The world demands courage, not cowardice

THE free world is looking to the United States with apprehension. 

Since Churchill handed the mantle to Roosevelt, the US president has been the leader of the free world, its defender against the forces of evil, whether they be Nazi, Communist or terrorist. 

It is now the will of a powerful establishment, which has turned its back on the exceptionalism of the nation from its foundation, that the mantle of leadership be bestowed on former vice president Joe Biden. 


That this is grossly improper is that not only he is the beneficiary of an election based on fraud on an industrial scale but that on all the evidence available he is totally compromised in his relations with the hostile regime determined to seize the role of the United States as the world’s dominant power – Communist China.

This is the only conclusion which can be drawn from the publication of emails found on his son Hunter Biden’s laptop, the authenticity of which are not challenged, and which are powerfully corroborated by his former business associates.

That the mainstream media, morally tainted by choosing to abandon its sacred role as a free press to become the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, aided by the social media monopolies, had attempted to suppress this before the election, is powerful testimony to its veracity.

That they are now revealing this may well be part of some Machiavellian plan to allow the early ascension to the presidency of the previously unelectable far-Left Kamala Harris.


The emails and corroborative testimony reveal that Joe Biden and his family have long been involved in the sale of access and influence at the very heart of Washington to foreign oligarchs and in particular, to those multi-billionaires who are at the centre of the communist cabal which imposes a brutal dictatorship on the Chinese people.

Perhaps the saddest moment in this tragedy was that only two of the justices of the Supreme Court have been willing to offer the moral courage and leadership which the great Lord Mansfield demonstrated in Somerset v. Stewart (1772) when he released a runaway American slave with these words famously attributed to him: “The air of England is too pure for a slave to breathe; let the black go free”.

Instead, the justices have chosen the ignominy with which previous Supreme Court justices are associated in protecting slavery, triggering the civil war, constitutionalising segregation, approving the stripping of civil rights from American citizens for the sole reason that they had Japanese forbears or inventing a constitutional right to abort, a right which has led to the disproportionately killing of babies of African American origin.


We do not know the full extent of the disaster to the United States and the world which may be unfolding, but Texas v. Pennsylvania (2020) may well one day enjoy equal notoriety with that trigger of the civil war, Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857).

The sad fact is that the rejection by the Supreme Court of the extremely well-argued constitutional case presented by the State of Texas is more likely to be based on a fear of personal consequences, rather than the feeble technicality used to justify this.

This was easier than actually giving Texas and seventeen other states their day in court.

The majority, and especially the proclaimed originalists the people defended from savage attack by the elites during their confirmation, were thus saved the embarrassment of justifying their rejection of the case on the merits – a rejection which would have been on any fair hearing of the arguments, untenable.

In the meantime, seriously implausible results in the crucial battleground States were achieved by secret counting in the absence of observers or, to use a term used in other countries, “scrutineers”.

This and their subsequent neutralization are positive proof of serious malpractice.

That too many judges have refused to consider, and the mainstream media have dismissed reams of evidence, including vast numbers of affidavits sworn under penalty of perjury, is only a reflection on those courts and on the corruption of the mainstream media.


Unless some of the judges, including the recalcitrant majority on the Supreme Court, begin to behave judicially and a requisite number of Republican representatives do their duty, the result will be that a candidate seriously compromised by the Chinese Communists will become president, something which will cause rejoicing in ruling circles in Beijing but which the United States and the rest of the free world will undoubtedly come to regret.

Above all, the very integrity of the institutions of the United States is, as well as the very exceptionalism of the American foundation and the nation, in issue.

As the State of Texas cogently argued, and which the majority did not have the decency to even hear, “Our Country stands at an important crossroads. Either the Constitution matters and must be followed, even when some officials consider it inconvenient or out of date, or it is simply a piece of parchment on display at the National Archives”.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: US President Donald Trump. (courtesy The Guardian)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on December 18, 2020. Re-used with permission.
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  1. I still cannot get my head around the ghastly fact that this weak, frail and obviously compromised Biden is about to step up to the plate. The outcome from his scorecard may well be disastrous!

    How did he even make the team?

    He’s so unfit, so far out of the game that he can never provide the robust and honest play the free world needs and expects. A far cry from the usually well-considered, level-headed, wise leadership of most past Presidents.

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