Albo must go – along with demented agenda

by SEAN BURKE – ANTHONY Albanese’s hard Left policy agenda has become so destructive to Australia that both he and his entire legislative program must be completely removed. 

Just watering down the Prime Minister’s radical position on almost everything is no longer an option for a future incoming centre-Right government. 

It may even be appropriate for Peter Dutton to speak to NZ and Argentina’s new leaders prior to Australia’s next federal election – and to base his campaign on their successes.

His high spending/taxing, racially divisive, gender confused and foreign policy paralysis are as misguided as his immigration position, industrial sabotage, anti-farming, corporate cronyism and climate lunacy.

These – and much more – must be ruthlessly rolled back and torched.


Should Liberal Leader Peter Dutton be successful in 2025, he will need to have a long heart-to-heart with the newly formed governments of New Zealand and Argentina.

Indeed, it may even be appropriate for Mr Dutton to speak to these new leaders prior to Australia’s next federal election – and to base his campaign on their successes.

The list of roll-backs promised by New Zealand PM Christopher Luxon and Argentina’s Javier Milei is a mouth-watering start to repairing Australia.

According to The Spectator Australia magazine’s Nicholas Sheppard, NZ’s new Coalition is looking promising.

“Mr Luxon has thrashed out a deal with the libertarian ACT Party, and centrist populist New Zealand First,” Mr Sheppard wrote.

“Out the window is legislation banning tobacco sales to people born after 2008 and the ban on offshore oil and gas exploration is set to be repealed,” he said.


“Most controversially, the new government has vowed to review the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document which balances the relationship between the government and the Maori.

“In the election, ACT leader David Seymour – who will rotate in the role as Deputy PM along with New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters – said his Party would end co-governance and ‘division by race’.

“New Zealand First also outlined plans to remove Maori names from government departments and to introduce a bill making English an ‘official’ language of New Zealand.

“These policies, if enacted, mark a sea change from previous progressive governments.

“If the government can stick it out, it’s clear who the big victim of the new Coalition will be: the legacy of Jacinda Ardern.”


Meanwhile, Argentina’s new president is already rapidly delivering his election promises.

A mere eighteen days after President Milei was inaugurated he has already:-

  • Eliminated 12 of 21 cabinet posts.
  • Fired 5000 government bureaucrats.
  • Removed 380,000 government regulations.
  • Banned woke language in the Argentine armed forces.
  • Legalised home schooling for children.
  • Implemented tough punishment for riot organisers.
  • Proposed welfare cuts for road-blocking protesters.
  • Proposed de-nationalisation of State-run corporations.
  • Re-opened Argentina’s oil industry.

Sigh! If only.

Must our own nation be destroyed before regaining its senses?PC

Read it & weep…

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20 thoughts on “Albo must go – along with demented agenda

  1. Perfectly timed, as Australians are slowly coming to their senses about this Communist led Fraud of an Australian and his crooked Politicians! Especially those in charge of the immigration policies and the rights of free speech 🙁 Where is the tool to stop this blatant attempt to hand us all over to the Islamic controlled UN and WEF? Or will it require the Revolution like farmers overseas are giving in spades? Where are the commonsense Australians who still believe in this country with such wealth and care?

  2. Again I will say it . Voting the same and expecting different results is the definition of insanity . Elma Fudd is the PM by default 32% of the vote as the nation was sick ( from Morrison Virus) and just went the other way because ???? It was the only choice ???

  3. If as hoped, the Dunkley bi-election is the humiliating defeat the ALP so richly deserve, that will be the catalyst sending Albanese to the back bench.
    The one tenant: Victorian libs may manage to snatch defeat for the jaws of victory.

  4. And at the rate we’re going, Matt Thistlethwaite’s position should be re-named “the Assistant Minister for a Banana Republic”

  5. What is the point of an incoming right wing government when they are top heavy with labur lites, fail to see how their could be any change?

    1. What is the point of returning a Union Labor Government with a Trotskyite leader and many fellow travellers dominating the many factions from centre left to far left?

      The Coalition, notably Liberals, have LINO left but they are mostly aligned with Labor centre left.

  6. Just like his Qld counterparts, this bastard and his gang will shamelessly throw massive amounts of money at Australia’s social parasites in the run up to the next federal election, and lie like pigs in mud, thus making it difficult for the coalition to win. A coalition win is NOT a lay down misere. While Argentina’s president did great things, they had incredible inflation, which helped him win power. While I like Peter Dutton, I am not confident that he can lead the coalition to victory. I’d like to see Michaelia Cash given a go at the leadership.

    1. Albo will pay the $275 reduction in power bills, but that will only happen when it can influence the next election.

    2. The Liberals used to be known for good money management until Scott Morrison decided to pay people for staying at home, now we’re left with a national debt of around $1 trillion, leaving future generations to pay it off. What have the Liberal Party got to commend themselves now? Fortunately, there are some good minor parties.

  7. Spot on Sean, 100% correct. But as Australian citizens not actually traveling the corridors of power all we can do is support and encourage in every possible way all parliamentarians of the federal Opposition to keep up (and increase ) the pressure. (Excepting those parliamentarians who are complete misfits as decent commonsense Australians).

    And promote Politicom to all the above.

    Short analysis, our Prime Minister is misleading, fraudulent, and a blatant liar. And overall his government is near poison for Australia’s economy, her peoples, and ULTIMATELY HER SOVEREIGN SECURITY.
    The domestic version of the Taliban.

  8. Down in the bottom left corner of Friday’s Aus front page, this:

    “Republic on ice after Indigenous voice referendum failure
    Labor has junked plans to hold a republic referendum in the next term of parliament, with the ­Albanese government vowing to keep its focus on the cost of living…”

    The domino effect.

    1. I heard Thomas Mayo (Mayor) the unionist and Uluru Statement committee member on radio demanding that Voice be legislated, 61% of voters got it wrong, apparently, democracy didn’t work as planned.

      We are being insulted by Union Labor and Aboriginal Activists who refuse to accept our majority decision.

      They with full support from Albanese Labor are still funding with taxpayer’s monies for;

      * Ambassador to UNDRIP (reparations).
      * Makarratta Commission.
      * State Government treaties.
      * More public land grabs by Aboriginal Land Councils and Attorney General Dreyfus cancelled Federal funding for defence of our lands title.

      1. The policy of handing Crown Land to Aboriginal Land Councils has got to stop and be reversed. Even the hapless Perottet, a supposed right-winger, did this when state premier in NSW. We’ll get to a situation in which the majority of Australians are excluded from the majority of Australia by virtue of their race. Oh wait! We’re already there.

    2. Quote

      COMMONWEALTH, government. A commonwealth is properly a free state, or republic, having a popular or representative government. The term has been, applied to the government of Great Britain. It is not applicable to absolute governments. The states composing the United States are, properly, so many commonwealths.
      2. It is a settled principle, that no sovereign power is amenable to answer suits, either in its own courts or in those of a foreign country, unless by its own consent. 4 Yeates, 494.

      Commonwealth of Australia, Federation of States, Constitutional Monarchy, constitutional laws rule.

  9. Weekend Australian today, Dennis Shanahan author, points out that Prime Minister Albanese has lost the plot, stuck in the 2022 groove and bewildered by the defeat of Voice+Treaty+Truth Makarratta referendum.

    Isn’t it obvious?

    The old mob from Rudd, Gillard and Rudd chaos, dysfunction and incompetence back controlling the levers (to quote Labor PM Keating’s description) and with no idea which ones to operate and when.


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