Albo’s just playacting

by SEAN BURKE – IT’S entirely plausible to believe Labor leader Anthony Albanese has never held an original thought.

Apart from nicking most of Bill Shorten’s hard Left election policies, he’s also been known to copy other people’s speeches.

Not real speeches, mind you. Pretend ones from Hollywood movies. And not even very good ones.

If Albo’s going to plagiarise someone else’s words, he might at least copy something inspiring and worth listening to. Instead, he gives us someone else’s long-winded whinge.

The footage below explains a great deal about Albanese. It also demonstrates the free pass most Labor politicians receive from a fawning Australian media.PC

POLITICOM: Albanese clings tight to legalised theft

2 thoughts on “Albo’s just playacting

  1. This guy is worth $10 million . He has no idea about anything and is the best they could muster as nobody else wants to go down in history as the worst PM of all time . He deceived his way into power and is the front man for the CCP mafia .


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