The art of stealing the Presidency

IT WAS all going to plan for the Republican Party. Enthusiasm had peaked and the predicted red wave struck like a thunder clap. 

Every toss-up State bar one – Arizona – had swung heavily to Trump. It was almost mind numbingly efficient. 

With up to 96 per cent of the toss-up States’ ballots counted and Trump in the lead by anywhere from 150k to 600k votes, the result would be a blow out. 


The betting markets had reacted and had swung in behind Trump ($1.20) while Biden blew out to more than $3. It was early afternoon Australia-time and the result appeared to be a formality. Then…

Nothing. The States Trump had statistically won weren’t shifted into his column. They just sat there. Hour after hour. Nothing.

Arizona was shifted into Biden’s column even though it had a lower count completion and his lead was at the lower end of what’s considered a certain win.

But Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Ohio didn’t budge. They should have all moved to Trump’s tally.

North Carolina, which had the lowest count completion percentage (65 per cent) was the only one that could reasonably be consider too early to call.


What’s going on?

It was suggested cable television station – Fox News – might be dragging out its coverage to meet advertising commitments. Okay, that must be it.

So we surfed other cable news channels and visited the New York Post’s online site. All reported exactly the same result.

The networks and cable channels had over the years boasted about their in-house decision desks and their expertise in correctly calling elections. Not this election it seemed. They were all in lock step with news wire service Associated Press.

Then Joe Biden appeared on television – way too early – in what appeared to be a pre-recorded video. “We’re on track to win,” he told an almost empty car parking lot. “We can do this,” he mumbled loudly.

That was strange. The trend had him losing badly. But that was Joe.


At 11.30pm Florida time and with Trump’s almost certain wins apparently still “too close to call”, it began.

Finally, movement came and Trump’s seemingly insurmountable leads began to be whittled away.

The percentage of the vote counted in Texas dropped from 96 per cent to 94 per cent while Biden’s vote jumped. Kentucky was taken from Trump’s tally and placed into the “too close” column.

Florida began to tighten late, which is unheard of. The pan handle is always counted last and almost always breaks overwhelmingly Republican. The Democrats almost never catch up in Florida. To have any chance they need to be way in the lead before the pan handle votes kick in – and they weren’t.

Again, what’s going on?

Biden’s college count was now over 200 and closing in on the required 270 while Trump’s tally sat just over 100 and hadn’t budged for hours.


Then it dawned. They’re stealing it – and we’re watching it happen!

The television presenters began talking about late postal ballots having to be counted and how they usually favoured the Democratic Party.

And so we watched Biden close in on Trump by hundreds of thousands of votes.

Eventually the Florida and Texas counts stalled again and just sat there, doing nothing. Trump’s big lead had been decimated, but he still held a smaller lead in these States.

Realising Biden didn’t have enough postals in store to grab Florida and Texas, Associated Press reluctantly shifted them to Trump’s tally. Ohio soon followed.

No presidential campaign in living memory had won both Florida and Ohio and then lost the election. Richard Nixon was the last to do so in 1960. He was running against John F Kennedy. And Joe Biden is no JFK.

But the Democrats had other ideas.

They now shifted their focus to Wisconsin and Michigan postals and, as the rejuvenated count continued, they caught and passed Trump’s huge leads. This occurred while documented Republican Party scrutineers had been allegedly ejected from counting centres.

Worryingly, unsubstantiated reports are emerging that at least 14 districts have counted more ballots than they have registered voters.

Very early the next morning Washington time, President Trump and his vice president Mike Pence appeared on television. They confirmed what we were thinking. Something very unusual was taking place right before our eyes. [see video below]

Then the President made his final, belated campaign promise. He will take this election result all the way to the US Supreme Court.PC

Going to the Supreme Court…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: President Trump speaks in the early hours following the November 3 election. (courtesy BBC)
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5 thoughts on “The art of stealing the Presidency

  1. Hi Jock,
    All these claims were ‘substantiated’ by actual witnesses at site who have spoken many, many times on Fox News, Fox being the ONLY true bastion in the U.S. against the huge mountains of bigoted bias among Academia and Media.

    I’m sure Trump’s Team is presently collecting evidence to present to the Supreme Court.

  2. A few quick questions about this piece: “”.

    Where is the evidence of any stealing, as per the headline?

    Re this sentence, I have some questions: “This occurred while documented Republican Party scrutineers had been allegedly ejected from counting centres.”

    Why is there no source for this claim? What’s the source? Who were the documented scrutineers? What were their names? How many were there? Who alleged they were ejected? From which counting centres, precisely? At what time? For how long?

    Without the answers to most or all of these questions, I’m not sure the claim stands up to the test of scrutiny based on evidence.

    “Worryingly, unsubstantiated reports are emerging that at least 14 districts have counted more ballots than they have registered voters.”

    Regarding the above sentence, if the reports are unsubstantiated, why are you reporting them? What is the source? And if they’re unsubstantiated, why are they worrying? Also, which 14 districts? How many ballots were cast in each? How many registered voters were in each?

    Again, without answers to these questions, how can you differentiate what you’re reporting from Trump campaign propaganda?

    Jock Cheetham
    Senior lecturer in journalism
    School of Communication and Creative Industries
    Charles Sturt University

  3. When accompanied trucks and vans have been seen to pull up to unload at Counting Centres at 4.00a.m. and – five to six hours later, Biden’s tally has jumped by gargantuan numbers, there is only one possible conclusion to draw!

    Yes, the ugly side of the Democratic Party has moved to bolster Biden’s SMALL TALLIES by inserting LARGE BOXES of ballots wherever needed. No wonder Nevada shut down counting for a whole day, they had to wait longer than most ‘swing’ States for their nefarious cavalry to arrive.

    This shocking cheating, – outright fraud – had obviously been planned meticulously, – probably for months. So obsessed with ousting Trump were they, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, that they were ready and armed to the teeth with bogus/counterfeit ballots, no doubt loaded in waiting, locked vans at strategic points.

    I’m not joking, this is true! It’s no wonder scrutineers were either kept locked out, or, if that proved unachievable, kept at least SIX FEET away from the tables from where it’s impossible to see the ballots in any detail.

    Go for it full bore, President Trump, – Democracy itself is at stake here!

  4. There’s no evidence/fire yet but there’s certainly a lot of smoke, and usually where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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