Voice failure ‘a magnificent result’

by KEVIN DONNELLY – THE resounding 60/40 defeat of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Indigenous Voice to Parliament is a magnificent result proving how common sense and sanity can overcome Woke ideology intent on dividing the country. 

The referendum result also proves how politically inept the Labor Prime Minister is in failing to seek consensus with the Liberal/National opposition and believing he could champion an elitist cause while so many Australians are suffering financial deprivation caused by the government’s economic and climate alarmist policies. 

The time of Canberra-based, self-serving bureaucratic organisations far removed from the harsh realities of isolated communities has passed.
Kevin Donnelly
Senior Research Fellow, ACU

The Leader of the Opposition Peter Dutton, on the other hand, demonstrated political insight and acumen by arguing the No case and ensuring the shadow cabinet, despite faux liberals like Simon Birmingham missing in action, followed his example.

Appointing Senator Jacinta Price, a persuasive and articulate Aboriginal woman with lived experience of remote indigenous communities as Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs, proved a master stroke.


No amount of misinformation spread by the Labor government and blacktivists about the radical change to the constitution being modest and inconsequential couldn’t hide the fact the Voice sought to divide the country based on race.

Privileging one group of Australians based on the fact they were here first makes no sense in a land of immigrants where what counts, instead of ancestry and the colour of your skin, is a person’s willingness to work hard, support the common good and be a productive citizen.

There’s no doubt, the majority of Australians are fed up with cultural-Left ideologues pushing Aboriginal victimhood and identity politics represented by the incessant Welcome to Country ceremony that treats the 96.4 per cent of non-indigenous Australians as strangers in their own land.

Parents and grandparents are also fed up with a school curriculum that indoctrinates students with guilt by teaching a black armband view of history, that Australian society is structurally racist and Western civilisation is characterised by white supremacy.

The reality is the arrival of the First Fleet was never an invasion and, as argued by Senator Jacinta Price, the overall impact of European settlement has been beneficial.

The majority of Aborigines have assimilated and all are equal before the law, have the right to vote and stand for parliament and to be productive citizens.

Instead of talking down the country and its history, as argued by the British conservative author Roger Scruton, while the inner-city and Canberra-based elites indulge in cultural self-flagellation, the majority of citizens value and appreciate their country and what it has to offer.

Based on Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and regain sovereignty, Scruton also makes the point while intellectual elites push self-hatred and self-doubt, the majority of people are conservative in nature seeking a sense of pride and ownership in the places where they live.

The fact wealthy, privileged inner-city electorates and the ACT populated by public servants and over-paid bureaucrats, were the only areas voting Yes to the referendum proves how correct Scruton is.


The overwhelming majority of Australians in outer metropolitan and rural electorates agreed with Dutton and not Albanese.

Even more disturbing for Albanese, similar to the Brexit debate where working class voters deserted the Labour Party, is that the next commonwealth election cannot be taken for granted.

As well as being politically inept and pushing a Woke cause the majority of voters see as irrelevant, the Yes campaigners stymied their cause by resorting to personal abuse and vitriol instead of reasoned and rational debate.

Noel Pearson attacking Senator Price as being caught in “a celebrity redneck vortex”, the Greens’ Leader Adam Bandt describing the Liberal Party as a “small racist rump sliding into irrelevance”, and Ray Martin arguing the slogan “if you don’t know, vote no” appeals to “dinosaurs and dickheads” caused more harm than good.

What’s next? The first thing those leading the Yes campaign, including Albanese, need to realise is that the majority of Australians have voted No and it is time for consensus and working together to address indigenous disadvantage.

Marcia Langton arguing “it will be at least two generations before Australians are capable of putting their colonial hatreds behind them and acknowledging that we exist” achieves nothing constructive.


It’s also vital, based on the concept of subsidiarity, that Aboriginal communities are empowered at the local level and given the expertise, resources and support to take ownership of their own destiny.

The time of Canberra-based, self-serving bureaucratic organisations far removed from the harsh realities of isolated communities has passed.

Instead of acting unilaterally, it’s also time for the Labor Government to forsake political point scoring and work with Peter Dutton and the Opposition to try and ameliorate what is in many ways an intractable problem.PC

Dr Kevin Donnelly

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Peter Dutton. (courtesy The Canberra Times)
RE-PUBLISHED: An edited version of this article was originally published by The Daily Telegraph . Re-used with the author’s permission.

3 thoughts on “Voice failure ‘a magnificent result’

  1. Voice a failure via referendum 61/39 against.

    But that result has not deterred the activists and their government supporters as reported this evening on Sky television – Credlin and Bolt Report.

  2. The main reason the Voice proposal failed is that street-smart, practical people saw through the lies and misinformation propagated by PM Tony Albanese and his comrades and just voted accordingly. It was as simple as that.

  3. Quote

    “Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been called on to “show leadership” and answer the Yes campaign’s letter about the failure of the Voice to Parliament referendum.
    A strongly worded draft statement from the Yes camp was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday and was addressed to every member of parliament.

    “Only the shameless could say there is no shame in this outcome,” the draft letter said, referencing the referendum defeat.”

    Our would be masters voices now demand!!!

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