Wong, Albo back Team China

LABOR’S Penny Wong and leader Anthony Albanese broke ranks with Australia this week, siding with greedy corporate business leaders to appease China. 

Albanese, who has flirted with communism since his student days, and Wong, of Chinese heritage, crumbled under Communist Party pressure telling Australians to kowtow to the regime’s demand for “mutual respect”. 

China’s aggression, including withering trade sanctions, commenced within days of Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling for a full and open enquiry into the origins of Coronavirus. 


Wong, Labor’s foreign affairs spokeswomen, said the Prime Minister had “mishandled” the China relationship and was playing to a domestic audience.

“We need to think about the China relationship in 30-year terms, not in three-year terms. Unfortunately, there’s been a little too much, from the Morrison government, of reflex to short-term domestic politics on this relationship,” she said.

Albanese had earlier said Australia needed to be “mature” while dealing with China – a coded call for Australian subservience.

The Australian Labor Party has a history of snuggling up with the communist regime, accepting personal payments to its politicians as well as secretive campaign donations.


After threatening trade reprisals last week, the Chinese government this week placed a ban on a third of its Australian beef imports and is now tormenting the nation’s drought-stricken crop farmers with tariffs.

Wong and Albanese’s statements are at odds with their union bosses with the secretary of the Australian Workers Union, Daniel Walton, calling China a “bilateral bully”.

“It is critical the Australian government holds its nerve against such pressure and enforces its international and domestic rights,” he said in an open letter following Wong and Albanese’s comments.

Other Labor figures accused of joining Shanghai Sam Dastyari in favouring Chinese interests over Australia include treasury spokesman Andrew Leigh, former foreign ministers Bob Carr and Gareth Evans, NSW MP Shaoquett Moselmane and former science minister Kim Carr.PC

Bob Carr.
Kim Carr.
MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong and leader Anthony Albanese (courtesy The Australian, retouched)
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12 thoughts on “Wong, Albo back Team China

  1. I am personally insulted by Penny Wong (‘Wrong’) and her anti-Australian misguided opinions.
    She even quoted Kevin Rudd’s advice to Australia, on how to treat China, “Less talk more action (with China CCP)” in her speech on Wednesday 19 May 2021.
    How dare Ms Wong and her leader Albo? (Elbow) say that the way Australia responds to China is political, whereas the opposite is true. China already responds to what Australia says and does.
    That shows that China is weak and over-sensitive about any criticism, especially from Australia.
    Ms Wong and Albo should go as quickly as possible as Australia is too good for them.

  2. Albo, Wong et al – disgusting! Once again you’ve proved you possess no patriotism, no backbone!
    Australia cannot roll-over, submit to class Z, mandarin bully-boys.
    The Trade Department must immediately source other markets for our class A beef, (some raised by my family members), so we can hastily detach the tyrants of the Chinese Communist Party.

    1. Well we now know for sure that Albanese, Wong and the rest of the treasonous Labor party are totally UN-AUSTRALIAN and would send Australia down the socialist path if they were in Govt. especially on past performances. They must never ever be given the chance to Govern this Country again.

  3. ALP is communist party of Australia. Wong – what would you expect from her. The rest are just clowns. Puppets for the unions.

  4. Albanese and Wong should be declared persona non grata, stripped of their citizenship, and deported to China.

    I’m sure they’d like it there.

  5. Seriously politicians in favour of communism should be “banned” as they do not support democracy and freedoms which the vast majority support and our ANZAC diggers died for. They should be named, shamed and removed from political office as they do not serve “national interests” which is what they are paid for by tax payers.

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