Bowen’s quiet crusade to crush farming

by PAUL COLLITS – MY ADOPTED city of Lismore in NSW has more than its fair share of the progressive, green, globalist, woke, COVID class – otherwise known as PGGWC zealots. 

Indeed, in my own block we have both a “climate action now” sign and a “farms not coal” bumper sticker. 

Farmers will be next in Labor’s global warming crusade after Chris Bowen announced a scheme on Twitter to get farmers to cut methane.

Indeed, the eastern (Ballina) end of town has a large sign warning those entering the city that 97 per cent of residents said “no” to coal seam gas.

One’s obvious response would probably be – only 97 per cent? The recent disastrous floods led to suggestions in some areas that we are at the “frontline” of the so-called “climate emergency”.


We very nearly got a Greens MP at the 2019 NSW State election (when I stood as a candidate for the Australian Conservatives). Alas, she is now a Member of the Upper House.

It was the “farms not coal” bumper sticker that got my attention. Yes, not so long ago, locals attacking proposals for coal seam gas exploration were using the cause of agriculture to justify their attack on fossil fuels.

Now their mates among the ruling class are coming for the farms. Don’t be ridiculous, you say.

Well, who, a decade ago, would have thought it even remotely possible that we would be shutting down our industrial revolution enabler industry, the prime source of our national wealth and modern living standards, in order to (attempt to) shave one hundredth of a degree off global temperatures by 2100? No, I didn’t think so.

What is ridiculous today, is guaranteed to be accepted policy the day after tomorrow.

Who is attacking farming? Perhaps we should rephrase the question – who isn’t attacking farming?

First, there is the Dutch Government, bowing low before EU emissions targets. They are doing their bit, despite the magnificent efforts of protesters.

Then we have Bill Gates and the private equity controlling class are literally buying the farm.

British based film producer Robin Monotti links the Dutch Government’s actions to those of Gates: “Yesterday [the Dutch farmers] even set fire to a supermarket called Picnic, it is an online supermarket that specializes in meatless proteins.


“And imagine this, the owner of that market, Michiel Muller, is the brother-in-law of the Minister of Agriculture, the same one who practically banned farmers from animal husbandry, ie meat production.

“By the way, both come from the richest Dutch families and are members of the ‘elite’.

“And imagine this coincidence, the biggest investor in that market chain is Bill Gates, who invested an incredible US$600m. The same Bill Gates who has been buying land in America for two years and who is today the largest owner of agricultural land in America.

“So you understand how everything is connected, the gang is networked like a mafia, and it is obvious that they have been planning this for a long time.”

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk has also been talking about Gates’ food push: “Charlie Kirk believes Bill Gates and China are collaborating to buy up American farming land and take control of the country’s food supply.

“During his Friday radio show, Kirk laid out his theory for the land grab taking place in the United States. ‘North Dakota has some of the most amazing patriots on the planet, but why is North Dakota allowing themselves to be taken over by the World Economic Forum and by the Chinese Communist Party?”

Kirk added: “The Chinese are buying up farmland all across America. Do you know that the Chinese own 100 million acres of farmland? Do you know that, that according to sources in Texas, the Chinese own dozens of square miles of farmland, and they don’t allow anyone to come in.

“Gates is the single largest owner of farmland in the United States. Do you know that Bill Gates owns 270,000 acres of farmland? Now why would Bill Gates do that?”

The Leftist Kiwis want to tax cows that let off. The Conversation has a piece on it: “New Zealand, where agriculture is one of the largest contributors to climate change, is proposing a tax on cow burps

“The reason seems simple enough: Cows release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and New Zealand has a goal of reaching net-zero emissions by midcentury.”

Not to be outdone by the Dutch, the Irish have another angle. No Irish jokes here, please.

UK’s The Telegraph newspaper reports: “Ireland’s mooted cow massacre is a warning to net zero Britain. The Irish government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 dairy cows to meet its climate targets. It’s madness.”

Madness, yes. But more evil than madness, I think.

This push is global and demonic. It is only a matter of time before the evil duo in Canberra (one starts with “A”, the other “B”) start pondering how we kill off farming here.


Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt sniffs trouble ahead: “Sky News host Andrew Bolt says ‘farmers will be next’ in Labor’s ‘global warming crusade’ after Chris Bowen announced a scheme over Twitter to get farmers to cut methane. ‘Today he was tweeting how he had put money into a scheme to get farmers to cut methane,’ Bolt said.

“What’s that going to cost and will that make any difference at all to the climate?”

Then we have the climate zealots. According to the journal Science: “Many climate advocates say the most cost-effective way to help the climate through agriculture is simply to farm less land and raise less livestock.

So, then we can all eat synthetic food. And other things.

Here is Monotti again, linking Gates to eating insects: “Bill Gates actively advocates that we should eat artificial food, synthetic beef and – insects!

“Their plan is to feed us (whom they consider their livestock) insects. As crazy as it sounds, it’s true and they’ve been preparing us for it for years. Did you see Angelina Jolie frying and eating tarantulas, worms and grasshoppers with her children on BBC television?

“And have you seen Nicole Kidman promoting insects and eating them with gusto in front of the cameras?”

Finally, we have “rewilding”.

Here is a British angle, from March 2020: “War of the wild: How trendy metropolitan eco-zealots with close ties to Boris Johnson are set on driving out traditional farming and ‘rewilding’ the land.


So, we tax farmers out of existence and if that doesn’t work, we buy (or confiscate) their productive land. Or simply make them kill their cows.

In his latest, sobering article in The Australian newspaper, Paul Kelly noted, in the context of exploring Australia’s very shabby recent record on productivity – and, yes, Labor wants to get rid of the Productivity Commission – that 90 per cent of our economy is made up of service industries. Ninety per cent. That is food for thought, right there.

Much of that 90 per cent is made up of what the late author David Graeber called “bullshit jobs” (in his 2018 book of the same name).

He argues that there are millions of people across the world — clerical workers, administrators, consultants, telemarketers, corporate lawyers, service personnel, and many others — who are toiling away in meaningless, unnecessary jobs, and they know it.

Graeber stated: “Corporate lawyers. Most corporate lawyers secretly believe that if there were no longer any corporate lawyers, the world would probably be a better place. The same is true of public relations consultants, telemarketers, brand managers, and countless administrative specialists who are paid to sit around, answer phones, and pretend to be useful.

“A lot of bullshit jobs are just manufactured middle-management positions with no real utility in the world, but they exist anyway in order to justify the careers of the people performing them. But if they went away tomorrow, it would make no difference at all.

“And that’s how you know a job is bullshit: If we suddenly eliminated teachers or garbage collectors or construction workers or law enforcement or whatever, it would really matter. We’d notice the absence. But if bullshit jobs go away, we’re no worse off.”

The noticeable thing about these “professions”? There aren’t too many of them in the mining, manufacturing and farm sectors.


But, aside from the issue of having so few industries that are even capable of improving productivity (defined as output per unit of labour), what is alarming is that the remaining 10 per cent, mostly mining and agriculture – given how little manufacturing we do – are now both under vicious attack from the very same zealot class that, a few short years ago, was defending farming against coal seam gas.

This signals just how quickly we have rushed to the economic cliff with the apparently deliberate intention of jumping off.

I imagine that, when we have destroyed mining and agriculture, apart from eating insects, we will be experiencing the one hundred per cent service economy, with all of the trimmings.

We will not only own nothing (as per the World Economic Forum) but we will also make nothing.

We will have literally no means of improving productivity, which is the only way to improve living standards.

But then again, improving living standards is not high on the agenda of those who now command us. As (non-electric) cars become illegal, as mining companies move offshore – as Gina Rinehart suggests will happen – as our farmers start re-purposing their lives, and as we shrivel away economically, there is literally only one way of maintaining any semblance of an economy.

That would be – you guessed it – ever more immigrants! Just as we are doing now. Over a million are coming our way in the next two years.

Policymakers and big business love migrants. For government, a means of generating economic activity, albeit in a Ponzi scheme way. For business, cheap labour and ready-made customers for all those service sectors.

With the added bonus of harvesting more Labor votes and rubbing the noses of the deplorables in their implied racism and xenophobia. Win-win.PC

Paul Collits

Farmers will be next…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Chris Bowen. (courtesy The Monthly)

12 thoughts on “Bowen’s quiet crusade to crush farming

  1. Quarter acre block of land was the standard for most suburban dwelling Australians and now Labor wants to stop owners from digging holes, even a post hole for a letterbox, on our own land for which we pay rates and taxes.

    This is more globalist restrictions, the gradual tightening of their Marxism socialist noose around our necks created by our elected representatives in parliaments. Elected to look after the best interests of their constituents and paid a very high reward package in return for their public service.

    Voice + Treaty + Truth telling is another example of the political manoeuvring using every possible opportunity.

  2. The ones closing down a dairy farm should have no more milk.
    The ones closing down a poultry farm should have no more eggs or chicken meat.
    The ones closing down coal fired power stations should have no power at night.
    The ones closing down vege farms should have no more potatoes. etc etc
    They must feel the immediate consequences of their actions, where it hurts.
    Someone feels those consequences, they should feel it first.

  3. Termites put out more methane than cows. Cows are carbon neutral: they eat grass, burp methane which converts to CO2 rapidly in the atmosphere and CO2 is absorbed by plants and grass which cows eat…

    Every claim by alarmists about global warming and renewables is false; every damn one. And this turtle headed fool parrots every one of them. He quite simply is the most dangerous person in Australia. He will destroy Australia. And the only consolidation will be hearing the screams of the useful idiots who believe the alarmist propaganda and who voted for the alp/greens when the lights go out. And go out they will.

  4. The intelligence is mind boggling, no methane guarantees no floods,fires,cyclones,storms,wow,the perfect world.

  5. Chris Bowen poses a clear and present danger ……. perhaps we should call in the FBI 😉

  6. The nonsense that is directing Australia and ticked off by politicians is just a dead end street.
    It’s a scheme directed by the rich aimed solely at profits for them with no real regard for the environmental impact of the applications for works to be undertaken in the running of these schemes .
    The problem is with all of the profit taking by companies that the average Australian worker will over time become poorer and poorer .
    The whole system is at fault because the mum and dad investors and also the superfunds demand more and more profits annually exasperating the problem .
    Our government seems hell bent on sending Australia to the wall by them driving our deficit up as fast as it can
    This just leads to a weaker dollar so imports then become more expensive . This then leads to higher inflation and higher interest rates ,
    When it comes to the Australian economy the whole thing is balancing on a knife edge and ready to implode, the federal government should be taking more care of us here at home and stop breaking fiscal policy
    Also they should cease immigration untill such time as the housing crisis is properly addressed .
    On the environment
    They have all the answers to generating completely green power and recycling all sorts of materials , but whilst they can suck the old system dry and get every dollar that they possibly can out of you
    Nothing will change
    One day when things do we will all say wow arnt they cleaver when all the time they had that answer in their back pocket
    It’s hard to sit back and watch our once great ,smart , cleaver country . Come to this where things need to be addressed urgently with Australia and Australians best interests at heart
    Sadly o feel that the government had made the voice referendum to take the spotlight off what is really going on as now the country is divided and arguing the point , taking the heat off the federal government and it’s poor decisions .

    Best we hold on for a bumpy ride
    Curlyg xxx

  7. Farming Australia, the Union Labor, Greens and pale Greens dream, nightmare for consumers including taxpayers;

    Environmental protection dumped, farms for food production being dumped, reliable base load electricity generators being dumped.

    Replaced by coast to coast and off the coastline new dream farms: Wind Farms and Solar Farms with their own dedicated new main grid transmission line and transmission lines from each location to main grid, economic vandalism on a grand scale.

    And net zero economic prosperity future.

  8. The basic premise of this article is unfortunately correct. Tests are being conducted on livestock by a well-known university that will ultimately lead to the establishment of median methane emissions for ruminant livestock. It’s easy to see that once the benchmark figure has been quantified, animals emitting more methane than this will result in a carbon tax being paid by the owner. Of course, given the new-found enthusiasm for carbon sequestration, the over-worked farmer will also be accounting for his carbon credits. In between the two sides of the carbon ledger will be one of two things, or possibly both. They being either another vast bureaucracy, or possibly the Great Vampire Squid. The essence of all this will be the further criminalisation of farming that started under the enlightened rule of Bob Carr. Australian farmers would be well-advised to adopt either Chinese or Palestinian identity.

    1. United Nations Agenda 21 signed by Keating Labor, I understand Carr Labor NSW were one of the first State governments to adopt “Sustainability”.

  9. Look very closely at State Government Treaties positioning and already taking place economic vandalism related to land restrictions.

    Federal Voice + Treaty + Truth telling is a distraction, a diversionary tactic as well as a hidden details agenda that if passed will also add to the collapse of economic prosperity as we have known it.


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