Charles rewards ‘disturbing & dystopian’ queen

by PAUL COLLITS – WHEN Tony Abbott created a dame – sadly, the execrable Quentin Bryce – he got fired. When the former NZ PM Jacinda Ardern was made one, those who loathe Abbott were in raptures. 

Funny old world. Ardern’s rewards for services to wokedom and COVID totalitarianism continue apace. There was the gig with Prince William’s charity. 

It is all very chilling. Both Jacinda Ardern’s global program and the fact that so many “world leaders” embrace her peculiar brand of “empathy”.

The Women’s Weekly gushed: “The beloved English royal and the admired New Zealand leader have joined forces on a project that is sure to do good for the world.”

This level of sycophancy gives hagiography a bad name. Then there are Ardern’s two fellowships at Harvard.


As the Harvard Kennedy School Dean’s announcement read: “Jacinda Ardern showed the world strong and empathetic political leadership. She earned respect far beyond the shores of her country, and she will bring important insights for our students and will generate vital conversations about the public policy choices facing leaders at all levels.”

Principled leadership? Of course, the Kennedy School also has as a Senior Fellow … Kevin Rudd.

They clearly have a thing for over-promoted, soiled ex-leaders. Rudd is most famous for being rejected, in turn, by his own Party and by the electors of Australia.

And now Adern has the big gong. And with the current generation having the attention span of gnats, Jacinda needn’t worry that people will remember her for deserting the sinking ship that is the New Zealand Labor Party in her chase for secular sainthood.

Of course, there is no surprise that the current King and the next one will have wanted to mark Jacinda’s own “reign”.

They are both woke and both climate nutters. They are both World Economic Forum gentlemen.

Prince William interviewed David Attenborough at Davos in 2019. King Charles salivates at the very mention of the place.

Ardern is a graduate of the WEF’s Global Leaders Program, a school for emerging global fascists (like Canada’s Justin Trudeau and the aforementioned Rudd) that allows Klaus Schwab to “penetrate zee cabinets”.

Much has been made of Ardern’s republicanism and the suggested hypocrisy of her acceptance of a royal honour.

She neatly sidestepped that one by expressing her reluctance to accept the gong in terms, not of republicanism, but because of her humility in relation to all those other Kiwis who shared her … whatever she did.


Oh, that’s right. She was empathetic towards victims of an awful mass shooting in Christchurch. She put on a scarf in deference to Muslims and hugged people. That got her an outsized portrait on a silo in Brunswick (Melbourne, of course).

Then we had her efforts during the COVID panic. And didn’t the Kiwi Government panic.

They had every form of whacko madness under the sun, just like everywhere else, only more so.

This is, of course, a country whose customs officials totally flip out if they find a stray Aussie huntsman in camping equipment at Auckland Airport.

So, keeping the island kingdom virus free became a heroic act. And the empathetic PM was up for the challenge.

In this she resembled Mark McGowan, yet another COVID political departee, who was equally determined to defeat “the virus”.

There must be something about politicians in isolated places that make them do a King Canute. Hence, they had the closed borders, lockdowns, the vaccine mandates, the narrative, the censorship, the maskism.

Readers will, no doubt, remember Ardern’s infamous admonition of those who “get their news” from anyone other than “the government”.

Now she is taking her lockdownism to the world, and seeking to have it applied to climate change, inevitably another of her obsessions.


She is at the forefront of the fifteen-minute cities movement and will go along with anything that seeks to drive us all back to the Stone Age by killing the fossil fuel economy. Not to mention her championing of censorship to shut down dissidents.

She recently told the United Nations as much, as Rita Panahi notes: “Sky News host Rita Panahi says it’s ‘little wonder’ New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s speech to the UN General Assembly was described as ‘disturbing, dystopian and dangerous’. [see video below]

“Just listen to this Orwellian nonsense from the fake queen of empathy,” Ms Panahi said. “Ardern wants to control the information you have access to.

“She looks at the internet as a weapon of war that requires the same level of action and activity as the old weapons of war.”

It is all very chilling. Both Ardern’s global program and the fact that so many “world leaders” embrace her peculiar brand of “empathy”. There are only so many times one can say “the world has gone mad”.

Finally, it is funny how failed female political leaders – and there are many – simply bounce along to their next gig(s) upon exiting public office.

The former VicPol Commissioner, Christine Nixon – the one who was having her hair done during the 2009 fatal bushfires – also now teaches leadership courses.

There is, indeed, nothing like a woke Dame. With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.PC

Paul Collits

Fake queen of empathy…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  King Charles & Jacinda Ardern. (courtesy The Sydney Morning Herald)

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