Brittany’s ‘little lie’ detonates national scandal

by PAUL COLLITS – ELEVATING Brittany Higgins as the face of the #MeToo movement has been a shocking own-goal for Australia’s political, media and activist elites. 

Thanks primarily to the indefatigable journalism of The Australian newspaper’s Janet Albrechtsen, the relentless probing of His Honour Walter Sofronoff and the courage of Bruce Lehrmann, we have been accorded a rare glimpse behind the curtain of the movement – and in particular that collection of male haters who have evil ideology where their brains should be. 

Once the first public lie was told, then subsequent little lies were needed to keep the narrative going – and, with sufficient journalistic prodding, the whole house of cards collapsed.

The term “jumping the shark” originated in the mid-1980s and referred to the point at which a television show begins to decline.

The show had run out of ideas. The script writers had gone too far. The show had become an object of public ridicule.


Well, the #MeToo movement which has been going after Bruce Lehrmann on a decidedly wobbly (actually, let’s call it baseless) rape claim might well be said to have done a Henry Winkler – aka The Fonz in US TV show Happy Days.

First, they came for the late George Pell. Astonishingly, many believed his complainant’s story for a time. Or, at least, they wanted to believe it.

It made sense of their world views. The belief in the “victim’s” narrative, probably peaked here.

Then they came for Christian Porter. It worked against him, too. He was “disappeared”.

Now they have come for a quiet, young Liberal Party staffer who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and who has had his life destroyed by unproven (to put it at its kindest) accusations.

Thanks to media leaks, probing journalism, an inquiry into the ACT’s legal system following Lehrmann’s aborted trial, a trial unwanted by police, law suits brought by Lehrmann and now his Channel Seven interview, we have been given a rare glimpse at the realities of the previously untainted #MeToo activists.

What do we see behind the curtain, revealed most recently in five hours of tape recordings of The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson and the alleged rape victim, Brittany Higgins?

It is truly unedifying. And it should be utterly humiliating to those involved. Ten aspects of the case stand out.

First, we have the same old faces driving the rape narrative. ABC’s Louise Milligan has been an activist-player, up to her armpits, in the cases of all three victims of misandry mentioned above.

Second, there are the high-level connections between politicians of the Left and media celebrities. Then there are the publishers. And the cross-owned media corporates. The ideologically-committed #MeToo luvvies are a vertically and horizontally integrated machine.

Third, the sheer cynicism of the players, revealed in the leaked tapes of the prepping of Brittany Higgins for her highly strategic, infamous appearance on The Project.

Then there was the “get Linda Reynolds” play. And the “get Bruce” play.

Make sure he never gets the chance to go for pre-selection! Before the trial. Oh yes, these characters are real pieces of work.

Brittany’s boyfriend David Sharaz seems to have been in it up to his neck as well.

Fourth, the lies. See under Tanya Plibersek, who dissembled when reminded of all her questions in the House of Representatives about the Lehrmann case.


See also under Peter FitzSimons in relation to the Higgins book deal. Finally, see under “mental health”, as in the apparently shaky mental health of the accuser.

Fifth, the nature of the targets. All conservatives, and one a Catholic prelate. The best kind of alleged rapist you can get.

Sixth, the attempt in all three cases to kill the careers of the targets. Perhaps even their very lives.

Pell could easily have died in prison, given his health at the time, and Lehrmann contemplated suicide.

Our peep behind the curtain reveals an agenda deliberately seeking to “get Bruce”. Porter, once realistically touted as a future prime minister, was forced to slink back to Perth to earn a living, having been milligan’d.

(The verb “to milligan” means to set out to destroy someone of whom you disapprove or with whom you disagree ideologically, by spraying malicious falsehoods all over the national media based on the flimsiest of “evidence”.)

Seventh, the lack of remorse of the perpetrators. One received a TV Logie, which, to date, remains unreturned.

Brittany Higgins was handed a two million dollar plus “settlement” from a newly installed Labor Government, allowing a lifestyle of rented luxury by the beach on the Gold Coast.

She even shared images of her new home on Instagram, saying that it was her “little piece of nirvana”.

“Home sweet home,” Ms Higgins captioned the post.

The Daily Mail called her new lifestyle “lavish” and the property as “flash”. And Mrs Higgins approves.

Ms Higgins also included a picture of her new living room, which is adorned with designer furniture – including a $500 white velvet mirror and a $330 decorative side table.

Her mother Kelly Higgins, who is a real estate agent, commented: “It’s exactly what you deserve my angel.”

“Brittany Higgins” and “angel” are not words you expect to see in the one sentence.

A third #MeToo perpetrator got multiple journalism awards for destroying Pell. No public sorrow there.

Eighth, the politicisation of the law, with the likes of the ACT’s Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold – an embarrassment to his profession – leading the charge.

He is now, mercifully, on gardening leave and with fewer friends by the day.

The #MeToo industrial complex did the same with Pell, massively benefitting from the moral panic whipped up by the Gillard Royal Commission.


Right between Pell’s first and second trials, we had ScoMo and Bill Shorten pleading “we believe you” to the accuser.

With Lehrmann, we had dozens of questions asked in the Parliament. And the very same ScoMo called Higgins a “victim”. Before the trial.

That is both unforgivable and common these days. A #MeToo tactic.

Ninth, we have yet further evidence that once the big public lie is told, then subsequent little lies are needed to keep the narrative going, and, in the end, with sufficient journalistic prodding, the whole house of cards gets close to total collapse.

Tenth, there is the sheer sleaze of the whole episode. Signing a book deal before the rape trial even got under way? Yuck.

Of course, the ABC’s Milligan wrote her book on Pell – “semi-literate police talking points”, as one American observer described it – before his trial.

Indeed, the book helped to ensure the trial.

These are merely the top ten. One could go on.

Seeing behind-the-scene footage and tapes should shatter the illusions of those who take at face value the workings of government.

These glimpses of the sordid inner workings of the ruling class are rare and extremely valuable to the outsider class. The insider class knows full well that this is how the world works. Yes, we should be cynical.

With the Lehrmann case, you might well conclude that it isn’t a shark jumping we are talking of here. The #MeToo lobbyists have jumped the bloody humpback whale.

The Higgins fiasco is an own goal of epic proportions. And, shockingly, it was played out in the media before the (mis-)trial. What about justice?

As reported in The Australian: “AFP Detective Superintendent Scott Moller was ‘upset’ and ‘mad’ that the Victims of Crime Commissioner Heidi Yates was using an ‘investigation as a voice for reform’.

Moller, of course, has, almost single-handedly through his truth telling – a rarity in this affair – restored somewhat the sullied reputation of the AFP.


And the fallout is only just beginning. Questions that might be explored include the role of the Labor “mean girls” in the whole saga and the Commonwealth’s payment to Higgins.

Why, also, was Higgins’ former boss Linda Reynolds prevented from appearing before the parliamentary inquiry that led to the generous payout?

Why were senior Australian Federal Police officers ignored in relation to the bringing of charges, and how did Shane Drumgold ever come to hold such a senior legal position?

One can also wonder how Brittany’s book deal is going? The deal negotiated by Peter FitzSimons prior to lodging her sexual assault complaint with police.

As The Daily Mail suggested in February this year, as the Lehrmann law suit for defamation then neared: “Bruce Lehrmann will take the stand to tell his story for the first time – and Brittany Higgins’ $325,000 book deal is in jeopardy.”

Not looking good, then. One wonders how many words she has actually written, between law lectures at Bond. One suspects that, the shakier her story is seen to become, the speaking engagements might dry up too.

We are also still fresh from Lehrmann’s “bombshell” interview.

Will there be defamation law suits against Higgins, as Lehrmann has hinted? Will there be further unemployment for Lisa Wilkinson?

If Higgins’ book is ever written and published, will it appear in the fiction section of bookshops?

Will the ACT legal system ever be brought into repute? Will #MeToo misandrists recover their former, esteemed place in the public’s affection?

It was reported that, laughably, in light of more recent revelations, Higgins described the criminal justice system as “asymmetrical”.


Indeed, it can be. Bruce Lehrmann, having lost everything, contemplated suicide, and all but went through with it.

His accuser, on the other hand, received millions, a book deal, fame, adulation, TV stardom and a “lavish lifestyle”.

All that looks a little asymmetrical to me. Who marches for falsely accused men?

The law also takes its own good time. After it took Higgins two years to “go public” with the accusation, it was then another two years until the ACT’s DPP called off the second trial.

They do the falsely accused very slowly, it seems. All the while leaving what is left of their reputations swinging in the breeze.

Perhaps Lisa Wilkinson should have, instead, been awarded a silver Logie for “best actress”.

And perhaps, just maybe, the #MeToo activists and their low-rent media champions might pause and reflect on their cavalier approach to justice, before they march again into battle.PC

Paul Collits

‘A little lie to save her job…”

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brittany Higgins. (courtesy Who magazine)

12 thoughts on “Brittany’s ‘little lie’ detonates national scandal

  1. Brilliant precis of a very sordid affair. Thank You.
    My take on this affair is; that the fix was in from the very beginning. It was about one thing only and that was to bring down the Morrison Government. They didn’t need to go to such lengths as it was already heading for defeat, once Morrison announced that the Libs were also going to move from coal to so-called renewables. (which are not renewable) Then it was all over for the Liberal Government. I say to all those who voted for Labor . Circle back in 2 years’ time and tell us how well you have done under this government.How’s those energy bills going, seen the $275 reduction per year that Albo promised? Ours has gone up by $320 since last quarter. One last word on Brittany if the events of that night occurred as she has alleged then one would think that the first thing she would have done was go to the hospital or speak to a friend and then the police to report it. Not go and sign a book deal and TV appearances.

    1. You must read Weekend Australian J’udges slam ‘Me Too’ trials’ (front Page) More by Paul Kelly p17. Hopefully now they will be exposed for what they are and what has happened. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  2. This story is overdue – well done reporters. I thought Australia was devoid of them!

  3. Why pay to read a book? We’ve had all the details online. However, little mention has been made of the wisdom of 11 vodkas. It was reported she awoke hungry, so looked around the office and found some chocolate which she ate. Whose? Theft charge?? Similar topic, she was filmed leaving PH wearing Minister Reynolds’ jacket. Where is that now?
    As an ordinary person, I have seen many anomalies. Reported allegations in time for samples? No!
    Stated gone to doctor. True? No!
    Affected many people detrimentally and without cause on their part? Yes!
    Given a handout for what?

  4. Right on the money. This time ongoing enquiries being made about the activities of Labor and their acolytes could result in one or more of their number being criminally charged with ‘Pervert the Course of Justice’. A provable fake rape allegation for instance would constitute a basis for a like charge, which is not to pass aspersions on the veracity of M/s Higgins claim. However her behaviour before and after the alleged attack is a surprise, given her later allegations made. She went and had coffee with Lehermann afterward, and had allegedly previously taken boyfriends to the Minister’s Office where she had had sex with them.

  5. I think Linda Reynolds’ earlier “lying cow” comment can now be justifiably transferred to Katy Gallagher.

  6. Agree whole heartedly. Higgins constantly shown to be her own fallible witness. Why didn’t she continue home in Uber rather than follow BL into
    Why didn’t Wilkinson and FitsSimmons
    advise Higgins to immediately report to Police. Rather than Book deals etc.I think we know why.
    Just a couple of observations of mine amongst many that you have thankfulky compiled . Cheers.

  7. Paul, Great article. It isn’t very often I read articles that have kept me fixed on the topic, from go to whoa!!!. The whole Higgins/Lerhmann affair (sic) was skewed to left from the outset. Sickening to see Bruce L Maligned and rubbished nationally – without a shred of REAL or substantive evidence proffered forth. Congrats. Do all you can to sink this me too mob of recalcitrants!!!!!!

  8. I wonder how she is feeling right now?

    Used and abused?

    But don’t forget the alleged attacker’s damaged reputation, a set up it appears to be from what we have been told so far.

    And nobody has yet explained how Prime Minister Morrison and Cabinet were responsible for two staffers entering Parliament House Canberra after hours and for whatever took place after they were admitted.


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