Abbott’s losers gifted another go

THE Left’s organisational team that oversaw former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s 2019 election disaster has controversially been given a second chance to win Warringah. 

The former Liberal stronghold had never been lost by the Party until its hard Left “moderate” faction grabbed control in 2018. 

Where are the conservative leaders who are meant to be standing up for their Liberal Party members – but who are instead doing grubby deals with the Left?
Liberal Party member

Their 2019 campaign against independent Zali Steggall resulted in an 18 per cent swing against the Liberals and Mr Abbott being tipped from office.

The campaign had been surrounded in controversy after rumours appeared in the media that senior Warringah Liberal Party “moderates” had secretly aligned with a group called the North Shore Environmental Stewards, who were funding Ms Steggall’s campaign.

In the fall-out, it was reported that few local Liberal members volunteered on Election Day. Instead, many worked on other Liberal campaign teams.


At last night’s vote, three members from the 2018 Federal Electoral Conference executive were returned, according to a Daily Telegraph report, with two new faces joining them. Outgoing conference president Mr Roger Corbett did not re-nominate.

With every office being contested, the Left faction successfully coordinated its campaign to seize control of Warringah.

Incoming FEC president Lee Furlong moves to his new position after serving two years as conference vice-president. He overcame a challenge by Warringah businessman Brendan King, 75 to 49 votes.

Former conference treasurer Rachael McLean moves to vice-president after holding out a challenge from Wende Bowden, 74 to 48.

The conference’s other 2018 vice-president, Alex Dore, retained his position after a challenge from Bettina Thasler, 75 to 45.


The conference’s new treasurer is John Davaine who defeated businesswoman Noreen Rattue 66 to 43.

Along with Mr Davaine, Angus Mackie is the second new face on the executive – winning out over engineer and mother of four Michaella Formosa.

The Telegraph described new conference president Lee Furlong as a “moderate within the Party” and touched on his involvement in Mr Abbott’s 2019 election campaign.

An unnamed Liberal source told the newspaper that it was a big win for the moderates in the Party.

Another said: “This is a new, united campaign-ready team.”

Others, however, held concerns that have been publicly expressed.

“How has the former seat of Tony Abbott been so overrun by the Left?” one Party member said.

“Where are the conservative leaders who are meant to be standing up for their Liberal Party members – but who are instead doing grubby deals with the Left?

“Who will join [PM Abbott’s former Electoral Conference president] Walter Villatora and the other brave conservatives to stand up for members’ principles and beliefs?”

He said there was a danger that Menzies’ “broad church” would become an Inquisition under the Left.

Another said the Left had become power hungry.

“Unfortunately, they would rather be in control of a losing Party than lose control of a winning one,” he said.

Mr Abbott maintains he was solely responsible for his loss and that he was not betrayed by his conference leadership.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Lee Furlong (courtesy The Daily Telegraph)
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9 thoughts on “Abbott’s losers gifted another go

  1. The Liberal party is becoming more and more like the green/labour marxists brigade. The self appointed “moderates” are anything but “moderate”. The fake conservatives cutting deals with the hard left (moderates!) for self interest should be “named and shamed”, they are the real problem causing most of the damage.

  2. The new President of the Warringah FEC helped lose the last election for Tony Abbott (who won 62% of the vote in the previous election before the Left voted out all the winning management at the previous AGM).

  3. I think many erstwhile Liberal voters are finding it very hard to vote for the Liberal-Green-Coalition. Why don’t these so called ‘moderates’ (moderately Left?) join another party if they want massively subsidised ‘renewable’ — I wonder how the solar panels are going right now? And if the windmills are being blown into futility by the high winds?– and many other of the Greens preoccupations? What has happened to the Conservatives in our country? Scomo could be in deep trouble quite soon.

  4. This astute observation absolutely nails the Liberal Party dilemma….. “Unfortunately, they would rather be in control of a losing Party than lose control of a winning one”

  5. Sadly the Liberals talk of a broad church, which I assume Menzies was thinking of a range of characters moving in the same general direction and supporting western civilisation.

    The moderates however push in a very different direction. The direction is for watering down laws on beastiality, killing full term babies, and rainbow agenda for our school children. I would not call this a church, it’s more like a dark cavernous temple of Baal.

    Surely there needs to be a simple moral code or standard they should all abide.

    1. Yes there is. It is titled the Party Platform, values statement (dated 2015). Those Values are in the Constitution. Clearly the ‘moderates’ do not subscribe to the Party Values.

      1. “Clearly the ‘moderates’ do not subscribe to the Party Values.”

        The ‘moderates’ are parasites, and to them the Liberal party is nothing more than a host to be exploited and used to achieve their aims, after which it will be contemptuously cast aside.

        It’s ironic that even as a man has been gaoled in Canada for calling his biologically female child his daughter, we have in Australia the Federal MP Karen Andrews calling for quotas for women. Karen is apparently one of the many “useful idiots” in the parliamentary wing of the “Liberal” party; a clueless woman who has no idea what she is talking about or where her political cant is leading. Of course, Karen has strong moral support from Scott “Each Way” Morrison, who has said he is “open” to the idea of quotas.

        Anyone who supports the “Liberal” party in any way, shape, or form, is complicit in what they are doing – and they should consider this very carefully every time they cast their vote.

  6. It’s not “gifted”; it’s “given”.

    English 101, along with such gems as the fact that “disinterested” does not mean the same thing as “uninterested”, that “impact” is a noun, not a verb, that “task” is likewise a noun, not a verb, that “begging the question” is not the same thing as “raising the question”, that discussions are not held “around” a subject, but rather “regarding” a subject, and so on and so forth.

    The foundation of all compelling writing is linguistic exactitude, in particular in the case of political analysis, where it is imperative to establish one’s credibility as being erudite, discerning, and, above all, conscientious.

  7. The Six Canons of Faction Party Control:
    1/Control branches
    2/Control Conferences
    3/Control candidate preselections
    4/Deny deny deny/ignore ignore ignore any issue or person who does not fit the faction mold
    5/Work to remove any non-faction party person who has power or authority irrespective of the quality of the replacement person
    6/ if possible……………………….win elections.
    ….and we all saw these “faction live-by rules” in action last night. Bye bye Warringah.
    Fed-up Liberal


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