Time to go nuclear on failed energy policy

IT IS pretty easy in Australia to ignore air pollution. The skies are blue, the air is fresh and God is in his Heaven. 

But go to Chinese and Indian industrial cities and the story is vastly different. 

And who is to blame? Obviously the Chinese and the Indian industrialists and their political masters. 

Less obviously, much of the blame rests with the Australian green activists and the belligerent trade union movement. 


Australia used to dig up its iron ore and use Australian coal to produce steel. It used to dig up its bauxite and smelt it to produce aluminium. And it used to use lots of Australian labour to do it. We even made cars and boats with it.

Green activism made it almost impossible to comply with environmental laws here.

Belligerent unionism made it almost impossible to manufacture here at a price that the world would pay.

And weak-minded Left-wing politicians managed to convert power generation needed by industry from the cheapest in the world to among the most expensive.

The solution? We sell our iron ore, bauxite and coal to the Chinese and Indians and let them produce steel and aluminium in their unregulated filth-emitting factories.

We abolished hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs and replaced them with a few people like Clive Palmer, Gina Hancock and Andrew Forrest who have become obscenely rich selling Australia’s national resources offshore.

And we call ourselves The Clever Country or The Lucky Country!


Further, we are starting to realise just how much power the Chinese now have over our way of life … rather, the Chinese are now just starting to show us how much power they have over us.

There is a solution and it has been with us for decades.

We should build a dozen nuclear power stations, use our own uranium to energise them and turn our ore and bauxite into steel and aluminium.

No greenhouse gases. No pollution. Lots of base-load cheap power.

The only obstacle standing in our way is a little uneducated Scandinavian schoolgirl and her band of followers.PC


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4 thoughts on “Time to go nuclear on failed energy policy

  1. cheap energy Australia deserves. It is good for technological development and environmental problems. And there are many nuclear mineral resources in Australia, which is good for the national interest

  2. Once again, the placing of ‘eggs’ in several baskets is wise.

    Yes, to some of the smaller, safe nuclear reactors, but also yes, to some of the new Hele coal-fired power stations, to use some of our abundant, high-quality coal.

    The smart Japanese are building these Hele plants and so should we.

    And we MUST pull straight out of the postulating blather that is the Paris Agreement and immediately out of the contract for twelve, massively expensive, already-outdated, useless submarines.

    These two actions by our Government would subsidise all of our new nuclear and coal-fired power plants, resulting in the abundant, cheap energy Australia deserves.

  3. The big argument against nuclear 15 years ago was that it was too expensive compared to coal.
    These days, thanks to the complete bungle made by politicians, nuclear is now cheap by comparison.
    It’s time to end ideologically-based stupidity and turn the power on again. I agree that 20 nuclear power plants would be a good start for Australia.

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