Tyrants tip-toe away from pandemic ‘crimes’

by PAUL COLLITS – NOTHING angers COVID realists more than the deliberate concealment of pandemic-related crimes perpetrated by governments. 

We crave accountability more than just about anything else. The alt-media unashamedly yearns for a Nuremberg Two. Jail time for the culprits. And the crimes are significant. 

These are the people who caused the greatest and costliest attack on our freedom and rights in our history…

Describing them as industrial manslaughter is far too kind. Think of the vaccine deaths and injuries. The cancer patients not treated. The youth suicides and the mental health crisis.

The COVID patients stopped by Australian health authorities from prescribing effective treatments. Real people really died.


On the watch of our panicked politicians and their culpable advisers. One lot told lies and the other lot idiotically believed them and then re-told them to gullible, hoodwinked voters.

The science and the politicians have finally caught up with reality. The evidence of (for example) vaccine harms and inefficacy has now become overwhelming, even if hidden from the public by corporate media connivance and big tech censorship.

Recently, there has emerged a class of sorry folks who have suddenly realised they was wrong.

How should COVID realists react? Cheer them or castigate them?

Dan Tehan, a senior minister in the Morrison Government (and a former local member of mine) has suddenly discovered his conscience.

He has questioned his own government’s pandemic response when passing controversial laws.

The former trade minister said the Biosecurity Act – which allowed the government to force people into quarantine, wear masks and be vaccinated against their will – should be reviewed by a joint standing committee of both houses of parliament.

He said the law has no checks and balances in place, giving the Health Minister sole discretion.

“We need to make sure that this bill is completely re-examined,” he told The Daily Sceptic.

The pro-vaxx Australian newspaper reported on Tehan’s conversion.

It reported: “A former Liberal cabinet minister has questioned his own government’s pandemic legislation, saying parliament was “asleep at the wheel’’ when it passed controversial laws allowing the government to force people into quarantine, wear masks and even be vaccinated against their will.”


Good Lord! Who’da thunk the deeply sinister bill introduced by the Abbott Government in 2015 (and supported across the political divide) could have led to the greatest disaster in the history of Australian politics.

Is this cringeworthy or praiseworthy?

Tehan opines: “We need to have a thorough investigation as to whether the powers that are bestowed on the health minister, and the health minister alone, are warranted, whether there should be more checks and balances put in place, whether there should be a role for the broader cabinet or some parliamentary oversight.”

You don’t say. Some parliamentary oversight!

Tehan could have resigned from the Morrison Cabinet while our country was being razed. He didn’t. It is a bit late now, Dan.

He is a member of the Mea Culpa Class. These are the people who caused the greatest and costliest attack on our freedom and rights in our history and are now thinking, oops! We screwed up. We probably shouldn’t have done that!

Matt Canavan joined in: “It was a bit of a shock to many of us that there didn’t need to be any parliamentary debate to impose such massive restrictions and removal of rights on Australians,’’ he told Sky News.

“I welcome the fact that Dan Tehan is self-reflecting here, we all should. I admit that in 2020 when I supported lockdowns I think some of those lockdowns were too severe. I think, in reflection, we could have done things differently. That’s right and proper that we do that.

“It would be great if more politicians had the confidence to say ‘hey I’m not perfect I sometimes get it wrong’.’’

Perhaps they are scared of victims of the COVID State suing them.

It should be remembered that Canavan criticised his then colleague George Christensen, a true hero, for his outspoken stances.


Notably, he did not defend Christensen when he was, appallingly, condemned by the Parliament for speaking utter sense on lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

No one in ScoMo’s failed government defended Christensen: The then government supported the motion, saying it does not support misinformation in “any way, shape or form”.

Misinformation? Now that the policy failure chickens have all come home to roost, one peer reviewed paper at a time, those who remained silent should be roundly and very, very loudly condemned, from here to their graves. Including the sheepish, faux-brave Dan Tehan.

In a 2GB interview with Canavan after George joined One Nation – one of the few anti-mandate Parties – he said “It’s just politics. You have to wonder what is the reason”.

No, there isn’t much to figure out about Christensen’s decision Matt. He acted upon his beliefs about COVID. You didn’t.

There was a surfeit of career protectionism going on for two long years in Canberra.

Industry groups are joining the fray, including the ubiquitous Innes Willox: “One of the key questions for the inevitable Royal Commission or inquiry into our national COVID response was the impact and use of the Biosecurity Act.”

“Inevitable royal commission”. These are three words that are music to the ears of COVID dissidents everywhere.

Now I wonder if Premiers Gladys, Andrews, Annastacia, McGowan and the former bloke with the wild eyes from the Northern Territory will advocate for a royal commission. I am guessing that ScoMo won’t.

Another member of the Mea Culpa Class is Dr Aseem Malhotra, a British cardiologist and a former vaccine mandate champion who has had a woops moment.

He invited his Twitter followers thus: “The is most important announcement of my life and career so far. Please watch, listen and share with family and friends. I reached these sobering conclusions reluctantly.

“I think the evidence is very, very strong to call for a complete suspension of this vaccine, pending an inquiry so that we can have a more honest discussion about who potentially benefits, who’s going to get more harm than good, if at all.”

There is a YouTube video (surprisingly still there, but give the censors time) and even a peer reviewed paper. (Yes, there is, indeed, a journal called the Journal of Insulin Resistance).

 “Safe and effective? A second opinion” is the appropriately title video released on September 28.


Here is what the publisher Hachette Australia says about Malhotra: “Dr Aseem Malhotra FRCP is an NHS-trained consultant cardiologist and visiting Professor of Evidence Based Medicine, Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health, Salvador, Brazil. He is a founding member of Action on Sugar. In 2015 he became the youngest member to be appointed to the board of trustees of UK health charity The King’s Fund.

“He is a pioneer of the lifestyle medicine movement in the UK and in 2018 was ranked by software company Onalytica as the number one doctor in the world influencing obesity thinking.”

Quite a star, then.

Across the Atlantic, even the appalling American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been getting in on the mea culpa act, even though in a piddling way in view of the crimes they perpetrated.

These people are tip-toeing back to reality and hoping that no one will notice their own complicity.

People far more famous and qualified than Malhotra have been smeared and pilloried by the likes of Dan Tehan and his confreres for saying exactly the same things Malhotra (and Tehan) are now saying.

Only they were saying it when governments across the globe were committing crimes against their peoples.

Let’s leave the last word to Barnaby Joyce – rejected the suggestion from Mr Tehan that details of the [Biosecurity] Bill were not clear.

“I knew exactly what the Bill was about. Perhaps others were asleep at the wheel,’’ he said.

I knew exactly what the bill was about. Quite the admission.


All this happened in a week when National Cabinet decided, at the urging of the NSW Premier, to do away with mandated isolation if you have symptoms of COVID.

The Premier, despite his many political problems, has proven to be quite the freedom fighter. Not blameless, by any means – just look at the ongoing vaccine mandates – but as Australian politicians go, an undoubted voice of reason.

Even Albo got in on the act, stating that governments had to get out of people’s health decisions.

Unbelievable. This is National Cabinet’s collective mea culpa. No apologies of course. No recognition that all the stupid rules were never, ever needed.

Again, do we say, “well done, at last”, or seek the extradition of every last member of the COVID class to a very remote and lonely island, to reflect on the behaviour?

I, for one, am yet to find myself in a forgiving mood. In saying this, I agree with another COVID hero, Alex Berenson: “Too many of us on Team Reality have forgotten those frightening months – and I don’t think I am exaggerating when I write that for those of who chose to remain unvaccinated the prospect of government coercion was frightening indeed.

“Too many of us have forgotten the prospect of being excluded from public life, from education or work or grocery shopping or even airplane travel.

“Too many of us have forgotten that our civil liberties came under real attack for the first time in generations.”

Lest we forget.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Dan Tehan. (courtesy China Macro Economy)

3 thoughts on “Tyrants tip-toe away from pandemic ‘crimes’

  1. Tragically, too many deceived Aussies, well over two years down the globalist “emergency governance” track, are clueless we “elected” a Marxist Prime Minister after discarding his pseudo-Conservative doppelgänger.

    We are now lock step politically with New Zealand, Canada and Britain in the globalists’ playbook take-down of now shredded Christian-Judaic constitutional democracies of the Anglosphere and Socialist-bludgeoned Western Europe.

    Saturation propaganda and unyielding media censorship appear to have done their job. Rigid communist enforcement tactics by traitors at the top have baked in “normalcy bias” for those too fearful, too complacent or too youthful to see their own countries morphing into prison camps.

    It’s almost in the bag (they hope) because of globally cultivated ignorance by the totalitarian criminal cartels controlling member states through “international law” at the UN/WHO and the World Economic Forum — along with their enabling raft of billionaire tax-exempt stakeholders, central banksters and compromised politicians and bureaucracies.

    Fortunately, as Paul Collits highlights, the ridiculous spin here about keeping us safe looks just that. The Gobalists’ unraveling Pandemic/Climate agendas have already set in train a series of both intended and unintended ELEs (Extinction Level Events) set to shock the world either just before or just after America’s upcoming midterm elections. On top of the Covid bio-weapon carnage, one or more of these ELEs will likely destroy the world as we know it in 2023 unless 80 million Trump supporters and 30 million rueful Democrats at least take back the Senate for a window of sanity.

    Stay prayerful, alert and prepared. Everyday Americans are now numerically more awake than woke. World wide, informed people know Mr Globalist and his gangsters are armed to fight to the death. But humanity has the numbers on its side and nation states may yet decide to withdraw from their suicidal alliances.

  2. Anybody with half a brain knew that the whole covid response was as dodgy as it could be. Why the hell was ivermectin banned to start with? That was a dead giveaway that somebody had big pharma’s interests in mind. And the fact that there was no debate or public input into the response, wasn’t good. The response was the sole job of the unelected health bureaucrats. Also it wasn’t Australia’s response, it was something cooked up by some UN body, the WHO? This isn’t the way it should go. Australia should have worked out its own response, not jump in lockstep with some international consensus that may or may not have been scientific. And the vaccines were experimental, noway should they have been mandated. The way that businesses were wrecked by lockdowns was dodgy, plus the way people were paid for not working, the $1 trillion debt totally unjustified. Scomo ruined the Liberal Party but you don’t hear anything about that.


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