‘Deluded’ Libs join Greens on net-zero

by SEAN BURKE – THE NSW Liberal Party’s hard Left faction has joined with The Greens to actively push Labor to go even further with its radical climate policy. 

While NSW Labor has introduced legislation targeting 50 per cent by 2030 and net-zero by 2050, the Liberals are moving to amend the bill with a 70 per cent target by 2035. 

People in this chamber want global warming to be true. And we know that’s true because when we point out that it may not be true, they get very upset
John Ruddick
Leader, NSW Liberal Democrats

Greens environmental spokeswoman Sue Higginson said her Party would support the Liberal amendment.

The Liberal’s hard Left “moderate” faction is controlled by Hornsby MP Matt Kean with the support of Deputy NSW Liberal Leader Natalie Ward.


NSW Upper House MP John Ruddick – a former senior Liberal Party member – said the Liberals were divided on the issue.

“The Liberals are in a bind over it,” the now Liberal Democratic Party MP told Politicom yesterday.

“Half the Liberal Party room is opposed to Labor’s bill, but the more powerful other half is trying to amend it to make it worse.”

In a parliamentary speech this week, Mr Ruddick suggested the Liberal Left faction was gripped by mass delusion.

“I’m especially grateful that I was not elected to this chamber as a member of a major Party,” he said.

“I know the membership of the NSW Liberal Party and I know 80 per cent of them agree with me and not with their parliamentary team on this question.

“My Party – the NSW Liberal Democrats – not only opposes the details of this bill, but we oppose the foundation of this bill.

“We campaigned in the March election as global boiling sceptics and despite that being a minority opinion in this parliament, we are right.

“There are probably 200 factors that influence atmospheric temperature – and today we understand only a few of them.

“Now, the science will progress with time but it is fanciful to think that there is one atmospheric temperature control switch called carbon dioxide. And that’s what this bill is based on.

“They’re saying 0.04 per cent of the atmosphere controls everything!

“These are the witch doctors of primitive times – that we can change the weather.”

Mr Ruddick said the climate scare – like COVID – was being used by hard Left politicians to take control of society.

“Global boiling is the dream of central planners. It gives them an excuse to amass power over all of us,” he said.


“It makes them feel like the masterminds, it makes them feel good – they want it to be true.

“People in this chamber want global warming to be true. And we know that’s true because when we point out that it may not be true, they get very upset.

“Now you’d think – if we were genuinely facing an apocalypse – they would say ‘that’s very interesting, I’d like to learn about it.

“But no, no, no. They pretend that they want to believe in it because it’s an excuse to be a central planner.”

Mr Ruddick said much of the world had been tricked into handing even more power to politicians.

“Global boiling is a mass delusion. Mankind has been subject to many in the past,” he said.

“In 1841, Charles McKay published a fabulous book entitled Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds.

“He gave examples of witch burning, fortune telling, religious crusades, economic delusion – and global boiling is merely the latest chapter.

“When Al Gore successfully tricked the world, or much of it, into believing in global warming in 2006, he had a problem.

“His problem was that he had only studied politics and media. So, Gore claimed in his book and movie that he was simply relying on the research of [renowned US scientist and oceanographer] Roger Revelle.

“But before Roger Revelle died, he publicly and forcefully repudiated the apocalyptic claims of Al Gore.


“Gore has tricked the world into believing that temperatures are rising. He predicted the polar ice caps would have disappeared a decade ago – they are as identical today as they were 17 years ago.

“Al Gore predicted hurricanes would have increased. They have decreased.

“Al Gore predicted the ocean would rise 20 feet by now. The ocean has risen 2.3 cm in the past 123 years. Parts of that puddle are up to 11 km in depth – it’s going to move around a fraction.

“We’re told that the South Pacific Islands are disappearing. It is false.

“Global warming is more than a delusion. It’s the reason why this nation and most of the West has barely had any economic growth for 15 years.

“It, along with COVID, is why we are suffering inflation.

“We are embarking on ripping down a cheap and highly reliable energy supply that has powered our success and replacing it with an extremely expensive and highly dubious replacement.


“Renewables should be known as unreliables.”

Mr Ruddick said current-day politicians would be scorned for their “delusion”.

“This chamber had bipartisan support for COVID extremism, which we all now regret.

“But the persecuted brave COVID sceptics were right and the political class was wrong.

“We’re doing it again. Future generations will look back and laugh at today’s global boiling delusion.

“The only question is how long it will take to wake-up – and how much damage will be done between now and then.” PC

Global delusion

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Natalie Ward (L) & NSW Liberal Leader Mark Speakman. (courtesy AFR)

15 thoughts on “‘Deluded’ Libs join Greens on net-zero

  1. Sadly the coalition will forever be in opposition,you can’t have two left wing major parties.
    The Labour/lite have infiltrated the conservative party & a huge majority of long term conservative voters won’t be returning under the present representation.

  2. When a person applies for a credit card they get screened to see if they’re a suitable candidate – if they fail the test they’re rejected without explanation. Some people can’t own a credit card as they have no self-discipline with money, same as some people can’t handle alcohol or gambling. New members of the Liberal Party should be screened for commonsense and logic. There needs to be high standards for those who lead the country.

  3. We are facing blackouts, social upheaval and economic disaster as a result of PM Tony Albanese’s and Energy Minister Chris Bowen’s insane obsession with achieving net zero.
    They want Australia – including vast swathes of privately owned prime agricultural land – to be festooned with hideous transmission and distribution lines, together with land and sea-based wind turbines and solar farms – none of which will make any impact whatsoever on global CO2 emissions.
    The fact that Australia only produces just over 1% of human-induced CO2 emissions simply isn’t being accepted by these brainless buffoons who are running this country.

  4. The biggest delusion the Liberal wets are suffering is a deluded self belief in their own competence.
    These clowns don’t believe what they’re spouting and they just don’t care. They preselect each other with little if any regard to the wishes of their party membership. They put their stock into dodgy polling, when they’d be a whole lot more in touch if they’d only listen to the broader membership.

    Climate change is crap, a litany of unsubstantiated fear, junk science and failed modelling. John Ruddick is calling it like it is, he’s an asset lost to the Libs and he’s kicking goals for the Libertarians (Lib Dems). It’s a breath of fresh air to see an MP holding community interest ahead of personal populism.

    The Libs cannot repair, the wets hold all the cards, the few good Libs are up against it. They knock out stellar performers like Sen Rennick and reward wets like Falinski who’ve thrown their seats away.

    Hafwits like Bowen and many Greens are stupid enough to believe the rubbish they’re pushing, That’s tragic, even worse are the LibLab flogs who know better but will sell anything their their out of touch focus groups tell them is a vote winner.

    There’s only one John Ruddick but there are more like him who can elect to displace LibLabs who past their use by.

  5. Applause to Politicom for publishing this thoughtful and balanced contribution by Hon John Ruddick MLC, whose presence in the NSW Parliament has raised the standards of intellect and integrity. NSW, in common with all other Australian jurisdictions, emphatically and urgently needs a majority of parliamentarians who emulate the talent and incorruptibility of John Ruddick. All John Ruddick supporters and all Politicom readers are each invited to download gratis PDFs of the two Unchain Australia books at http://www.unchainaustralia.com Chapters welcome for Unchain Australia #3.

  6. I am seeking a financial partner in a new climate change hoax based venture, freshly cooked seafood straight from boiling seas to you.

    Better for me if you invest than our money being paid by Labor Green woke fools to UN green funds.

  7. These delusional politicians need to be sent to a deradicalisation camp, just like any other extremists who perpetrate harm against a nation’s sovereignty in enabling prosperity for its people. They are nothing more than overpaid, puffed up vandals of society who force their delusional ideals, through indoctrination of children, into universities, colleges and ultimately control the rest of authority. This is Marxism rearing its ugly head throughout our country and indeed the world.
    Instead of having an opposition that will stand against this madness, we have the Liberal Party which completely ignores its once staunch supporters when we reject members such as Falinski and Sharma, they find a way to wedge them back in on the public payroll.
    Until they get rid of these gangrene ideologues they are just as irresponsible as the rest of them.

  8. Look at those faces: Speakman and whoever is behind him; there is not an oz of intelligence or concern for the constituents there. It’s all self interest; and the only thing you can say is that is marginally better than the ideological madness of the ALP/Greens.

  9. The good news is that Speakman seems to be facing a revolt in his own Cronulla branch. You may have read that the branch proposed a motion at the recent party conference opposing offshore wind farms. Perhaps the idea of a wind-farm blocking the mouth of the Georges River upsets them. Anyway, after Speakman’s blunder in supporting the voice, he’s virtually unelectable in the broader state. Particularly as Minns is doing far better than expected as NSW premier. With luck, Cronulla will de-select Speakman and spare the Coalition the indignity of another crushing defeat.

  10. In a Politicom article on the subject of more treasonable ideas on destroying the health of Australia’s economic and social fabric, I note the name Matt Kean is mentioned, again.

    No (legally printable) comment.

  11. NSW liberals haven’t bothered to look at what happened in Western Australia with their radical unreliables policy where they were decimated down to 2 seats in the legislative assembly. That they think if they just go as hard left as the greens and somehow capture more votes is as delusional as the belief the co2 is the primary driver of global temperature.

  12. Speakman obviously has not listened to any of the orations given at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) meeting held in London recently. And perhaps even if he did listen, he would not have understood much of it given his complete lack of common sense on the subject of Net Zero and for this matter anything that the Greens (or Teals) propose or think is a good idea.
    And for this matter is the leader of the Liberal Party Mr Dutton? Is it not one of his many responsibilities to show his leadership of his own party’s high profile members?

  13. Net Zero Economic Prosperity from economic vandalism by naive, woke, foolish politicians.


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