‘Woke’ businesses pour millions into socialists’ agenda

BIG businesses that generously donate to good causes are too often publicly shamed by Left-wing activists who “blacklist” everything they disagree with. 

Oil, tobacco, mining and livestock companies come readily to mind. 

So enraged is their criticism that many decent charities, who deserve and need corporate funding, choose instead to reject it for fear of also being smeared by the often vicious attacks of “do-gooders”. 


But what about businesses that repeatedly donate to bad causes? Causes that, if implemented, would turn an otherwise prosperous nation into a garbage tip.

Why aren’t these businesses hauled over the coals and blacklisted in the same way? Their products might be considered more politically correct but their charity agenda is significantly more menacing.

Take the bathroom consumables company Lush Cosmetics, for example.

Lush recently donated a six figure sum to the radical socialist organisation GetUp. This shady activist group was recently exposed for wasting vast amounts of other people’s money on themselves, no less.

GetUp promotes open borders, enviro-socialism and radical wage redistribution – ideals, apparently, that Lush “truly believes in”.


“Lush is a campaigning company,” its website proudly declares. “[We’re] proud to swim against the tide and support groups and causes we truly believe in.”

So Lush, it seems, is really happy for you to buy their stuff. It’s just they’d prefer for your family to live in Venezeulan-style squalor while doing so.

Then there’s The Sunrise Project that donated a whopping $495,000 to GetUp before last year’s federal election.

Sunrise is “driven by the imperative of climate justice”, whatever that means.

And what about the European Climate Foundation’s $93,000 election gift to GetUp. These northern hemisphere hippies are dedicated to fighting an imaginary “global climate crisis”. Worldwide de-industrialisation is the only solution, they demand.

Donating to organisations such as GetUp is a direct contribution to the destruction of western liberalism and, in its place, the rise of radical socialism.

An oil company throwing a few bucks at saving dolphins is saintly by comparison.PC