Voice support tanks, Albo panics

by SEAN BURKE – SUPPORT for the Voice proposal has crashed with less than half the nation now backing constitutional change, according to latest polling. 

With the recent release of the referendum question, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s emotive, rather than factual, approach to the change is clearly failing – and he’s rattled. 

Newspoll findings don’t bode well for Anthony Albanese, whose political strategy to hold back detail and go on the vibe of constitutional recognition is clearly failing.
Simon Benson
Political Editor, The Australian newspaper

The latest polling published by The Australian newspaper last weekend shows support for the Yes case has crumbled to below 50 per cent for the first time, with only 46 per cent intending to back Mr Albanese’s pet project.

The poll also indicated that 43 per cent of voters will cast a No vote while 11 per cent remain uncommitted.


With changes to the Constitution requiring support from a majority of voters in a majority of States, the Voice appears doomed.

Political Editor for The Australian Simon Benson said yesterday the Yes case was in trouble.

“The findings don’t bode well for Anthony Albanese, whose political strategy to hold back detail and go on the vibe of constitutional recognition is clearly failing,” Mr Benson wrote in The Australian.

“The Prime Minister’s conviction that the moral imperative will win over Australians is being put to the test.

“Yet, it is clearly apparent that he is losing the argument. Having ruled out concessions, in a high-risk strategy, time is running out.”

Mr Albanese’s personal popularity dropped two points to 55 in the same Newspoll survey, while Liberal Leader Peter Dutton remained steady at 36.

As the prospect of a failed Voice referendum sets in, Mr Albanese’s rhetoric has become increasingly condescending.


He has described opponents of the Voice as “Chicken Littles” and “doomsayers” who are “jumping at shadows”.

“Australians have a healthy scepticism of doomsayers, a scepticism kept in good health by memories of all the predictions offered by the Chicken Littles of the past,” he said.

“Australians won’t succumb to their appeals to fear and their ever more ludicrous invitations to jump at our own shadows.”

Mr Benson said the Prime Minister risked further dividing the nation.

“There are divisions across almost every demographic. The university-educated and tradies, the young and the old, Labor and Liberal and city and bush,” he wrote.

“These partitions will be a significant challenge for Albanese to overcome as he pushes back against the Opposition claims that the model the government is pushing ahead with is itself divisive.


“The poll results suggest the debate is now shaping up as one being led by elites on one side and everybody else on the other.”

Leading the Yes vote were women voters, young voters and the city-based university educated. Men were narrowly more likely to vote No, with regional, non-university educated and the over 50s leading the strongest opposition to the Voice, according to Newspoll.

While 63 of Coalition voters were opposed, almost a quarter of Labor voters also intended to vote No.PC

Albo must take blame for failing Voice…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy PerthNow)

14 thoughts on “Voice support tanks, Albo panics

  1. Albanese has often been described as a “fraud” and the reasons for that become clearer each day. This, to a large extent, is exemplified by that fact that he is not attuned to the plight of the average Australian in not having a clue about petrol prices when challenged about this recently. Although he claimed not to have personally re-fuelled his vehicle recently, you don’t have to be too bright to notice current prices displayed prominently at all fuel stations on major roads. As we know, his form during the election campaign set the scene for this, when caught out on both the cash rate and level of unemployment.

    So, here we have this dullard who is totally out of touch economically, is driving us down the path to energy insecurity and burgeoning household costs for energy provision and laying plans for mass immigration that the nation is clearly not ready to embrace for a multitude of reasons. And, despite this, he expects the country to support his spurious ‘voice’ agenda which, if successful, will only lead to further gross incompetence and waste we can ill afford.

  2. Langton and Calma with their Institutional model rolled Burney on a full Indigenous franchise model. That’s why the Albanese Govt are tight-lipped about the detail that matters. It means the vast majority of the 1m ATSI Australians, who are not members of stacked Indigenous institutions, would remain voiceless

  3. As the YES vote heads South it is no longer Albo’s baby it’s back to the Uluru Statement – funny that!

    1. Warren Mundine – Daily Telegraph, April 18, 2023

      Aboriginal people asked for the Voice in the Uluru Statement

      The Uluru Statement was adopted at a convention at a Yulara resort , 25 km from Uluru. I and others have spoken to Anangu elders angry it was named for their country, because it’s not their culture.

      The convention was attended by 250 delegates, hand-picked from about a dozen community Dialogues (at which attendance was capped at 100, with 60 reserved for First Nations groups – and invitations – only aimed to ensure consensus.

      And, still, a minority of convention delegates rejected it and walked out.

      Hardly groundswell support.”

      Please Note;

      “It is claimed that in 2023 there are 300-plus First Nations countries that have survived in Australia. In my culture that means 300-plus Voices need to be heard equally by the government. One national Indigenous Voice can’t speak for our countries because the government wants it to.”

      “My mob can’t speak for your mob. Your mob can’t speak for my mob.”

      “The best way to do this referendum is for the government to respect our rights and ask First Nations peoples consent for One Voice to speak for our countries before they ask the rest of Australia to vote.”

      “Consent is an internationally agreed minimum standard of engagement in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – UNDRIP.”

      Alwyn Doolan – Daily Telegraph, March 7, 2023

      1. The Albanese Labor Government has already appointed an Ambassador for First Nations, reparations, etc.

        How could fellow multicultural society Australians sign treaties with fellow Australians even on the basis of them, at least in part, having Indigenous ancestry? What happened, good or bad, during British Colonial Government period 1788 to 1901 is now history, no living perpetrators or victims.

        Voice + Treaty + Truth telling?

  4. Amazing how some think it is good idea to further divide a nation just like it was during Covid (Scam Demic ) and the left are doing it with Climate Change (Hoax ) and now The Voice is driving wedge between Australians as well and they have enlisted the help of the Muslims to push the Yes vote and that is the MO of the ALP ( Socialist Regime) . Tear up the nation and then they can rape us . WE should be and were always One Nation .

    1. All Australians, including Australians who identify as being of Aboriginal ancestry, most of whom have ancestors who were not Aboriginal, have “voices”, elected Members of Parliament, elected by all of us.

      There are already many Indigenous Australian advisory “voices” to parliaments States and Federal, States have the primary responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs.

      Dividing us by providing locked into our Constitution special privileges extending across the range of: Voice + Treaty/s + Truth telling and potential reparations is racism.

      There is no good reason to create another voice to parliament, but if considered to be necessary that can be legislated, as ATSIC was legislated and later abolished when it became a very expensive failure.

      Recognition of the history, the people who were here on and before 1788, as an historic note in the Preamble, should not be mixed with Voice politics.

  5. The Voice is all about power and money. Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the Constitution is fine – of course they should be recognised as the first immigrants to this continent – but that’s as far as it should go. Anything beyond that in terms of special rights and privileges based on race is clearly racist.

    The irony is, the ‘Yes’ activists call ‘No’ voters racist when in fact they are the ones who are supporting a racist and divisive proposal.

    Albanese should be ashamed of himself proposing such a ridiculous concept without any pre-discussion with elected representatives of 96.2% of the affected community choosing instead to follow the whims of a small carefully selected but wholly unelected bunch of activists who supposedly represented the 3.8% minority. It’s a clear sign of his incompetence as a leader and he will pay for it dearly in the very near future. He’s Whitlam #2 – and we all know what happened to him!

    1. 1967 they were recognised via referendum . Dont need another waste of time vote . $75 million is the cost of it and the rigged gay vote cost us $123 million . Amazing how many will feel better if you give them some cash ( white fella cash ).

      1. And noting that the Federal 1967 Referendum changes to our Constitution was a catch up, the States had the powers from Federation of States Constitutions 1901.

  6. Australia state police commissioner apologizes to Indigenous people for police harm
    Sophia Richards | Newcastle Law School, AU
    MAY 9, 2023 09:53:24 AM
    Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton Monday apologized to the Indigenous people of Victoria, Australia for harm they have experienced at the hands of Victorian police. At the Yoorrook Justice Commission (the Commission), Patton recognized and apologized “formally and reservedly” for the long history of racism, discrimination, and trauma directed towards Indigenous people by the police, including the Stolen Generation, high levels of incarceration and deaths in custody.

    Patton stated he hoped this would be a “watershed moment” for police and called for “transformative,” “urgent, effective” and purpose-driven change for Victoria. In the position of chief commissioner, Patton stated he would “not tolerate bias, racism or unequal exercise of discretionary powers towards Aboriginal people.”

    The creation of the commission follows the Victorian government’s announcement in July 2020 that they would create a “truth and justice process to formally recognise historic wrongs – and address ongoing injustices” in the wake of a resolution being passed by the First Peoples’ Assembly for such a process. The commission will explore both past and present injustices through a formal truth-telling process. It will then make recommendations on “healing, system reform and practical changes to laws, policy and education.”

    It was also advised during Patton’s speech that Victoria police are going through official records to discover the extent of police involvement in the Stolen Generations so that accountability can be assured.

  7. With Voice it’s not what you are told, it’s not what you can read, it’s far worse than that;

    Voice + Treaty + Truth telling tribunal, UNDRIP and reparation negotiations via now appointed Ambassador for First Nations and much more mischief.

    Bolt Report last night on Sky, Victoria Indigenous tribunal not court of law called the Commissioner for Police to answer questions about Indigenous Australians and Vic Pol handling of them, and he was asked to attend a course on how to look after Indigenous Australians.

    Federal Voice + Treaty + Truth and States too.

    I am, you are, we are all Australians.

    But the left plans to change that.


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