Bring back climate change

WE’VE been confined to our homes, banned from beaches and parks, restaurants, cafes, theatres, clubs and hotels have been closed. A harmless solitary kebab eater has been fined $1000. By and large our economy and the simplest pleasures of life, have been put into hibernation. 

Spare a thought for our social climbers. They have taken a huge hit with celebs and A-Listers pushed from the summit of the social order by the hermit and the anti-social recluse. 

But worst of all, what makes my skin crawl and sends cold shivers up my back is the word thrown about like confetti by our media commentators and newsreaders when they talk about protecting the “vunrable”. 


For heaven’s sake! the word is “vulnerable” coming from the Latin word “vulnus” meaning a wound. It has an “L” slap bang in the middle! that should not be silenced.

Looking back just a couple of months, the climate change frenzy was not all that bad in comparison.

The notion that the world will come to an end at some time way beyond my lifetime and that of my loved ones, was not as unpalatable as the current restrictive regime we are living under.

If only we could turn back the clock and bring back climate change. I’d rather battle the ravings of the climate warriors, than endure the restrictive repercussions of the silent deadly scourge of corona virus.

Back to reality. If the worst happens and the situation deteriorates to the point where they decide to close Bunnings, I’m hijacking the next rocketship to Mars.