Australia paralysed by radical lies

by DAVID FLINT – SENATOR Jacinta Price astounded the nation during the recent referendum campaign when, courageously, she dared tell a journalist there were no ongoing negative impacts of colonisation. 

The only continuing impacts, she said, were positive. 

A small but determined far-Left minority plans to take over and seriously damage the country. They will never stop raising new ways to undermine Australia.

Pointing out that Aborigines have the same opportunities as other Australians, she said that constantly telling them they were victims was “the worst possible thing” that can be done to any human being, creating the impression that “someone else” was responsible for their lives.

She said that those in remote communities who experience the “highest rates of violence in the country” do not do so because of colonisation.


It was because “young girls are married off to older husbands in arranged marriages”.

These were certainly not the answers expected by the many Australians indoctrinated by our seriously failing education system as well as those in the mainstream media who push a victimhood agenda.

Chairing the function, The Sydney Morning Herald’s David Crowe challenged her unorthodox denials about colonialism.

“Would you accept that there have been generations of trauma as a result of that (colonial) history?” he asked.

Referring to her mixed-race background, Senator Price said this would mean that those whose ancestors were brought to Australia in chains as convicts were also suffering from intergenerational trauma.

“So, I should be doubly suffering from intergenerational trauma,” she declared.

This brought the house down and Mr Crowe moved immediately to the next question.

In one fell swoop, Senator Price exposed what historian Keith Windschuttle long ago named the fabrication of Aboriginal history.

Little wonder that the big talking point across Australia after this was that hers were the words of a future prime minister.

That struck terror into the heart of the ruling elite wondering what on Earth they had unleashed.


The establishment does not of course accept the landslide defeat of the Voice referendum, just as they do not accept any refusal to agree with every new dogma imported into Australia and designed to undermine Western civilisation, however ridiculous.

The Voice referendum has taught Australians two things.

First, rank-and-file Australians are far more capable of taking common-sense decisions for the benefit of the country than their elite rulers.

Second, a small but determined far-Left minority plans to take over and seriously damage the country. They will never stop raising new ways to undermine Australia.

Australians are realising the danger of compromising on fundamental matters.

Among these is Australia Day.

It represents exactly what Jacinta Price was arguing. What 1788 unleashed was of course not perfect, but its consequences have been of great benefit to all Australians.

Although they deny it, the Albanese Government’s policy is to undermine Australia Day. Why else did it remove the requirement that naturalisation ceremonies take place on Australia Day?

Now, more than 80 local councils have joined the Albanese campaign to change the date.

Yet councils are famously only about the three “Rs”– roads, rubbish, and rates. Foreign policy, global warming catastrophism, or undermining Australia Day are not within their purview, nor do they need useless overseas trips and vast expense accounts.

Let them have a sword of Damocles over their heads ─ recall elections, either for a specific alderman or a whole council.

This could be triggered by a petition of no confidence signed by, say, five to ten per cent of voters.


Australia Day, it must be emphasised, commemorates a settlement, not an invasion.

It was inconceivable this continent would not have been settled or otherwise acquired, although most European or Asian powers had shown little interest.

Only the British and French did, and only the British had both the will and the capacity to settle the country.

They were by far the best colonisers and the ones most inclined to treat the Aborigines fairly with Governor Phillip instructed in detail to “conciliate” the “affections of the Aboriginal people”, and to live in “amity and kindness, with them”, and moreover, “to do them no wrong”.

As to the Aboriginal people, rather than life being utopian, it epitomised Hobbes’ description of primitive life as “nasty, brutish and short”.

Their reaction to British settlement has been misrepresented as involving frontier wars. That there was nothing that could be referred to as a frontier war has been painstakingly demonstrated by Keith Windschuttle in his book The Break-Up of Australia, published by Quadrant Books in 2016 and discussed at length in ADH TV interviews.

Rather than resistance in any significant way, what occurred was a mutual accommodation of the indigenous people into the settlement. As Windschuttle observes, by 1805, barely ten years after the establishment of the Hawkesbury settlement, and after only “a handful of interracial incidents”, Governor King found the “most effective punishment” he could impose on Aborigines was to “deprive them of the company of British settlers”.

The best reward he could offer was to “allow them to come back into colonial society again”.

The important point to remember is that the British did not come alone with their extraordinary, unprecedented First Fleet.


They brought with them what are still the pillars of the nation, the rule of law, the English language, our Judeo-Christian values, and access to a sophisticated form of government, probably the most sophisticated in the world at the time.

As to the rule of law, those who would liken the penal colony to a gulag should be reminded that the very first case brought in the colony was by a convict, reported as Cable v. Sinclair [1788] NSWKR 11.

Brought by Henry Cable against the captain of a ship in the First Fleet concerning the theft of goods, the court found for Cable, who later became a successful businessman.

Can those who say NSW, as a penal colony, was a gulag, point to a similar case where a Soviet court made a similar award?

This case illustrates how the settlement was already the basis of the development of an extraordinary country, one which is gradually being devastated by the delinquency of its ruling class.PC

David Flint

‘Australia’s history has benefitted Aboriginals’

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Senator Jacinta Price (courtesy 2GB)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on January 20, 2024. Re-used with permission.

11 thoughts on “Australia paralysed by radical lies

  1. If Albo is guilty of subjugating the country-he should be chargd with treason and either do serious jail time or lose his job, pension etc and leave immediately.
    To the young specifically who undermine-which country would you like as your next long term posting-North Korea, Russia or somewhere similar. If under (say 30), if you don’t like it, leave now. If you love it, volunteer for our Armed Forces, as in the event we are attacked, we will need every trained man and woman to fight.
    I spent 40 years in Defence including a war zone and I’m quite fed up with this national discourse. Look to other countries to see what rights you have to live in their country and match it.

  2. There is a very interesting article that appeared in The Sceptic, which I receive from the UK. They referred to an article from another publication which talks about the damage that the ‘elites’ are causing in society all over the world, worth a read and a comment if you see fit:

  3. It would be worth asking angry indigenous ‘invasion’ fanatics whether they really believe that only their people should have been allowed to live on this vast continent?
    If so, that would surely be the most ridiculous and naïve view imaginable.
    The Australian continent extends over some 7.7 million sq. kms of which about 10% is classified as habitable i.e. 770,000 sq. kms. The indigenous population is currently just under I million – and that includes fake ‘aboriginals’ like Bruce Pascoe who have absolutely no evidence of aboriginal ancestry.
    So, if this continent had not been discovered by foreigners, that would mean indigenous people living today would currently have about 0.77 sq. kms of habitable land each to live on, which is about 77 hectares (190 acres) per person, not family!
    I think most people would agree that’s just a little bit unrealistic.
    Didn’t these activists’ parents teach them to share?

  4. I have met and spoken with this lady and she is no fool. She knows just as well as we all do that the Colonising was good the nation . Imagine if the Dutch had stayed or The French had beaten Cook ??? If Rudd had never said Sorry ( something which he had no right to do ) none of this white guilt clap trap would have ever occurred . But the Greens run the ALP these days and they hate everyone and everything , yet dont mind the benefits of Colonialism ??

  5. Australia is not paralysed by the left; Australia is paralysed by the lack of resistance to the left by the so-called conservatives. Our conservatives are pathetic, with a few exceptions such as Jacinta. The left are bullies and haters. When they encounter resistance they cry like the babies they are. But our conservatives don’t confront them.

    There are 2 reasons for this: firstly there is the little johnnie position: which is that our society is strong enough to withstand the damage caused by the left and that rules will prevail. They won’t and aren’t.

    Secondly, the conservatives have been infiltrated by lefties: turdball, kean, Falinski etc. NSW is run by out and out lefties.

    That’s the real problem.

  6. New Zealand celebrates a treaty.
    Canada celebrates its confederation.
    USA celebrates its independence.

    Australia celebrates the arrival of another country’s navy.
    How pathetic.

    1. Again you have your head up your arse Noel . Australia Day is the day that we no longer used British Passports and were acknowledged as Australian Citizens . Cook did not sail into Botany Bay until April . WE decided to combine the two into on Great Day and Celebrate The Birth Of A Nation . How do you enjoy all the benefits you have Noel and the use of this platform to bemoan it all because mummy & daddy did not hug you enough when you were little ??? The Dutch had been here already and The French were just a touch behind Cook and imagine what they would have done to all and this land ??? You do not love who you are fighting for and do not hate who you are fighting against. Thus you are sad miserable Bastard .

  7. As David Flint points out, The Great South Land was going to be claimed by an external power sooner or later. Australia Day haters ignore the scenario of an Australia claimed by the Spanish, or the Dutch, or the Portugese – none of whom were exactly humane during their years of colonisation.
    Imagine the continent under the rule of any of them. Or, being the battlefield for multiple claims of sovereignty.
    British settlement was the least worst of the options.

  8. The past two census, 2016 and 2021, had more than 130,000 people calling themselves Aborigines who hadn’t in the census before Andrew Bolt wrote in the Daily Telegraph on January 9, 2023. He also wrote about Suzanne Ingram, a board member of the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office complained on SBS in 2022 that 300,000 of the 810,000 Australians now claiming to be Aboriginal were fakes.

    Also in The Daily Telegraph on 7 March 2023 Aboriginal Australian Alwyn Doolan (who completed the Message Stick Walk from Cape York to Canberra in 2019 wrote in an article that for 65,000 years Aboriginal people have lived with the lore that no country can speak for any other country. My mob can’t speak for your mob. Your mob can’t speak for my mob. There are 300-plus First Nations countries that have survived in Australia. That means 300-plus Voices need to be heard equally by the government.

    He said One national Indigenous Voice can’t speak for our countries because the government wants it to. That first consent must be obtained before the rest of Australians are asked to vote.

    Warren Mundine wrote in The Telegraph April 18, 2023 and regarding the Uluru Statement, it was adopted at a convention at a Yulara resort, 25 kilometres from Uluru. That he and others spoke to Anangu elders angry it was named after their country, because it’s not their culture. That the convention was attended by 250 delegates, hand-picked from about a dozen community Dialogues (at which attendance was capped at 100, 60 reserved for First Nations groups – and invitations – only aimed at consensus).

    Alway Doolan wrote that consent is an internationally agreed minimum standard of engagement in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). That the Uluru Statement also supports consent as a right but they have not implemented it. And much more.

    However the Albanese Labor Government appointed an Ambassador to UNDRIP late in 2022 (reparations) before the referendum, and a Makarratta Commission – Voice+Treaty+Truth telling based on Arnhem Land mob’s country lore. Both remain taxpayer funded today.

    Senator Jacinta Price and many other Aboriginal Australians, and noting that most Australians who identify as having Indigenous ancestry are of mixed ancestry including settlers from 1788 and later, as Senator Price commented about her own family tree.

    The 1960s Aboriginal Activist movement was university student based, encouraged by the Communist Party of Australia and introduced to the Black Panther Movement in the United States of America. Readers might recall the video of unionist and Uluru Statement committee member Thomas Mayo/Mayor referring to and thanking “the Communist Elders” for their advice to the Uluru Statement committee?

    David Flint wrote here: “Second, a small but determined far-Left minority plans to take over and seriously damage the country. They will never stop raising new ways to undermine Australia.

    Australians are realising the danger of compromising on fundamental matters.

    Among these is Australia Day.”

    I have been told that most young trades people and apprentices today are returning to the old Australian values. I believe they being practical, common sense, down to earth people have avoided the indoctrination of university education via the too many Marxist lecturers, but are also awake to the massive scare campaign of climate based hoax and warming politics, and the many related agendas, transition to unreliable expensive electricity from wind and solar hybrid system and others. Graded heatwaves from the BoM that rates normal summer mid twenties and below thirty as low intensity heatwave, one of many examples of the propaganda.

    Albanese Labor is of course dominated by far left factions, and he is a Trotskyite Marxist or “Trot” and has been for decades past. No wonder the sensible centre left Labor members and former MPs are concerned about this present Labor Federal Government (and States). Many of them have memories of the 1950s split away from Australian Labor Party to form the Democratic Labor Party to escape from the Communist Party influence and fellow travellers.


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