By Wayne Allyn Root

Are you kidding? This has to be a Babylon Bee parody, right?

We just witnessed “Queers for Palestine” protest marches around the country. This group actually has a website. They’re a real organization. “Queers for Palestine” is not a joke.

And let’s not forget we have Islamic Marxist Congresswomen who fly gay pride rainbow flags next to the Palestine flag.

I’ve argued for decades that liberalism is a form of mental illness. And that “liberal Democrat” is actually a family-friendly name for radical, extreme and mentally-ill communists. But this “Queers for Palestine” tops them all. This is a level of extremism and mental illness that has never been seen before. Just think about those three words…

“Queers for Palestine.”

Let’s think of all the other organizations that could match “Queers for Palestine.” These are the ones I thought up just in the past 24 hours. These all make as much sense as “Queers for Palestine.”

Jews for Hamas


Ukrainians for Russia

Illegals for ICE

Mobsters for FBI

Feminists for Ike Turner

Bobby Kennedy Jr. for Vaccines

Evangelical Pastors for Porn

Cops for Murderers

Doctors for Cancer

American Indians for Cowboys

Mothers for Drunk Drivers

Anorexics for Fatty Food

Atheists for God

NASCAR Drivers for Crashes

Catholics for Kosher Food

Chris Christie for Salads


Anyone with a brain for Joe Biden.

None of these brand names/organizations make any sense. They’re all ridiculous. They’re absurd. They make no sense. They’rev pathetically stupid. They’re insanity SQUARED.

But none of them can beat “Queers for Palestine.” This takes the cake. This wins the “Darwin Award” for dumbest, most ignorant, dangerous, ridiculous, absurd, malignant, self-destructive 3 words in world history.

Do gays (ie “queers”) realize in any Muslim country they murder you for being gay. It’s a crime to be gay. Let alone “lesbian” or “transgender.” Do gays realize what Hamas, or Hezbollah, or Taliban, or ISIS would do to you if they found out you were “queer”?

Well let’s think about this for a moment.

We already know in Muslim countries they throw gays off roofs.

We know that they stone women’s faces while their body is buried under sand for the “crime” of not covering their face and body in a black burqa from head to toe….or looking at a man…or wanting to drive a car without their husband present.

We know they throw acid in the faces of little girls who want to be educated.

We know just days ago in Iran a young Muslim teenage girl was dragged from a train and beaten for not wearing a hijab. She is brain dead.

We know in Iran the secret police drive through protests on motorcycles shooting female protestors dead.

We know in the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel for a FACT (no apologists can deny this anymore) that the terrorists were put on drugs and ordered to do the most horrific things any sub-human has ever thought of in world history.

They proceeded to mass murder Jews…rape Jews…burn Jewish children to death…behead Jewish babies…mutilate dead Jewish bodies…I even watched a Go-Pro video by the terrorists cutting a baby out of a live pregnant woman’s belly and knifing the baby to death.

What exactly do you think Hamas, or Hezbollah, or Taliban, or any Islamic terror group would do to a “queer” of any kind in Palestine?

Can you imagine a “Queers for Palestine” rally in Gaza? The participants would be beaten, raped, tortured, mutilated, and thrown off roofs in about 15 minutes.

But in Israel they’d be welcomed, free to protest, free to march, free to celebrate their “queerness” in a parade down the center of any city.

So yes, this makes perfect sense that gays now protest for Palestine, and support the mass murder, burning and beheading of Jews.

It’s obviously the modern-day “Jews for Hitler.”

And it proves, once and for all, liberalism is a terrible mental illness.

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