Barnaby’s threat to crazy green Liberals

LEFT-wing Liberals are in a tizz as new Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce pledges support for coal miners and farmers. 

In a stirring speech to federal parliament on Tuesday the new National Party leader sent radical Liberals – as well as their “progressive” Labor mates – scrambling to protect their pet climate projects. 

We stand by our coal miners, we stand by our iron ore miners, we stand by our farmers and we’re not ashamed of our live animal producers…
Barnaby Joyce
Deputy Prime Minister

Staring down Labor leader Anthony Albanese, Mr Joyce leant over the dispatch box and let loose.


“I think I’m looking at someone here who might be under a little bit of pressure himself,” Mr Joyce said to wails of nervous laughter.

“I am this man’s biggest backer. I want you to be there for the long haul,” he said.

“We stand by our coal miners, we stand by our iron ore miners, we stand by our farmers and we’re not ashamed of our live animal producers.”

Mr Joyce’s directness came as a shock to his own side of parliament, many of who have become experts at net-zero double-speak.

One of the first Liberals to speak out against Mr Joyce was climate scaremonger Jason Falinski.

“If Barnaby’s pitch for the job was being more belligerent towards the senior Coalition partner, that’s hardly going to be good for us,” the Liberal backbencher said.

“What will be telling is what he committed to his backers on things like climate, and what he’s got out of the Coalition agreement.

“But either way, he’s going to make the tap-dance on climate so much harder for the leadership.”

Pre-emptying Monday’s National Party spill, NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean took aim at the federal Nationals on the weekend, accusing them of betraying “regional and rural NSW”.


Mr Kean said the Nationals should embrace the opportunities of climate change.

He said – dishonestly – that the Nationals shouldn’t threaten Prime Minister Scott Morrison against signing a 2050 net-zero emissions target. The Prime Minister himself has ruled that out.

“They should stop standing in the way of rural and regional NSW reaping the enormous rewards that will come from new low world carbon that is emerging,” Mr Kean said.

Political corpses continue to pile up in Australia as out-of-touch politicians hold tight to their fanatical obsessions with global warming and climate “emergencies”.

As if the career-ending climate madness of WA’s Zak Kirkup, Bill Shorten, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull (twice) weren’t warning enough, the latest crop of radical Liberal MPs are attempting to force PM Morrison down the same dead-end.

You’d think people paid to represent the will of the people would have bloodhound-like instincts to sniff out the public mood. Not this lot!

An opinion poll taken shortly after Queensland’s 2020 State election indicated that climate issues rated second to last among voters.

According to the JWS survey 95 per cent of centre-Left voters couldn’t care less about climate issues, ranking jobs, affordable energy, COVID response and border security as far more important.

Among centre-Right voters – who traditionally support the Liberal National Party – the divide is even greater with only two in a hundred rating climate change as an election issue.

The survey, however, was largely ignored by extremist politicians pursuing their pet climate projects at the expense of their communities.

The complete annihilation of the radical green WA Liberal Party followed a few months later.PC

Sending Lefties nuts…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Barnaby Joyce. (courtesy The Australian)
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15 thoughts on “Barnaby’s threat to crazy green Liberals

  1. Barnaby has to do one thing more: he has to advocate building new HELE plants in Australia; just supporting mining is not enough because mining sends the economic advantage overseas to China. We have to have new coal power plants built as well.

  2. Some of Tim Flannery’s, Falinski’s and Kean’s like self ridicule mates aren’t just one trick ponies. One of the same wanted to cull all Australia’s wild camels from helicopters to prevent them from farting methane gas.

    Even a good blurt is no longer sacrosanct, and every bogan in every beer garden in Australia who might likewise enjoy intermittently erupting forth whilst enjoying a drink in the company of his mates, would in time come under direct threat, as practicably speaking it might be difficult for Flannery, Kean and others to capture and sequestrate all these emissions.

    Luckily for us Barnaby is back to read all these imbeciles their horoscopes, before they keep increasing electricity prices to send us all broke.

  3. Since Barnaby Joyce is for the farmers why doesn’t he push for a royal commission into all water/river related issues as well as asking for a review of cotton being grown in water deficient and marginal areas. The rivers and water has been mismanaged for a long time by successive governments

  4. The best thing Barnaby can do is work to reverse the grossly irresponsible NSW Renewable Energy Act. of 2020. This act of lunacy, devised by Matt Kean and passed with cross-bench support, led to Federal tax-payers stumping up $600m for a gas-powered generator as a hedge against the inevitable power cuts in NSW. As Morrison and Joyce both pointed out, this was needed ‘cos the sun doesn’t shine at night and sometimes the wind doesn’t blow. Joyce seemed well aware and angry that Kean’s Act depended on building wind-farms across New England in a neo-colonial infrastructure programme.

  5. Don’t blame them, it’s all about the science you know.

    But not creatively manipulated computer modelling, garbage in – garbage out including a climate change hoax and warming trend ignoring historical weather data records.

    Real science from people like Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences previously Professor of Mining Geology, and Geologist Ian Plimer explains that climate changing is natural Earth Cycles and at various times in past history there were periods hotter than the present.

    That Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not pollution, and not Carbon (C), and at 410 ppm (0.041%) in the atmosphere is on the low side compared to past history, in fact if there was 1,500 ppm Earth would be a greener planet and food crop yields and others would increase markedly. At the UN Copenhagen Conference the delegation from China reported three warmer periods during the past 3,600 years and each period bringing greater prosperity from increased crop yields.

    Coal fired power stations are the most reliable and cost effective electricity generators, ask China, India, Japan and many other countries still constructing new ones today. Emissions reduction targeting coal and other fossil fuels is ridiculous and expensive economic vandalism.

    1. Well said JohnW – Indeed I’m bound to highlight a most recent, outstanding lecture by world renown Professor William Happer on a hugely important topic in the context of evolving global climate/agricultural policy & associated impacts of atmospheric gasses, especially Methane CH4, Nitrous Oxide N2O & Carbon Dioxide CO2.

      His lecture (37 mins) may be viewed via the following link: . Puts paid to all the hand waving Greta Thunberg Woke climate alarmist brigade..!

  6. “One of the first Liberals to speak out against Mr Joyce was climate scaremonger Jason Falinski.”

    Falinski should go back to Poland; they could explain to him just how well socialism works, because they’ve seen it in action. (Any person who is so dull that they can’t learn from their own homeland’s sad history has to take first prize in both the arrogance and stupidity stakes).

  7. I have said it before. Barnaby is strong and we can count on him to do the job that will save our Country from the crazy WOKE LEFT Yes Barnaby is our Trump. ????. Welcome back Barnaby Joyce

    1. My favourite Barnaby Quote
      “More People have Died from Snake Bites in Australia than COVID19”

      Those busy Aussie snakes could never keep up with the Vaccine Rollout, over 300 people dead from vaccine as 24th June 2021 TGA Website.

  8. Good onya Barnacles bringing a river of tears to professional sooks.

  9. I’m not sure I would’ve voted for Barnaby, but anything that shakes the lefties out of their smug complacency has got to be good.

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