Boardroom radicals destroy wealth – & nation

by DAVID FLINT – THE Voice referendum was extremely wasteful, and not only in the mountain of taxpayers’ hard-earned money the Albanese Government flushed, pointlessly, down the drain. 

It was also wasteful in time lost and worry caused to the rank-and-file, attempting to adjust to their significantly reduced standard of living while trying to find some detail on what exactly Anthony Albanese was pushing. 

The extremist ideas which attract today’s business leaders are essentially refined from failed communist ideology and designed to undermine the very system that has nurtured their companies.

No doubt many among the one in three who voted for him are now having second thoughts.

It also wasted the time of Canberra politicians whose attention span has been overloaded through their incursion, unique among the world’s federations, into matters intended to be reserved to the States.


The bizarre result is that they have abandoned their very core duty and left the nation defenceless, even handing over Port Darwin to Beijing’s control.

At least the referendum allowed the people who keep the country going to denounce, so emphatically, Albanese’s folly.

It also encouraged some hitherto unknown elites, the BBB’s (boardroom billionaire Bolsheviks), to reveal themselves.

This was when they concluded from the early polls that the nation would support them. Actually such polls are of no predictive value, as anyone who has run a No case knows.

Controlling some of our top S&P/ASX 200 companies, the BBBs have abandoned their fundamental duty to shareholders and therefore their customers.

Instead, they’ve endorsed the far-Left notion of “stakeholder capitalism”, cover for playing far-Left politics. (Simon Fenwick, the well-known successful businessman, argues strongly against this on ADH TV.)

At the same time, the BBBs are not satisfied, as their predecessors were, with returns commensurate with, say, very hard-working top life-saving surgeons.

They claim that if they’re not paid fortunes, they will be snapped up in New York or London.

So, what are the ideas the elites-at-large believe in?

With the 20th-century decline in religion, an aphorism, wrongly attributed to Chesterton, now applies.

My preferred form appears in a 2015 book, Give Us Back Our Country. This is that when a man stops believing in God, it is not that he believes in nothing. It’s that he will believe in anything.

And so with the elites. So how do they choose the ideas they will radiate and apply from the various institutions they have captured?

Sadly, the governing criterion is certainly not about what is good for Australia.

As with clothing styles, the choice between ideas is determined by nothing more than fashion.

You can see what those fashions are in the agenda of the Teals. Incidentally, they represent some of the few electorates who voted for the 1999 politicians’ republic.


In any event, just as women’s fashions are still often determined in Paris, so fashions in ideas are determined in the ideological salons inhabited by communist-influenced academics in US, and indeed local, universities.

In recent interviews on ADH TV, an Australian political adviser, Rick Brown, the late BA Santamaria’s close colleague, has insisted on the primal importance of ideas.

With an army of over 60,000 volunteers, a minuscule officer class led by Kerry Jones and David Elliott and an efficient central command, he was a splendid master of strategy in the 1999 referendum landslide.

He argues (borrowing the words but not the economics of John Maynard Keynes) that the power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated, compared with the gradual encroachment of ideas.

While that will surprise many, what is happening today demonstrates the truth of that aphorism.

What is curious is that the ideas which so attract our elites are essentially refined from failed communist ideology and are designed to undermine the very system which has nurtured and enriched them.

Those ideas include climate catastrophism used by delinquent Western politicians to damage and weaken only Western economies while enriching the communists who must be laughing at us.

There is also critical race theory and “gender” ideology.

All fashionable, they are spread through the education system and a significant part of the mainstream media.

These two are of course the first targets of the latter-day communists’ march through the institutions.

Note that most of their ideas, but not climate catastrophism, are based on Marx’s class-based division of man into the oppressors and the oppressed who will eventually prevail in the inevitable revolution.

But with the proletariat notoriously reluctant to play the role designated by Marx, latter-day Marxists have replaced class with race and sex, the latter involving the infantile fiction of chosen gender.


Our elites have fallen head over heels for these. With the recent instructions on respecting chosen pronouns and forms of address in many courts, the inability to define “woman” and the time spent in Defence on suppressing the adjective “unmanned”, we can see that some judges, other eminences and generals have fallen for this nonsense.

Contrast that with the wisdom of the rank and file in overwhelmingly rejecting the Voice, a leading reason for which was a wariness about the High Court.

Apart from the invention of native title and the ruling against the deportation of criminal aliens on the ground of their claimed indigeneity, such wariness is more than justified by the extraordinary primacy, almost canonisation of the indigenous, at the recent swearing-in of new High Court Chief Justice Gageler.

The High Court’s obsession with the separation of powers could, incidentally, have one distinct advantage.

No constitutional court considering the government’s attempt to muzzle free speech in the draft Misinformation & Disinformation Bill could possibly allow the vesting of what is indisputably judicial power in the federal administrative agency, ACMA.

Meanwhile, the Albanese Government’s handling of the appeal by – and release of – an illegal foreign rapist this month couldn’t be more negligent.

It should have been clear to at least three cabinet ministers that the High Court was heading towards overruling a 20-year precedent.

Fortunately, the Dutton-led Opposition forced the government to introduce – then toughen – emergency legislation to protect the people from dangerous criminals.

A more permanent solution is desperately needed.PC

David Flint

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Corporate Lefty Andrew Forrest & Anthony Albanese. (courtesy The Australian)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on November 25, 2023. Re-used with permission.

4 thoughts on “Boardroom radicals destroy wealth – & nation

  1. Of course boardroom radicals, the “Billionaire Bolsheviks”, serve stakeholder capitalism. Also its now overt depopulation agendas.

    No mystery. It’s a gotta do! Part of our never-assented-to UN- WHO/WEF membership. Bureaucratically and politically shrouded for almost a century, delivering us naked to this globalist troika of neo-Marxists and corporate stakeholders with EQUAL NATION VOTING RIGHTS alongside member countries. And these same member countries increasingly accused at home of domestic election-rigging for doing the globalists’ bidding. All the main actors compromised and corrupted to the hilt! All weaving tangled webs to snare ever more greedy fools!

    They confected first the Climate then the Pandemic rubbish to plunder both the “Developed” and “Developing” worlds. By totally unrepresentative “consensus”, with so-called international treaties and/or farcical “non-binding” agreements to make them stick.

    Corporate Everything gives “legal” legs to these crimes as the Great Awakening around the globe begins to kick in.

    May 24 is the date the WHO will have all the ducks lined up for its ultimate bid for proxy world control and for member countries to absolutely surrender theirs. Their “Yes” vote for amendments to world health regulations gives the green light for permanent Globalist Emergency Governance under the scamdemic/biosecurity umbrella — essentially the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to save the planet by destroying humanity.

    Not a straight forward task, hence the need to keep all the profiteering and expensive distractions rolling as they next weaponise AI and 5-G against us.

    It’s a dangerous game of chicken playing out by the cultists, sociopaths and psychopaths at the top. God speed all people everywhere doing their bit to stop them.

  2. Pay me more money and I will expand the empire for you, add new investment companies and when I am wealthier I will move to a new place of employment before the returns on investment are realised and shareholders revolt.

  3. I have attended many Company Annual Meetings over 20 years and it has been a mantra from various Boards that we have to pay executives and non-executive Directors huge sums to retain them here in Australia. Nonsense. I am struggling to think of any notable talent that has snubbed a generous paypacket here in Australia for a greater paypacket and work conditions overseas. Plus, being in Australia has a lot of non-monetary benefits…weather, safety, democratic institutions, good place to bring up your kids, etc.,etc. Overpaying corporate (and political) individuals is dangerous…it gives an individual an overly inflated sense of his worth and that leads to bad judgement and risky decision-making. I cannot understand why lazy shareholders vote Wall Street salaries for Pitt St performance/talent.

  4. It seems (with the exception of Elon Musk) the more money someone gets/has the smaller their brains become….


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