Falinski goes Zali over gas

LEFT-wing Liberals have defied Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s pro-jobs position and have swung in behind climate activist MP Zali Steggall’s anti-gas campaign. 

With the Prime Minister declaring gas meant jobs, renegade “Modern” Liberals this week attempted to block gas exploration via a parliamentary motion, according to The Guardian website.

The motion, moved by Mackellar “Moderate” Jason Falinski and seconded by Wentworth MP Dave Sharma, supports a petition from Warringah MP Zali Steggall to ban gas exploration within a 4500 square km area off the NSW coast. 


In supporting the motion, Mr Sharma said Australia had “a unique responsibility, indeed a duty, to protect the health of the world’s oceans”.

The Falinski/Sharma motion opened the door for a Greens attack on the Prime Minister’s post-COVID-19 recovery plan.

Greens leader Adam Bandt said the actions of Messrs Falinski and Sharma were an admission of failure.

“It’s an admission from the government that their own environmental protection laws aren’t good enough,” Mr Bandt said.

“It puts every government MP on notice that the public does not want a gas-led recovery that will fast-track climate collapse.”

Ms Steggall, who has repeatedly demanded support from Leftist Liberals, has called on Mr Falinksi, Mr Sharma and Victorian MP Tim Wilson to cross the floor over climate policy.

Such a move would throw the Coalition into minority on the floor.

Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt has reiterated the government’s support for gas exploration.

“The Morrison government has made clear gas will provide the base for our economic recovery and we support exploration,” he said.

“I am concerned that without further gas exploration, Australian businesses, manufacturers and households would be faced with higher energy prices.”

Debate on the Falinski motion was deferred by federal parliament with any decision to terminate exploration shared jointly between the federal and NSW governments.


Prime Minister Morrison has made it clear that employment – manufacturing in particular – was his priority.

“If you’re not for gas, you’re not for manufacturing jobs,” he said earlier this month.

Labor has also abandoned its climate obsession with Party elder Graham Richardson declaring that climate change politics is “dead”.

The former ALP head kicker said in August that the Australian economy now faced more important challenges.

“We’ve got real problems and, if you’ll pardon the pun, global warming goes on the back burner for some time now,” he told Sky News.

Mr Richardson, who served as Environment Minister under former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, aired his views as federal Labor MPs publicly battled over climate policies.

Leading the charge against Labor’s radicalised environmental wing is Shadow Resources Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, who claimed job numbers flowing from renewable energy had been “exaggerated”.

Mr Fitzgibbon said increasing gas production would be essential to create manufacturing jobs. He also talked up the use of carbon-capture and storage to keep younger coal-fired power stations running.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: “Modern” Mackellar Liberal Jason Falinski. (courtesy: Crikey)

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12 thoughts on “Falinski goes Zali over gas

  1. The Rum rebellion was a long time ago. Time to move on.
    In other words:
    Pursuit of personal power promoting politicians’ purses is a particularly paltry policy perpetuating perfidy.
    For full detail, please read on:

    I believe in free enterprise, freedom of choice, free speech and the right to a fair go. I don’t believe in the trend towards the police state.
    I support tried and true medicine but not that which may cause more harm than good.
    I believe that doctors should still be taking the Hippocratic oath – not a hypocritical stance.
    I believe in promoting good health practises as well as heroic medical intervention.
    I support the right to call out blatant dishonesty in corporate business; bribery, and corruption in statutory authorities. e.g. I don’t believe in the de-facto power of Telcos to have unlimited and untrammelled power to plant proven, carcinogenic, property-devaluing, radio wave-emitting towers within range of domestic abodes of trusting taxpayers.
    Anybody who agrees with the latter practices is either on the take or bone ignorant.
    Same goes with the potentially corruptible, sponsor-funded TGA/FDA, NIH and the WHO and any similarly structured, appointed authority.
    And let me be clear.
    Anybody who thinks that it is OK to pollute our food, air, rivers and streams, and oceans on a massive scale with harmful substances of any kind just to make a quid at the expense of his fellow man is a corrupt ratbag of the highest order – and a genocidal one at that.
    Yes he can slither through society accumulating his ill-gotten gains at the expense of destroying his fellow man with clever, legalistic manoeuvring – but please don’t try to enshrine it with blatant dishonesty in some sort of political belief.
    So beware the morally corrupt individuals who are doing it to enhance nobody but themselves, and attempting to create “political” divisions in pursuing major financial gains.
    And taking good people with them who believe that they are doing it for a cause.
    And in doing so, I don’t know what political alliance they think that they belong to but it is certainly not anything to do with a Liberal party that believes in building a nation of free people – not destroying it.
    So my dear people – please let us separate political beliefs from personal, cash-grab investments, slowly – and sometimes rapidly – destroying our civilisation in the process.
    They are simply not related.
    And whoever tried to connect the two is either an idiot, thinks we are, or is attempting to pursue a crooked personal agenda, just like the convicted, corrupt criminal, Eddie Obeid.
    And he was not Liberal, last time I looked.
    So, as PM Tony Abbott said, even if the climate scientists are only 5% right, looking after the environment is like taking out disaster insurance. We hope it never happens but we simply have to do it. And that was before we found out that they were mostly right.
    Or as Twiggy Forrest might say – sell your coal assets and buy hydrogen. It will employ 10 times the number of people.
    He’s smarter than us – he has a PhD in Marine Science. AND in Marine Ecology.

  2. Lefties like Falinsky, Sharma and, of course, wonderboy Matt Kean are simply ignorant. Australia should and needs to invest in coal, gas and nuclear energy production – renewables will clearly not meet our future energy needs.

  3. Perhaps Mr Falinski might consider joining the Greens or Labor, but not before he educates himself on the subject.

    If he is not able to consider the Party’s platform and the rationale for it then he should resign.

  4. Lefties are the biggest threat to the coalition….Zali is a one hit wonder (and hopefully a one election wonder as well)…maybe the same fate should await Jason if he is going to go on like this.

  5. I agree with Falinski and Sharma and even Zali when it comes to buggering up the east coast oceans in a search for gas – Further a search for gas offshore can be achieved by ” horizontal” drilling from the shoreline. There is enough gas inland to satisfy all Australia’s requirements and there is enough coal to last 200 years for any manufacturing requirements and power.

    1. ” horizontal” drilling from the shoreline – from your beach I hope!!!

      1. What an idiot that Falinski has turned out to be and here was me thinking he shared our Tony Abbott’s intelligent denouncement of the whole climate change hoax. Furthermore, our ocean’s health will not be affected one iota.

        I agree with our pragmatic P.M. – ‘If you’re not for gas, you’re not for manufacturing jobs’ – BUT I’ll go further – and you’re not for Australia’s future prosperity.

        So leave the Liberal Party Falinski, we don’t want you; go off and sit on the ‘naughty’ bench in isolation with your mate Zali!

  6. Jason Falinsky was the one that orchestrated Malcolm Turncoat taking over Wentworth.
    Dave Sharma was Turncoat’s pick.
    This is why people need to join the Liberal party – to flush the lefties that have infested the party back down the sewer from whence they came.
    The infection started in the Whitlam era and has almost killed the party. Urgent resuscitation is required – it requires patriots to do their patriotic duty and become members of a political party. One Nation being stronger moves the Liberals towards common sense. More conservative members in the Liberal party gets appropriate delegates and candidates.

    1. Falinski, Kean & Sharma are not moderates, they are Greenies who should either be in the Labor or Green party. They do not have Australia’s national interests in mind. They are either ignorant or calculating socialists keen to destroy the country and bring in the UN new world order.

      1. Do socialists really destroy the country?
        The current LNP mob seem to be doing that job, even if they don’t realise it.

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