Albo a child in a man’s body – Dutton

by SEAN BURKE – ANTHONY Albanese is a child whose mind remains captured in his days as a radical student activist, according to Liberal leader Peter Dutton. 

Mr Dutton said the Labor leader was “a child in a man’s body”, as well as a political appeaser who had compromised the office of prime minister. 

The Prime Minister prefers to “jet around the world” and is more interested in appeasing the international climate lobby than caring for the interests of everyday Australians.
Peter Dutton
Federal Opposition Leader

In an address to the Liberal Party Federal Council last weekend, Mr Dutton said Australia was now “less safe, less secure and less cohesive” because of Mr Albanese.

“He’s a man with a mind still captured in his university years, he’s a child in a man’s body,” he said.


“I believe he’s compromised the honour of the office he holds.

“He certainly broke at least 12 core promises most egregiously and promised Australians prior to the election, that they would be better off under a Labor government.”

Mr Dutton said the Prime Minister preferred to “jet around the world” and was more interested in appeasing the international climate lobby than caring for the interests of everyday Australians.

“Whatever audience Mr Albanese is addressing, he tells them what they want to hear, not what needs to be said,” Mr Dutton said.

“He’s a political appeaser not a leader of conviction,” he said.

“He avoids the hard and necessary decisions and discussions because he places a higher value on political survival.”

Mr Dutton recently launched one of the biggest electoral issues in history by making nuclear energy policy the centrepiece of the election debate.

According to The Australian newspaper, the announcement follows recent polls where he has made gains on the Prime Minister and taken control of the political debate.

The cost of living – taking in inflation, interest rates and high energy prices – is the major concern of voters and the area the Coalition is focusing on.

“The forthcoming election matters more than others in recent history. The stakes are higher,” Mr Dutton said.

“The next election will not only define the next political term, it will define the future and fate of this nation.

“It will be about the kind of country Australians want their nation to be.”

Mr Dutton said Mr Albanese had dedicated most of his time in office on the failed Voice referendum at a cost of $500m to taxpayers.

“In the past two years, Labor has made our economy more vulnerable. Our nation less safe and less secure. Our society less cohesive,” he said.

“Australians are worse off at every level. We are here to get our country back on track.” PC

Adults take charge of energy debate

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Peter Dutton. (courtesy Redit)

10 thoughts on “Albo a child in a man’s body – Dutton

  1. “Hansom Boy”!! Don’t forget “Walking Eagle”.
    Pssst! Do you know why he was called that by our Aboriginal friends?

  2. The title of this article is an adverse reflection on children and to be deplored.
    Anthony Albanese is a man amongst boys and most certainly, a boy amongst men.

  3. “Child in man’s body” was at a dedicated Liberal meeting. Note some media outlets and commentators criticized Dutton for getting personal. QUOI ? Apparently over the last two years (never mind before!) nobody in the Labor hierarchy (or media) has offered personal comments (abuse sometimes) at Peter Dutton. Hypocrisy on steroids an understatement.

  4. Can’t disagree with anything Dutton says here.
    He might be pinged for calling Albo a child, though. That’s surely offensive to children.

  5. Peter Dutton is quite right. I have been saying the same thing in this paper for months.
    ‘Fighting Tories’, is what our Prime Minister lives for it is all he has ever known since he was a student activist.
    That we now have the ‘handsome boy’ as Prime Minister should be of concern to all Australians and to other nations.


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