‘Safe Schools’ creeps back into failing classrooms

WHILE Australia’s educational performance plummets to its lowest since international rankings commenced, public schools have reintroduced radical gender theory into classrooms “by stealth”. 

Australian students were placed 29th in mathematics, 17th in science and 16th in reading in the latest Programme for International Assessment (PISA) rankings. Rankings for cross-dressing skills were not measured. 

Although officially axed from NSW public classrooms in 2017, re-branded resource material from the LGBTQ-inspired Safe Schools program has been quietly re-introduced by the Department of Education.


According to Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph the controversial material, which includes queer theory and sex-change guidance, is again being promoted to teachers via a NSW Education Department online portal.

Education experts and politicians alike are incensed that the discarded Safe Schools curriculum continues to creep back into classrooms.

“With Australian children lagging behind the rest of the world, the education department should be focusing on teaching children how to read and write – not indoctrinating them with radical gender theory,” Institute of Public Affairs director Dr Bella d’Abrera said.

Dr d’Abrera, who oversees the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program, said there was no place in schools for social engineering.

“Teachers should not be politicising impressionable children in the classroom,” she said.

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham said the material appeared to be brought back by stealth.

“If Safe Schools was abolished then why do we need people within the department building an extensive catalogue of material relating to this?” he said.

“It’s absolutely being brought back by stealth. Behind a firewall they are sending information to teachers which resurrects Safe Schools despite the government ending it.


“There was a reason this was kicked out of schools in the first place.”

Safe Schools, under the guise of being an anti-bullying program, teaches children to question their sexual orientation and gender identity, telling them gender is determined by feelings, not genitalia.

Critics say it sexualises children and is akin to paedophile grooming.

One of its most vocal opponents, NSW Upper House MP Rev Fred Nile said it should be called “unsafe schools”.

“The State government has banned Safe Schools in NSW but the Teachers Federation and many teachers are still teaching it and introducing it into their schools,” he said.

“The State government has to make up its mind to discipline those teachers who are teaching material that is no longer approved for educational purposes.”

Rev Nile said radical gender theory was confusing for children.

“We know that for a fact,” he said.

He said instances of children seeking gender related counselling had increased in NSW by 3000 per cent in the course of just a few years.

“Not many years ago we had five children being treated for confusion over their sexuality – now we have 150 children,” Rev Nile said.

“Social propaganda serves only to confuse children about their gender.”

Binary Australia spokeswoman Kirralie Smith, who promotes traditional biologically-based gender assignment, said radical gender theory was both deep-rooted and widespread.

“I recently wrote to all State and territory Ministers for Woman asking them to define the term ‘woman’,” she said.

“So far only one has responded, WA’s Labor minister Simone McGurk who said anyone ‘who identifies and lives as a woman’ is a woman.


“This response demonstrates contempt for reality and fear of falling foul of the Human Rights Commission.

“While ever our cowardly politicians continue to bow down to unelected bureaucrats we will see more and more of our vulnerable children succumb to this cult.”

China then Singapore students have topped world education rankings, with Australian 15-year-old students trailing from 18 months to 42 months behind them. The rankings were released earlier this year and relate to assessments conducted during 2018.PC

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3 thoughts on “‘Safe Schools’ creeps back into failing classrooms

  1. Absolutely shocking! Ghastly sexual pollution being forced upon vulnerable youngsters is just another reason true conservatives are livid with the Berejiklian Government.

    Sex education is definitely the province of parents and – PARENTS ALONE know just how and when to discuss this sensitive subject with their own child.

    The schools have no right to even broach this subject as it can lead to great confusion and inner turmoil. This is a subject always open to exploitation by interfering ‘woke’ teachers, pushing their own agenda.

    For heaven’s sake, at birth we are either male and female. Then, as children grow and hormones are released in varying degrees, most children experience very normal, mixed sexual feelings; many have quite tumultuous years, with a strong sexual preference sometimes only emerging in the very late teen years.

    This is why it is very much child abuse for ANYONE to try to influence or pressure a young person one way or another. The ONLY idea that needs to be circulated in normal biology classes is that a mixed, moveable, sexual orientation in the teen years is quite normal and they should not worry; they should relax, concentrate on learning and enjoying life.

  2. What is the Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell, doing about this or is she in favour of it?
    If she fails to act she is another lefty in the Berejiklian LNP.

  3. Clearly “safe schools” is one of those double-speak names that means the opposite of what it says. Like “Democratic Republic if NK” for example.

    In some cases they demand we listen to the science. In others, like this, they demand we ignore the science.

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