Train wreck: Albo’s govt worse than bad

by SEAN BURKE – ANTHONY Albanese is running the most secretive, confused and chaotic government in the nation’s history. 

With “hard-core” criminal illegal immigrants released into the Australian community, Shadow Federal Attorney General Michaelia Cash has accused the Labor government of a cover-up. 

The Albanese Government is, without a doubt, the most secretive of governments Australia has ever seen – and I mean ‘ever seen’.
Michaelia Cash
Shadow Federal Attorney General

“This government is in complete chaos and confusion when it comes to border protection,” she told Sky News host Peta Credlin yesterday.

The latest furore arose after Labor’s Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil was alleged to have attempted to withhold the criminal history of 151 illegal immigrants recently released onto Australia streets.


Documents provided to the Senate by Ms O’Neil’s own departmental secretary, Stephanie Foster, indicated dozens of rapists, paedophiles, murderers and armed robbers were among those released.

Ms O’Neil is accused of harshly reprimanding her most senior bureaucrat after the release – leaving Ms Foster in tears.

“Questions are now being asked in relation to whether or not a directive was provided to a public servant to withhold information that the Senate had requested on behalf of the Australian people,” Ms Cash said.

“Well, I have to say, that takes it to a whole new level.

“This government is, without a doubt, the most secretive of governments Australia has ever seen – and I mean ‘ever seen’.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Ms Cash said Mr Albanese’s underhandedness was across the board.

“I mean, look at what they are doing with religious discrimination,” she said.

“How does an Attorney-General of Australia gag faith leaders from talking about some of the most important matters to them?

“I mean, on what planet do we now live when the Attorney-General – sanctioned by the Prime Minister – says to faith leaders we will only consult with you if you are sworn to secrecy in relation to what we have told you.

“This is farcical. Seinfeld couldn’t script what’s going on in relation to this government.” PC

Albanese’s dumpster fire…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Clare O’Neil (L) with PM Anthony Albanese (centre). (courtesy X)

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  1. Albo and his pals can’t manage immigration, but they expect us to believe they can set up a secure national ID database.

  2. We are represented by an Easter Bunny unable to lead an incompetent mob of MPs with egg all over their faces.


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