Unread Albo a ‘lazy lightweight’

by SEAN BURKE – PM ANTHONY Albanese has been labelled a “lazy lightweight unwilling to think about issues” after publicly admitting he’d not read the 26-page Uluru Statement underpinning his Voice referendum proposal. 

A high-profile Liberal Party donor launched into Mr Albanese this week after the Labor leader admitted to Melbourne’s 3AW presenter Neil Mitchel that he’d never read the full 26-page document – adding “why would I?”. 

If the Prime Minister had done what he is supposed to do, like read the fine print – and understood what the Voice proposal is – he might have a slight clue of what he’s arguing for…
Jacinta Price
Federal Senator

“The Prime Minister skips across the surface. Four miles wide and one inch deep,” the donor continued.

“This frivolous comment will be the end of the Voice. The Libs, with a lot of luck, can win the next election.”


Vote No advocate and Federal Senator Jacinta Price agreed, saying Mr Albanese’s admission was “absolutely incredible”.

“You couldn’t make this stuff up,” Senator Price said.

“Who is Anthony Albanese actually listing to?” she asked.

“He’s talking about this whole process being about listening to Indigenous Australians.”

Senator Price said not only was the Prime Minister not listening – but he’s also not reading.

“His own working group, given they’d written the Uluru Statement from the Heart – all 26 pages of it – would have put it to him that they would be seeking reparations and treaty,” she said.

“If the Prime Minister had done what he’s supposed to do, like read the fine print – and understood what the Voice proposal is – he might have a slight clue of what he’s arguing for in terms of a huge change to our constitution.

“But he couldn’t even bring himself to do that.”

Mr Albanese’s latest breath-taking admission comes just days after former prime minister Tony Abbott accused many in the Labor Government of having no idea what they had endorsed.

Mr Albanese has repeatedly claimed the Voice was a benign one-page statement – despite recent Freedom of Information releases confirming it is a much broader document outlining plans for a race-based treaty and financial reparations. 


Mr Abbott said the Albanese Government had mislead voters by claiming the Voice was just “a nice gesture”.

“I think [Voice architect] Megan Davis was right when she said it was a very big document – 18 to 20-odd pages,” Mr Abbott told Sky News’ Peta Credlin earlier this month.

“And Ms Davis had been repeating that line until, it seems, she was leant on by the government over the past 24 hours or so.”

Mr Abbott had suggested – prior to Mr Albanese’s confirming revelation – that many Labor MPs had never even read the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

“It’s very easy in a busy public life to miss the multitudinous documents that come out of government – and I suspect that until quite recently most people at the senior levels of the Albanese Government had never read all of the other documents associated with this whole Uluru process,” he said.

“It’s probably only now that they’ve suddenly woken up to exactly what they have endorsed.

“Because what they have endorsed, as is clear from all these associated documents including the full Uluru Statement, is so much more than just this nice advisory body.

“It’s a power grab unprecedented in Australia’s history. It’s a constitutional upheaval unprecedented in Australia’s history.”

Mr Abbott said the Voice was a first step in re-engineering Australia into a divided nation.PC

PM not listening & not reading

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Anthony Albanese. (courtesy The Australian)

4 thoughts on “Unread Albo a ‘lazy lightweight’

  1. Prime Minister Albosleezy aka ‘Two Tongues Tony’ who as well as growing up in public housing (did you know that? ? ) is also bilingual – he can speak the truth and the untruth on the same subject – and even on the same day – with equal lack of credibility.

  2. This is Albo’s inconvenient truth, he knows what’s in the 26 pages but pretends he hasn’t read it. I have read it and every Australian should read it, and every voting Australian should be very scared of what our future will be if the voice gets up.

  3. Elma Fudd – the PM by default – has no idea and is like Turnbull. He wanted to be PM just for the hell of it and sold his soul to get it. Thirty two per cent of the vote should be enough to tell all that 68% did not want either him nor Morrison. WE are a nation divided and COVID was the wedge and now The Voice is the last straw. WE are suffering and ALP has caused even more Labour Pains .

  4. Yipirinya School Principal Gavin Morris says the voice of the Alice Springs community is not being heard by the federal government as the youth crime crisis continues.

    “We are calling for federal support to ensure that we’ve got safe, stable accommodation for our students,” Mr Morris told Sky News host Caleb Bond.

    “We’ve been able to triple the enrolment in our school by listening to community – what we’ve got at the moment is a community-based solution to a community who owns their own problems, and at the moment we’re being ignored.”

    Please explain how adding more advisory voices and locking Voice+Treaty+Truth telling into the Constitution would improve the situation?

    The truth is that the activist politicians and the elected politicians are using the around 20 per cent of disadvantaged Aborigines as political pawns.

    And choose to ignore the fact that Native Title has granted 55 per cent of Australia to control and management by Aboriginal Land Councils and communities within, disadvantage is real but too often by choice, living on traditional lands, following traditional cultures and languages and content to be far from the government services lacking in those communities.

    Should they be ignored? Of course not, but the way to help is direct action in communities.

    When ATSIC was operating and proved to be an expensive for taxpayers failure, and gravy train for elite educated activists, the people they were supposed to help referred to Air Conditioned Aborigines in Canberra or even using ATSIC – Aborigines Talking Sh*t In Canberra.

    Distance runner Pat Farmer was quoted on radio today from his discussions with Aborigines as he runs around Australia for the yes23 campaign that many or most do not trust yes23 to deliver for them.

    Do we want to lock ATSIV into the Constitution and if it failed be unable to get rid of it?


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