Politicised scientists ‘knowingly misled’ policymakers

JOB-destroying climate policies are being championed by law-makers misled by “politicised” science, according to Federal Senator Malcolm Roberts. 

The Queensland MP said many politicians failed to scrutinise the highly questionable science they were embracing. 

Senator Roberts this week signalled out the CSIRO in particular for knowingly releasing research which lacked scientific rigour. 


“The CSIRO’s flawed climate models have not been validated, they contradict real world measurements and should not be used as the basis for spending billions of dollars of taxpayers money on damaging policies,” the One Nation senator said.

“Rather than address the obvious flaws in their climate research, CSIRO chose instead to deflect to a lame appeal to authority, instead of citing credible science.

“We all know CSIRO is an iconic and esteemed Australian institution in many areas of research, which is why its track record on climate science is so worrying; it’s not up to standard.”

Senator Roberts pointed to US-based astrophysicist Wille Soon who has recently been scathing of CSIRO climate research describing it as “scientific malpractice”.


Dr Soon.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center researcher, who specialises in solar physics and who is despised by Left-leaning media, said the CSIRO had cited discredited research.

“If the average citizen doesn’t know about some of these facts, I think they can be excused,” Dr Soon said.

“But most professional scientists knew this piece of work [the Marcott ‘Hockey Stick’ paper] … was scientific malpractice.

“It’s based on patched data, or indirect data, made to look like there’s a sharp hockey stick jump in temperatures.

“The paper quickly fell apart two weeks after its publication … and yet someone as high up as the CSIRO and the chief scientist of Australia are trying to say this paper is legitimate and can be used as supporting scientific evidence?”

Dr Soon said, as far as he knew, the United Nations was the only other organisation to cite this flawed research.

“I don’t know what gives them this kind of audacity, but this malpractice has effects. I feel very sorry for the Australian taxpayer,” he said.

 “Why are you paying for this kind of nonsense?”

Senator Roberts said three levels of government in Australia were basing expensive and far reaching climate policies on CSIRO advice.

“Let me make this very clear, all politicians need to be seriously questioning the science that they glibly use to make climate policies, and parliament must scrutinise the quality of this science,” he said.

“We must have an Office of Scientific Integrity that will scrutinise the science, protect scientists from politicisation and give all industry players the confidence that the policy is warranted and just.” PC

Scientific malpractice…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Senator Malcolm Roberts. (courtesy HuffPost)
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3 thoughts on “Politicised scientists ‘knowingly misled’ policymakers

  1. Dead right Jennifer Gail – What we do indeed need more than anything else is a sensible Energy policy that delivers what Australia once had ie reliable, affordable & available base load 24h energy to accommodate what is an Essential Service that once upon a time State Govts were responsible for.

  2. Keep it up Senator Roberts!
    Yes, and how much are Australian taxpayers paying for the CSIRO to spout discredited, flawed research? They join the U.N. in this expensive scientific malpractice.

    Our Politicians need to be extremely careful about what they accept as legitimate scientific evidence – and – there is NO NEED FOR ANY ‘CLIMATE POLICY’; there is only a desperate need to formulate sensible policies for producing solid, cheap, reliable, 24 hour power for our homes, our industries and manufacturing.


    Climate change is a nonsense, – as are ‘carbon’ emissions. The emissions are CO2 and water vapour.

    Use our RICH, MASSIVELY ABUNDANT NATURAL RESOURCES – black coal, oil, gas and uranium. Stop fooling round with Australia’s future prosperity! Stop pandering to the extremely wrong-headed activists, to the investors with massive skin in the game by promoting these expensive, very unreliable and oft-needing-to-be renewed renewables.

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