Aussies ‘subservient’ to Chinese

AUSTRALIA lacks courage to appropriately deal with China in the wake of the Coronavirus “cover-up” warns Liberal Party senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells. 

Addressing Federal Parliament this week, the NSW-based senator said it was critical for Australia to plan for reparations and to “decouple” from China. 

“This will require a great deal of political fortitude,” she said. “Regrettably, I suspect we have a long way to go in this regard.” 


Wong & Albanese.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ remarks were made as Labor leader Anthony Albanese and his foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong began appeasing the Chinese Communist Party, to the fury of union leaders.

“Australians do not want ‘business as usual’ with the communist regime in China,” Senator Fierravanti-Wells said.

“The billions of dollars to counter this pandemic is borrowed money which we, the taxpayers, must repay.

“They are a direct consequence of the Chinese Communist Party’s wrongful acts and, accordingly, Australians expect reparations. It is most likely we will go into recession with enormous loss of jobs and livelihoods.”

The senator said Australia required a total overhaul of its post-pandemic critical infrastructure and foreign investment framework.

“Critical infrastructure legislation needs to extend beyond ports and utilities of gas, water and electricity to include other key sectors,” she said.

These would include banking, finance, food, grocery & agriculture, transport & airports, health & medical, communications and IT, according to Senator Fierravanti-Wells.


The former Minister for International Development & the Pacific has long-held concerns regarding China’s “insidious” international diplomacy.

In 2018 she came under fire from Beijing after warning that the regime was setting debt-traps for Pacific nations.

In response, her comments were labelled by a Chinese embassy spokesperson as “invective and blatant slander”, “irresponsible” and “smearing”.

“Any attempt to obstruct the development of relations between China and the [Pacific] island countries is doomed to failure,” the diplomat said at the time.

In this week’s senate speech, however, Senator Fierravanti-Wells didn’t take a backwards step.

“I’m concerned that the Chinese Communist Party is taking advantage of the pandemic to further its insidious debt-trap diplomacy with economically stressed nations.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Senator Fierravanti-Wells. (courtesy The Australian)
FULL SPEECH: Senator Fierravanti-Wells May 12, 2020
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  1. So, the real face of China has now been revealed for all to see. Why has it taken so long for Australia to wake up to this Communist regime? What did they expect they wanted the Port of Darwin for?
    I think of that old saying that ends with ‘inch by inch it’s a cinch’

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