Globalist kids seek overthrow of ‘pointless’ nation States

by PAUL COLLITS – THE term “Davos Man” is a useful catch-all term to describe the recently emerged globalist ideologue, whether a politician or a captain of industry, associated with belief in a new world order and encompassing a strange fusion of progressive social and environmental views with faith in unbridled capitalism. 

The phrase is usually thought to be the creation of Samuel P Huntington, in 2004, and long before anyone outside of the World Economic Forum had heard of Klaus Schwab. 

The political representatives of Klaus Schwab’s COVID kids have been associated with the worst excesses of totalitarianism and government overreach…

Huntington is most famous for his thesis on the clash of civilisations, seen as an answer to Francis Fukuyama’s now discredited “end of history” prognosis of the early 1990s and the projected happy ending for liberal democracy.

Yet Huntington’s popularisation of the term Davos Man might have far deeper significance and longer-term relevance, in the age of COVID totalitarianism.


As CSNBC reported on the 2018 Davos WEF event: “…‘Davos Man’ has itself become synonymous with a stereotyped figure of a typical participant of the Forum – rich and powerful, perhaps out of touch, but most of all representative of the global elite.

“The phrase ‘Davos Man’ was credited to Samuel P Huntington, a political scientist who spent the majority of his working life at Harvard University. In 2004, he wrote a paper about elites and ‘an emerging global superclass’ of ‘Davos men’ or ‘gold-collar workers’.”

Citing an estimation that this elite would total 40m people by 2010, Huntington wrote: “The rewards of an increasingly integrated global economy have brought forth a new global elite. Labeled ‘Davos Men,’ ‘gold-collar workers’ or ‘cosmocrats’, this emerging class is empowered by new notions of global connectedness.

“It includes academics, international civil servants and executives in global companies, as well as successful high-technology entrepreneurs,” he wrote.

He said such global elites “have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations”.

Huntington added that such individuals were defined by their “involvement in transnational institutions, networks and activities” and that “someone whose loyalties, identities and involvements are purely national is less likely to rise to the top in business, academia, the media and the professions than someone who transcends these limits”.

What Huntington could not have foreseen was how thoroughly the Davos Man would transform from a simple rich guy bent on becoming even richer into being part of a brutally effective global policy force with fully-formed objectives and strategies.

From merely riding the wave of globalisation to the bank, to creating a new order based on a new philosophy called globalism.

And, moreover, that Davos Man would seemingly engineer a “pandemic” to further the aims of the WEF and to transition the world to this new global system. 

For another take on the coming of Davos Man, we could turn to Peter Goodman, the Leftist New York Times journalist and author of the informative Davos Man: How the Billionaires Devoured the World (2022).

Leftists who now disdain what they see as “conspiracy theories”, even though, back in the day, they used to specialise in manufacturing them (who can forget the ubiquitous cry of the Old Left, “it is no coincidence that …”?).


Here the focus of angst at the activities of Davos Man is his massive wealth, his furtherance of global inequality of wealth and his ability to cosy up to government and thus avoid paying tax and facing market competition.

The Old Left (sort of) invented the term “ruling class”.  It was up to the late, great Angelo Codevilla, an American conservative with a difference, to give the theory a fresh coat of paint and a contemporary gloss (in The Ruling Class, 2010).

We COVID questioners (of whatever ideological roots) are far more interested in the global rich’s networked capacity for driving global public policy in ways that imprison, and not merely impoverish, those outside the elites.

Davos Man has been a useful generic descriptor for the emergence of the globally focused twenty-first century economic man.

But it now has a more specific, more sinister, more political application as well, in the age of COVID and the emergence of Great Reset/New Normal thinking and advocacy.

Let us say that Davos Man meets The Manchurian Candidate. There is even a program with a name to advance the connection.

Australia’s domestic spy outfit, ASIO, is apparently worried about the Australian election this year being infiltrated by Manchurian candidates.

Perhaps unnoticed by ASIO, a number of the world’s governments have already been infiltrated by Manchurian candidates and it is at least arguable that the world is now run by a cadre of them.

First, some background for (younger) readers unfamiliar with the origins of the term. Originally a film released in 1962 (based upon the 1959 novel of the same name by Richard Condon) and updated in 2004, The Manchurian Candidate tells the story of an American POW in the Korean War who is brainwashed as an unwitting assassin for an international communist conspiracy.

Like Wag the Dog, a late 1990s film about an American president who, with the help of a Hollywood film producer, manufactured a pretend television war in order to win an election, The Manchurian Candidate provides another example of life imitating art.

Whatever one’s theories are about the origins and purposes of COVID and its accompanying theatre/terror/gaslighting, there is little doubt that the wag-the-dog theory of the whole of COVID is up there among the more plausible.

Certainly, it is widely acknowledged now that the people filmed collapsing in the streets of Wuhan were accomplished (or perhaps not even) actors.


And this wagging of dogs in China (perhaps an unfortunate metaphor) was strategically critical for what was to come across the Anglosphere, indeed, the West.  (If you wanted a trifecta of COVID-relevant films, you might wish to add The Boys From Brazil, based upon the 1976 novel by Ira Levin).

The Manchurian Candidate’s current simulacrum, of course, is the Plandemic.

An American analyst, Michael Lord, asks the critical question of the “pandemic”: “How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere?

“The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.”

Michael Lord has drawn heavily on the German economist Ernst Wolff, author of the 2014 book Pillaging the World: The History and Politics of the IMF.

Wolff has taken a deep dive into the various networking organisations linked to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Here is the Lord/Wolff background to Schwab’s baby: “The story begins with the WEF, which is an NGO founded by Klaus Schwab, a German economist and mechanical engineer, in Switzerland in 1971, when he was only 32.

“The WEF is best-known to the public for the annual conferences it holds in Davos, Switzerland, each January that aim to bring together political and business leaders from around the world to discuss the problems of the day.

“Today, it is one of the most important networks in the world for the globalist power elite, being funded by approximately a thousand multinational corporations.

“The WEF, which was originally called the European Management Forum until 1987, succeeded in bringing together 440 executives from 31 nations already at its very first meeting in February 1971, which as Wolff points out was an unexpected achievement for someone like Schwab, who had very little international or professional experience prior to this.

“Wolff believes the reason may be due to the contacts Schwab made during his university education, including studying with no less a person than former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

“Wolff also points out that while Schwab was there, the Harvard Business School had been in the process of planning a management forum of their own, and it is possible that Harvard ended up delegating the task of organising it to him. 


“The Forum initially only brought together people from the economic field, but before long, it began attracting politicians, prominent figures from the media (including from the BBC and CNN), and even celebrities.”

The alumni of WEF’s Young Global Leaders group (initially known as Global Leaders for Tomorrow from its inception in 1992 until 2004) are an interesting bunch.

They include corporates, politicians, media moguls and the like, strategically positioned at the high points of global power, and all of them believing in a new world order.

They have been called “Klaus Schwab’s School for COVID Dictators”. Chosen for their compliance, Wolff notes that there have been very few global leaders in recent decades with strong personalities and of independent minds.

They are chosen by the WEF, he argues “for their compliance”.

Just because Klaus looks and sounds farcically like one of the actors playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of the evil organisation, Spectre, in Bond doesn’t mean he isn’t real or dangerous.

If there is a Great Reset happening, there must be a backstory. There is.  And the WEF’s Young Global Leaders have been paramount and, (that word again), strategic.

Only those Great Reset deniers absolutely determined to believe in stupidity, bungling and coincidences as sole explanations for what has occurred, will not consider that the Great Reset is well and truly on, and that COVID is the chosen implement for transitioning to the New Normal that is at its heart.

A conspiracy?  Well, yes, pretty much.

Except that much of the work of the WEF is utterly transparent and obvious, like Klaus Schwab’s books Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2018), The Great Reset (2021), and Stakeholder Capitalism (2021), and the annual gabfests in Davos are well-reported sell-outs (in every sense of the phrase).

More conspiracy facts in plain sight than conspiracy theories.

Though Lord did note: “Wolff points out that very few graduates of the Global Leaders school list it on their CVs. 

Interesting. It is an equally interesting exercise to see how some of WEF’s more famous alumni are handling the COVID pandemia. Take a look at the list.


Angela Merkel, Sir Tony “you-are-stupid-if-unvaccinated” Blair, his successor Gordon Brown, international Leftist darling and Zero COVID nutter Jacinda Ardern, Greg Hunt (Australia’s retiring Health Minister, vaccination obsessive and fierce advocate of the climate change scam), the Boy Wonder Justin Trudeau, Emanuel “I-want-to-piss-off-the-unvaccinated” Macron, Gavin Newsome (Governor of California), Peter Buttigieg, Lachlan Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg, Sebastian Kurz (former Chancellor of Austria), Sergei Brin, Jean-Claude Juncker (formerly head guy of the European Commission), Bill Gates, Larry Fink (CEO of Blackrock, which controls around US$9t dollars of investment funds globally).

Then there were the four health ministers of Germany. (Yes, some notable names are missing, but no doubt they wish they had been there. They are there in spirit. They are well and truly Davos Men.

Think Daniel Andrews, who does his own cosying up to Xi Jinping and Matt Hancock, who once said what a “privilege” it was to be sharing a stage with Klaus Schwab.

In fact, you could add anyone who, like Joe Biden, has used the phrase “build back better”, patented by Schwab.

Or those who refer with glee to the New World Order, like both the NSW Minister for Health and his Chief Health Officer have done.

Is anyone spotting a pattern here? There is no one here who has not been a subservient figure in either the engineered, global COVID policy hysteria or the creation of a new world order, or both.

All rabid globalists to a man and woman. All 1300 of them, including a coordinator of Black Lives Matter, no less.

Not to mention the 10,000 “global shapers”, who are under thirty and distributed throughout some of the planet’s key institutions.

Individually, the politicians on the list have done much to embed COVID totalitarianism in all of its ghastly forms.

Just compare the names on the list with the worst of COVID policy excesses, and the alignment is impressive.

Collectively, they have reinforced one another’s COVID fascism internationally and kept the momentum going in the face of reams of evidence that their policies were disastrous.

They act as a team, perhaps an example of Schelling points (named after the strategist and game theorist Thomas Schelling) where there is “cooperation without communication”.


There seems to be far more in play than mere “convergent opportunism”, to use Mike Yeadon’s term.

The political representatives of Klaus’s COVID Kids have:

  • Been associated with the worst excesses of COVID totalitarianism and government overreach;
  • Lingered the longest on the fear-driven COVID narrative, at a time when many freedom-inclined governments are now calling a halt to the madness, or indicating their intent to do so;
  • Had the sharpest COVID pandemic rhetoric;
  • Been the strongest and most spiteful bullies of their own people, and, in particular, “normalising the persecution” their COVID dissidents; and
  • Stood out for their unshakeable commitment to the COVID State narrative.

Anyone living through the current tyranny in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, California, France or Canada, to state some of the more obvious examples, well and truly knows what it is like to be ruled by an alumnus of the Schwab school of globalist totalitarianism.

Citizens in these countries will no doubt agree with Joseph Mercola, who has argued that pandemics are believed by the COVID class to be tool of social control. 

Not every COVID country has experienced the same version of COVID over-reach, not by a long stretch, despite the global similarities of approach and the copy-catting.

England beats Scotland and it beats Wales, notwithstanding Boris’s myriad blunders and shortcomings.

Sweden beats most. Florida beats everyone. I doubt that Ron DeSantis was ever being groomed for the WEF’s finishing school.

No, DeSantis is a freedom guy, and the gauleiters of the WEF are less interested in individual freedom than in top-down definitions of manufactured happiness and total control of people’s lives. Of the kind that we have witnessed up very close these past two years. 

Add Big Tech to the mix, responsible during COVID for the greatest acts of censorship and the most systematic, calculated and strategic silencing of dissent since the Nazis burned books.


Google, aka Goolag, and Facebook, have led the charge in the fact-checking of suspect thought and advocacy by the voices of empirical evidence and scientific method. (There was a great meme shared by Off Guardian, which featured a laughing Mark Zuckerberg saying to an even louder laughing Adolf Hitler, “So then I was like – you’ll only see the news I allow you to see”).

Then there are Big Tech’s “coordinated smears”, as Dr Sam Bailey of NZ calls them. All very helpful to the globalist totalitarian cause.

The COVID pandemia literally could not have been implemented without Big Tech and its toys. Think QR codes and contact tracing.

It could not have happened a mere decade ago.  And all part of Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, powered by 5G technology.

Then there is the corporate media, so wedded to the COVID globalist agenda. And the thinktanks.

Having a Murdoch involved is almost obligatory, and The Australian newspaper’s appalling, indeed rabid, war on anti-vaxxers witnessed down under since 2021 has been best-in-breed, admittedly with rich global competition, as media outlets the world over have fallen into line with Big Pharma’s war on individual rights and freedom.

Little surprise then that James Murdoch, grandson of the noted eugenicist Sir Keith and he of the infamous News of the World affair, was for some years (2009-12) on the board of GlaxoSmithKline.

Murdoch’s daughter-in-law (Sarah) is a Global Ambassador and Board member of the Murdoch driven Children’s Research Institute which researches … vaccines!

Then we have the supranational bodies, and the global investment behemoths.  And not forgetting Bill Gates, from the Class of 92.


Yes, it is quite the international posse. A posse that embraces Schwab’s genius idea of fusing (not simply aligning) the commercial and the political in a brand new, all-encompassing force with global reach and transformative ambitions. All, as I say, in plain sight. 

The new world order, like Rome, wasn’t built in a day.

The World Health Organisation was ushered in with the strong support of the Rockefeller Brothers in 1948. The Club of Rome appeared in 1968. The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1973, two years after WEF.

The Brundtland Report surfaced in 1987. The Rio Earth Summit was held in 1992. The same year WEF’s initial iteration of the Young Global Leaders commenced. Nor do the YGL alumni just sit around and attend a few junket/seminars.

Not only have they shaped the global response to COVID, in the ways noted above. Through governance, connectivity, funded projects and pervasive influence, they advance their causes, in particular the technocratic agenda.

Like global digital ID, digital currency, smart surveillance, ramped up action on climate change, perennial and ubiquitous vaccines as the default global health solution, more and stronger supranational government, global public-private partnerships as the model for problem-solving at scale (or GloboCap, to use CJ Hopkins’ apt term), endless pandemic planning, and predictive policing deployed to crush troublemakers. To name a few things on the radar of the leadership elite crafted by Klaus.


It ain’t only about totalitarian COVID management. This has just been the beginning. COVID has been a trial run for the Class of Klaus, and a trigger.

See Dirk Helbing, writing in 2017 (or BCE, Before the COVID Era). Also see CJ Hopkins.

Ernst Wolff’s core question as to why 190 countries all moved the same way in response to a virus has a creepy explanation, and it has much to do with WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program. Graduate school for globalists.

Operation lockstep, as Mercola calls it. No, it hasn’t all been a mere coincidence. And no, the world’s leaders have not been merely stupid.

Some might argue that at least a few of them have actually been quite clever. 

Sheep in wolves’ clothing?  I think not. 

It has been a double whammy by WEF and its supranational body cronies – use a pandemic to trigger the Great Reset/NWO, and ensure you have the personnel in place, across governments and all of their acolyte institutions, to bring it about.PC

Paul Collits

7 thoughts on “Globalist kids seek overthrow of ‘pointless’ nation States

  1. Many on the true deceiver Labor left have accused former Prime Minister Abbott of being one of them based on his Rhodes Scholarship, why are the globalist left so determined to brand Liberal and National members as leftists like themselves? Very clearly Tony Abbott is a real Menzies’ Australian Liberal Party on the centre-right, as is Prime Minister Morrison and many others not from the LINO left that is intent on wrecking the Liberal Party.

    However look Labor left and check out that many factions, as former Labor Opposition Leader Latham exposed in an article he wrote for The Australian Financial Review a while after he left Federal Parliament. Labor factions from centre-left to far-left and in between, some friends and many political opponents, factional wars not uncommon, dirt files on opponents maintained.

    In my opinion Australia would be better off if the centre left and right were in a position to form governments seperate from the two-party preferred unofficial choice after the preference trickle down lottery count. Most Australians are centre of the political spectrum and migrants mostly avoid leftists having come from countries where oppression and dictatorial governments (no, not the States of Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia) was what they were escaping from when they came to Australia.

  2. United States has secret biological laboratories in Ukraine – Deadly viruses and threat for population
    Excellent Explanation and Warning to the people of the world of what’s really going on. Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports brought to you by Blackrock and Vanguard

    Just take a close look at the extent to which Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum infiltrated the Canadian Government ! What martial law is and how very dangerous it is. The World Economic Forum is a training ground for Politicians Royals CEO’s big Tech, media and other influencers to implement global Tyranny. World Economic Forum penetrated over half the Canadian Cabinet !

    Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports – brought to you by BlackRock and Vanguard

    Klaus Schwab and his pack of globalists tyrants

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    Australian Federal Government/Australian Federal Police attack unarmed civilians with microwave weapons

    Australian Federal Police likely deployed the ADS Heat Ray and the LRAD acoustic device against Canberra Protesters
    LRAD was used look at Commissioner’s response in senate hearings and at least 10000 photos of it

    Did Australian Police use Sonic Weapons against innocent civilians protesting against Government tyranny

    Political Police may never be reigned in

    All our War Veterans will be writhing in their graves to see these tyrannical governments crimes against innocent populations aka crimes against humanity. Trudeau’s cowardly police continue brutalizing innocent populations

  3. A coalition senator and a current minister are or were affiliated with the WEF. It is an allegiance to a foreign entity

    1. And many Labor MPs are or were affiliated with the CCP, and even the USSR earlier.

      1. And, check the Marxist Fabian Society in the UK established in the late 1800s, one goal being to create a new world order. And then consider the affiliated Australian Fabian Society of globalist leftists, former Labor Prime Minister Gillard merged her Socialist Forum faction with The Australian Fabian Society shortly before she was appointed Labor Deputy Leader in 2006.

        In The Australian journalist Greg Sheridan commented that during an interview with Labor Opposition Leader Albanese recently it became clear that he had changed a lot, no longer on the far-left of Labor and aligned with the Greens, apparently. I wonder if Sheridan considered Labor Opposition Leader Rudd who told ABC Compass in 2006 that he was a “Christian Socialist” like his friend UK PM Blair and later became a “Fiscal Conservative” for the 2007 Federal Election campaign purposes?

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