Beware the real whores of Davos

by PAUL COLLITS – ONE upon a time Davos was a village in the Swiss Alps, known for not much at all. Suddenly it was famous. 

It is interesting how under-the-radar Swiss towns suddenly become famous for hosting nefarious groups having confabs. There is the St Gallen mafia that installed Pope Francis and so let loose revolution in the Roman Church. 

One media outlet suggested prostitution was “the dark side of Davos”. With respect, though titillating, this isn’t the dark side of Davos. Davos is the dark side of Davos.

Some are calling it a top-down schism. The estimable Damian Thompson of The Spectator’s Holy Smoke podcast recently wondered if the Church would survive the current Pope’s pontificate. He thought it might, provided that there wasn’t a Francis-clone installed after his eventual passing.

Then there is the Mont Pelerin Society. These are a more benign lot, though not to everyone.


This society of free marketeers was formed by the legendary Friedrich Hayek and the equally legendary Milton Friedman in 1947. To advance the cause of freedom (as they defined it), and they have been meeting all over the world ever since.

I attended one such meeting in 1985 in Sydney, and attracted a few stares as I walked down Bligh Street with Nick Greiner on the way to the event. (At that stage, Greiner was merely “dry”, not “dry and warm”, I hasten to add).

Then there is Davos…

Davos has become a trigger term for those of us deplorables who resent elites’ rule and their evil ideas and agendas. For there, every January, in the deep snowy winters that seem quite inappropriate for global warming botherers, gather the rich and progressive set.

Davos is the annual event of the World Economic Forum.

The push-back against the WEF often focuses on the Davos brigade’s core ideology of the so-called Great Reset (invariably, deferentially, put in caps).

There are two new books hot off the press that undertake a deep dive in relation to the reset. They are Against the Great Reset, edited by Michael Walsh, and The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty by the former Marxist Michael Rectenwald. (Peter Hitchens says that the best kind of conservative is an ex-revolutionary; as only they know the enemy).

These books provide reasoned analyses of what they see as serious, possibly lethal attacks on our core values, such that they present existential threats to our way of life. Not figures of fun, then, nor simply the activities of public-minded philanthropists and corporates “giving back”.

The WEF, of course, is well-known for its young global leaders. Think Bill Gates, Jacinda Ardern, Tony Blair, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and the rest.

Australia’s own former WEF employee, Greg Hunt, shepherded us through our own peculiar COVID management regime.

Then there is the invaluable, forensic journalistic work of the incomparable Mark Steyn, currently recuperating from two (mercifully non-fatal) heart attacks.


Mark focuses on the simultaneously comical and deeply sinister Klaus Schwab, acolyte of one of the leading, first-gen new world order prophets, Henry Kissinger.

Schwab runs the WEF and has co-written the WEF bible on the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Also known as the takeover of the human race by artificial intelligence.

His schtick is to make seemingly benign technological developments seem inevitable, and so the task of deep and prophetic thinkers like Klaus is simply to show us all the way forward.

Mostly, the jokes about Davos relate to the arrival of thousands of private jets that (we thought) make jet refuellers the most common occupation in the town. This year, two other professions have caught our attention.

First, we had five thousand military police to guard the elites in case of prole incursions.

Thank God they are safe, I hear you gasp. They are all giving up their precious time to discuss how we will all live our lives in the future. They are looking out for us. It is great that someone is looking out for them! Keep them safe from interviews in the street by Rebel News, for example.

And, then, we come to the prostitutes of Davos. Whoa!

This story even made the legacy media, mostly owned by the types that frequent the Swiss resort.

According to the Daily Mail: “Prostitutes gather in Davos for annual meeting of global elite – where demand for sexual services rockets during the economic summit.”


“The global elite tackling the world’s greatest problems – including gender inequality – at the Davos summit are fuelling a surge in prostitution in the Swiss resort town.

“Demand for sex work skyrockets each year at the meeting of world leaders and business tycoons who jet in from all around the world to rub shoulders with each other.

“Escorts are booked into the same hotels as high-powered bosses and their employees during the five-day summit, which started on January 16.”

We are all human, I guess. Even those who are busy preparing us all for a post-human future. And if you have spent your day screwing over the world…

One outlet suggested that this was “the dark side of Davos”.

With respect, though titillating, this isn’t the dark side of Davos. Davos is the dark side of Davos.

These obscenely rich globalists who own and control the world’s resources now want to own and control us. A little how’s-your-father with the ladies of the night doesn’t get close to the real darkness.


The New York Post suggests the going rate is $2500 a night. Not even loose change for our ludicrously rich morality masters.

This is how the world’s elite unwind after a hard day at the coal face. (I realise this is an inappropriate metaphor, saving-the-planet-wise. But it will do.)

Mark Steyn always compares Klaus Schwab to some of the evil Spectre villains in James Bond.

Schwab has a passing resemblance to Dr Strangelove in the film of the same name, one of Peter Sellers’ favourite characters.

The recent stories on the prostitutes of Davos give new and unfortunate meaning to the indelible image of the Bond Spectre chief stroking his white feline friend.

Or to the infamous Schwab line about “penetrating ze Cabinets”. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Klaus, surprisingly, wasn’t able to attend the bulk of the Davos confab this year. Perhaps he had an STD.PC

Paul Collits

Military used to protect WEF from tough questions…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Klaus Schwab.  (courtesy CNBC, enhanced)

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  1. Don’t ignore WEF and their agendas, they have infiltrated private sector and public sector, one example now former Labour PM of NZ Ardern was a graduate of WEF trained for WEF political purposes, she was earlier president of international socialist youth, as Paul also notes above.

    Even conservative organisations are being roped into the WEF web, a couple of years ago for example the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand announced a “build back better” forum, which was cancelled before the scheduled date.

    Maybe the woke generations of politicians are blissfully unaware that most Australians are in the centre of the political spectrum, many of our multicultural Australian citizens came to Australia to escape from extremists, totalitarian regimes, whatever description you prefer to apply to countries that manage and control people?

    However, the primary vote numbers are going down for the so called 2PP poll numbers parties because most Australians are fed up with most of their MPs.

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