Rich greenies have hands in your pocket

by PAUL COLLITS – FOUR of Australia’s most disturbing public figures – Mike Cannon-Brookes, Chris Bowen, Malcolm Turnbull and Wyatt Roy – are all in the news at the same time, and in the same story. 

They are dishonestly taking money from Australian taxpayers to help destroy the Hunter Valley coal industry and replace it with solar panel manufacturing. 

I never realised that there could be something worse than a rich greenie. Now I know there is. It is a rich greenie with his hand in your pocket.

They are what we call climate grifters – and liars.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of “grifter” is as follows: “Someone who gets money dishonestly by tricking people.”


Those mentioned above are people who take taxpayer dollars under false pretenses.

In other words, it’s stealing off the back of a big lie.

In the case of climate grifting, the big lie is that there is such a thing as dangerous, man-made global warming that can be addressed by the State (and its corporate mates) and should be addressed by the State.

Well, it turns out to be several lies, in fact.

The climate grifter extraordinaire is, of course, Al Gore.

As Fox News’ Jesse Watters explains here.

Many academics accepting research grants off the back of the big lie are grifters too. If you call them out, you are likely to get sued for defamation. Certainly, you will in the USA.

Anyone accepting a subsidy for renewables is a climate grifter. As is anyone frequenting Davos or the COPs.


John Ellwood at TCW described COP 28 in the United Arab Emirates as: “A woke confederation of grifters, chancers and shysters.”

Ellwood continues: “As inflation soars and the temperature plummets, it is unpalatable to think of the unelected scoundrels and hypocrites in Dubai conspiring to make you poorer and colder.”

He could just as easily have been talking about Australia’s Solar Four. The unholy scoundrels referred to above.

Startup Daily’s headline reads: “Mike Cannon-Brookes is in the thick of the Australian government’s $1b plan to turn a coal mining region into a solar manufacturing hub.

As the fictional Dr Evil might say, with finger touching mouth, “one billion dollars”. The project is called Sunshot. Yet another green Ponzi scheme. Evil is right.

Albanese, at the closed Liddell power station said Solar SunShot will help Australia capture more of the global solar manufacturing supply chain through support, including production subsidies and grants.

When AGL shut down Liddell last April, it announced plans to turn the site into an industrial renewable energy hub, including a 500 MW grid-scale battery.

No surprises that AGL has its greedy mits in the scheme.

Nick Cater at The Australian has been on the case: “Renewable energy is welfare-dependent as well as weather-dependent.


“It suffers from a condition a psychologist might recognise as Dependent Personality Disorder: a pervasive and excessive need to be taken care of.”

Cater notes that Cannon-Brookes is Australia’s fourth richest person, and the buttock-clenching fact that he is putting his hands into our pockets rather than his own.

Corporate welfare has a long, grim and sleazy history. Every department of State development – and I worked for one for over a decade – has been based on the perceived need for corporate welfare.

Competitions to attract industries and events can be reduced to corporate welfare. It is an awful hybrid beast of corporatism, bureaucracy and the policy capture highlighted by public choice theory.

We spent nearly a trillion on COVID policy, and that included a fair stash on scams like JobSeeker and JobKeeper. Pretty much all corporate welfare.

Climate business welfare, like Covid business welfare, is distinguished by its being based on lies. It takes us way beyond the old-fashioned desire to attract business to our jurisdictions, and in the direction of fraudulent policy married to subsidy.

The whole “clean energy” sector is a climate scam. It is policy grifting 2.0.

Bowen and Turnbull we know about already. Their involvement in this, yet again, shows the UniParty at work. Lib-Lab. Tweedledum-Tweedledee. The progressive class.

It shows that there isn’t a sheet of tissue paper between Labor and many in the Liberal Party.

Where does Wyatt Roy fit in? Famously, he was a young Liberal star who was massively involved in Turnbull’s simultaneously traitorous and disastrous leadership bid in 2015.

Wyatt served in the Australian House of Representatives and was the Assistant Minister for Innovation in the Turnbull Government. At age 20, he was the youngest person elected to the Australian Parliament; at 25, he was the youngest Minister in the history of the Commonwealth.

Ironically, he lost his seat in 2016 in the anti-Turnbull swing, having won the seat and retained it under Tony Abbott. He has now turned up as an adviser to the clinically insane Chris Bowen.

After he left politics Roy joined Afiniti, a global artificial intelligence company, as its Australian general manager.


Here is another of Roy’s gigs: Former Turnbull minister Wyatt Roy has joined the leadership team at Neom, an ambitious and controversial $760b project to build a futuristic city from scratch in Saudi Arabia powered entirely by renewable energy.

You couldn’t make this economic fantasyland up. Again, the case of Roy demonstrates the close affinity on climate change across the major Parties, and the willingness of all sides of politics to use taxpayer dollars to create and prop up industries based on lies.

It all started, of course, on John Howard’s watch. While he wouldn’t sign the Kyoto Treaty, he did sign us up for NRET (the national renewal energy target) and he did make Turnbull Minister for the Environment.

Creating NRET was a little like Menzies’ expansion of the universities. Looked almost entirely benign and innocent at the time, but created monsters down the road. Monsters that are now eating our lunch.

We are now saddled with the farcical nonsense of climate change and entirely useless, fabricated industries backed by greenwashing, money laundering schemes created by global bankers and private equity firms.

A little like the Ukraine War, as RKF Jr has wisely pointed out as another policy grift.

It is a giant fraudulent mess of our own making.

That the mainstream media (except for stars like Cater) do not see this scam for what it is, is yet more evidence that Australian journalists are now merely mouthpieces for vested interests.

Yet it is far worse than a scam. It is evil.

The estimable Patrick Moore, who started Greenpeace then saw the light, notes with alarm: “If we actually achieved net-zero, at least 50 per cent of the population would die of hunger and disease.”

So, we are paying rich people, with our money, to enrich themselves further and to indulge their climate change fantasies, while they assist tyrannical governments to inflict on us policies (net-zero) we don’t want nor need … and which will kill people!


This is public policy in the 2020s. All announced with glee and ignorance by the Chief Dunce, Airbus Albo, and his barely there side-kick.

And if ever there were four horsemen of the climate apocalypse ready to drive us to economic perdition, it is Bowen, Cannon-Brookes, Turnbull and Wyatt Roy.

I never realised that there could be something worse than a rich greenie. Now I know there is.

It is a rich greenie with his hand in your pocket.

We are all being taken for fools by the lunatics who run the country.PC

Paul Collits

Beware grifters who benefit from legalised theft…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Malcolm Turnbull. (courtesy The Australian)

4 thoughts on “Rich greenies have hands in your pocket

  1. How reassuring that these activists,alarmists & going out of the way to save the planet,probably end up bankrupt without our taxes?

  2. Offshore WInd Turbinęs – a quote;

    “April 5, 2024

    However, have you ever thought of this the with respect to Offshore Wind Generation?

    The whole Offshore Wind ‘thing’ depends upon just one critical thing.

    The availability of infrastructure to install them ….. IN the Ocean.

    That infrastructure is specialised ships, similar to the one shown in this image.

    These very specialised ships specifically designed JUST for offshore wind construction, are (all of them) in very hot demand, and for many years to come, in constant use in and around European Countries installing offshore wind.

    Somehow, we (here in Australia) now have to wait our turn, that’s if if if we have firm approved planning already in place, for one of these ships to sail the World’s oceans down here to install these Offshore wind plants, a ship designed for ‘localised’ operations and not Intercontinental Ocean travel, both there and back. I suppose the Wind Plant manufacturers could ‘buy’ one of them, rather than wait in the queue for when a suitable one became available.

    However, either way, now think of the added extra cost to get one of them here to Australia….”

    Comment from JoNova website written by a retired electrical engineer.

  3. Wind Turbines are dependent on wind supply of course and therefore operate intermittently, unreliably with no guarantee of timing. And therefore “firming” back up support that power stations do not not need is essential – gas fired generators, battery short delivery storage, and even pumped hydro water storage system like Snowy 2.0 Project that was to be part of the original Snowy Mountains Hydro Electricity Project but was abandoned because it was not considered to be cost effective.

    Wind Turbine owners rely on priority supply being approved to sell electricity when the wind blows and coal fired power stations are penalised by being required to reduce generator capacity. Pumped hydro provides wind generated electricity supply opportunities to maximise operating profitability.

    It will be or would be very interesting to see decisions of shareholders in wind and solar installation businesses when the on average first 20 year removal and replacement expenditure is required. I understand that the costs could exceed their dividend income. Do major shareholders have an exit plan?


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