate journalists. It all worked!


Hence can young Dominic stride to the podium and announce, breathlessly: “Fireworks in our time!”

I am guessing that Dominic didn’t pay much attention at Redfield College to his history lessons. Hence the irony of his Chamberlain-like declaration will, most likely, be totally lost on him.

It is said that Mr Perrottet is a Christian. Here is James Macpherson: “Churches cannot – and must not – comply with health orders that require them to exclude unvaccinated people from worship services. To do so would be profoundly unchristian.

“Yet that is exactly what NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is telling them they must do.

“Under her Reopening NSW Roadmap … churches will be permitted to resume in-person services once 70 per cent of adults are fully vaccinated, but only for double-jabbed parishioners.”

What does Dominic think about that one?  Nah, not a problem. Just get me to those fireworks.

If only he cared sufficiently about what is ailing our once great State – the scandalous works of his own government – or even knew enough to formulate a plan to be a real political hero, rather than the pretend one we see before us, he might conclude that there is only one way out for the restoration of our freedoms.


Given that the courts have stopped even pretending to be interested in preserving the rule of law; that the media are on strike, at best, and are Vichy collaborators at worst; that the Labor opposition is not “opposing”, but rather is running dead despite daily attacks on its core constituents; that neither the Australian Constitution nor, seemingly, any of the various Anti-Discrimination Acts are any help whatsoever; and that the independents and minor parties, whatever their insights and principled concerns for the people, are functionally useless at the moment, there is only one option for Mr Perrottet, Tanya Davies and the other (very few) Liberals with consciences.

Forget the crackers. Threaten to walk. Threaten to bring the government down. The McEwen Option. Otherwise, come Nuremberg Two, when they ask Dominic, “what did you do to preserve freedom during the manufactured COVID ‘crisis’?” his answer will be neither convincing nor flattering.PC

Paul Collits

5 thoughts on “Premier-in-waiting fiddles while NSW burns

  1. Watching and listening to the Premier praising Prime Minister Albanese during a flood tour yesterday I am wondering when he became a member of the ALP, and why therefore is he masquerading as a Liberal Premier?

  2. The governor should recall the parliament. The coalition no longer have enough numbers to secure a majority. An election is the only fair way to handle this constitutional crisis. By the way, Hazzard resign as well please. You have betrayed the public by pushing unworthy rushed vaccines on the back of inaccurate Drostan RT-PCR tests run at too high a cycle threshold. If you had any guts you would have turned up to the supreme court as you were supoenered to do.

  3. I was not naive or stupid enough to think anything would change with the crowning of this NWO shill. If anything I can see the State becoming more totalitarian given his background and the fact he has zero record of standing for our freedoms and rights. However I am hopeful his inability or unwillingness to change anything will be at least another nail in the coffin of the Liberal Party as the dispirited supporters, such as they may still be, increasingly drift away to parties more in tune with traditional Liberal or Conservative views. My greatest fear though is the sheeple will never awaken and will follow these worthless politicians to the grave.

  4. The cock didn’t even need to crow for this treacherous coward. He feathered his nest while throwing his own to wolves.

  5. Dominic has done deals with the devil for personal gain. Never trust him. Ever.


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