Bowen’s a fool – but we swallowed his snake oil

by MARK WHITE – IT HAS been hard not to notice the recent rise in power bills. 

What you might have missed is that they’ve been increasing at multiples of domestic inflation

NSW was assured by then Energy Minister Matt Kean that the Liberal’s Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap would deliver “some of the cheapest, most reliable and cleanest energy in the world”.

If you’re in business in NSW, you just might have noticed that NSW-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) had the highest increase, with average prices jumping 32 per cent in the year to April. The comparable jump in WA was 2 per cent.

You might find this odd since Australian coal fell 37.5 per cent.


But that would suggest you’ve not been paying attention, because the NSW Coalition showcased its Stalinist tendencies in 2022, invoking emergency orders invoking emergency orders to cap coal prices. Which explodes the myth that elevated coal prices are to blame.

What you should find odd is that we’re confronting out of control costs at all.

After all, in 2020 NSW was assured by then Energy Minister Matt Kean that the Coalition’s NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap would deliver “some of the cheapest, most reliable and cleanest energy in the world”; a program that Labor tellingly promised to accelerate.

Which suggests NSW voters have a serious weakness for fantasists since whole chunks of the “roadmap to energy superpower” status defy plausibility:

  • How many turbines, solar farms and transmission lines have to find community support without alienating voters?
  • Knowing Snowy II’s woes, how many pumped hydro scheme are viable, and which communities will willingly host them and at what cost to taxpayers?
  • On which drinks coaster was the forecast $430 a year saving on SME bills calculated

It’s not like voters haven’t seen this train wreck again and again.

What’s amazing is the Liberal Party keeps swallowing these “energy superpower” absurdities peddled by the serial pests who keep swallowing the nonsense of a thoroughly conflicted renewables lobby.PC

Mark White

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Chris Bowen. (courtesy The Sydney Morning Herald)

5 thoughts on “Bowen’s a fool – but we swallowed his snake oil

  1. Chris Bowen is the dopiest Minister we have ever seen in Federal Parliament. His actions are leading us down a path to economic disaster -and it’s all based on his climate change obsession which completely ignores the reality that Australia only produces just over 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions.


    GET IT!?

  2. Apparently there are about 5000 patents in the US patent office that are suppressed due to “national security” reasons. These can range from real concern about the information becoming available to the public or vested interests not wanting competition for their products. I am inclined to think that any invention that is cheap and efficient and challenges globalist profits, would fall into the “suppressed” category. Yes, there are better alternatives to fossil fuels but they have been suppressed. Therefore and for the time being coal and gas is the way to go.

  3. I wonder how many woke politicians know that coal fired power stations use boiler technology to produce steam to drive turbines and electricity generators attached?

    And that nuclear energy replaces coal fuel but the same steam technology drives the electricity generators?

    That wind and solar are unreliable, intermittent operation, working life considerably fewer years than power stations and therefore an added replacement cost factor involved, therefore must have back up “firming” support with added costs, special transmission lines and enormous areas of land required.

    If the original State Electricity Commission planning to upgrade existing coal fired power stations and add additional generating capacity had proceeded electricity pricing today would be much lower.

    That with an abundance of high grade black coal, other grades and brown coal (lignite) there is coal here for hundreds of years of mining and usage? That the latest ultra-supercritical boiler technology produces very low emissions compared to the previous advanced high energy low emission technology?

    That latest generation small modular nuclear technology has been developed into mini modular nuclear?

    1. Small Modular Nuclear technology is scaled down nuclear energy, like the range of internal combustion engines available of different dimensions and capacities.

      Australia’s research organisation ANSTO operate the Sydney Lucas Heights nuclear reactor that produces radio isotopes for medical (nuclear medicine) and commercial applications, including exports. ANSTO is also responsible for new technology that enables uranium nuclear fuel to be recycled, reused. The nuclear waste (depleted uranium) has therefore much lower radiation levels. Military applications for depleted uranium includes armour piercing ammunition, recycled fuel much lower radiation present.

      Reconditioning and/or replacing coal fired power stations is in my opinion the most cost effective way to secure lower electricity prices and reliable base load electricity supply utilising existing locations and the existing electricity grid, world’s largest interconnected from QLD to NSW/ACT to VIC to TAS to SA.

      But next best option would be SMR generators assembled on existing power station sites and commented to the electricity grid at those locations.

      Transition to now +80% (Labor RET) based on wind turbines and solar installations is a recipe for disaster, net zero economic prosperity resulting.

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