Results in: Anti-Australians of the Year

by SEAN BURKE – THE nation’s least impressive public figure and a #MeToo feminist have been voted Politicom’s Anti-Australians of the Year. 

Of 7375 votes cast this month, Labor Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen has been resoundingly confirmed as the nation’s most unAustralian with 2160 votes – 30 per cent of all votes cast. 

Chris Bowen is perhaps the only politician ever in the Western hemisphere to invite people not to vote for his Party, as he did before Labor’s tragic 2019 election loss.

Runner-up was #MeToo activist Brittany Higgins who received 1620 votes (22 per cent).

Also in the running were former Network 10 broadcaster Lisa Wilkinson with 1230 votes (17 per cent), Voice activists (14 per cent) and COVID State enablers (10 per cent) – with the Teals and cricketing whingers David & Candace Warner finishing with about four per cent each.


Chris Bowen is perhaps the only politician ever in the Western hemisphere to invite people not to vote for his Party, as he did before Labor’s tragic 2019 election loss.

The one-time Labor leadership contender has become so ideologically blinkered by “climate emergency” politics, he is unable comprehend the severe economic damage he is inflicting on the nation.

Combining a silly face with crash-through-or-crash renewables fervour, he appears to want to impoverish the people he claims to serve.

He has convinced his boss and colleagues that his economy-destroying actions – with absolutely no pay-out and the likelihood of “limiting” global warming to a gazillionth of a degree by 2120 – should be policy priorities.


Brittany Higgins has the distinction of shafting Australian taxpayers for a huge amount of their cash after making sexual assault allegations without provable evidence.

Brittany has created more column inches than most and there is a new twist every day.

We had the media-coordinated accusations of rape, which seem to have impressed the Federal Police very little, despite her champion DPP’s endless efforts on her behalf.

We had the speeches. We had the TV appearances. We had the mental health breakdown. We had the law suits against various Coalition Ministers and the Commonwealth.

And now, the decidedly questionable multi-million-dollar settlement. With no explanation to us, the taxpayers footing the bill.

The whole bizarre deal should be an early task for the new corruption body in Canberra. Brittany sails on through, a hero to many, ever gracing us (pun intended) with her victim-story.


For a one trick pony, Lisa Wilkinson appears to generate endless screen time.

Her trick has been to turn her original career in journalism, with its purported principles of objectivity, truth-seeking and relentless research, into mere activism in service of a twisted ideology.

This is the “we believe you” mantra bellowed from every bully pulpit across the land whenever there is a charge of sexual abuse against an adult male, especially if the accused is a priest or a conservative politician.

This card, as played in support of farcical charges against George Pell, promotes a cause that only an idiot or an ideologue could actually believe – and was wheeled out again in order to end the career of Christian Porter.

It has been embedded in judicial systems across the land, starting in Victoria under the watchful gaze of Rob Hulls, back in the day, and prosecuted with vigour by his Leftist successors.

Wilkinson carries on the work, undeterred by facts, evidence (or lack thereof), claimant credibility, and, especially, undeterred by the shame associated with humiliating defeat. She just dusts herself off and resumes combat forthwith.

Will we ever see or hear the end of her – or her fellow anti-Australians? PC

Sean Burke with Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Australian flag burners. (courtesy Herald-Sun)