Chinese strike against Australia ‘likely’

AUSTRALIA should prepare for a Chinese military strike as experts warn of a dangerous escalation of “gangster diplomacy”. 

Any attack would most likely occur with the sinking or ramming of an Australian naval vessel in the South China Sea, according to Prof Joseph Siracusa who heads the International Diplomacy Department at Melbourne’s RMIT University. 

Another expert, Mr Peter Jennings – a former deputy secretary of strategy within the Australian Defence Department – said on Saturday that Beijing’s global policy of bully, brinkmanship and backdown was driving the Indo-Pacific closer to conflict. 

Prof Siracusa said Australia was being targeted by China because of its close relationship with the United States.


“Australia is seen as an ally of the United States so I think when Australia takes a hit, what China is doing is probing,” he said during a Sky News interview. [see below]

“They want to know what Australia’s going to do when and if China comes down hard on Hong Kong – and they will.

“They want to know what Australia’s going to do when and if the United States does nothing about the Taiwan Strait.

“Australia should be on guard now because the Chinese might want to probe America by knocking Australia around, for example, shooting at a cruiser in the China Sea.”

Prof Siracusa, an American who was formerly based in Chicago, said Australia would need to increase its ties with the United States, India and Japan.


“Australia is seen as one of those places where America can disperse its strategic assets and Australia sees the United States as a defence against Chinese incursions in the area.

“The Chinese are not going to invade Australia but they will turn Australia’s region into a Chinese lake.”

Prof Siracusa predicted Australia would continue to “take a lot of heat”.

“If China wants to send a message to the United States, one of the best ways is to sink an Australian ship – or even ram it – to see if the United States will do anything for Australia,” he said.

“Because Australia on its own can’t do much about this.”

Former Defence Department deputy secretary of strategy Peter Jennings, who is currently executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, warned that a fertile ground for war was being laid.

“China’s brinkmanship is designed to see how much pressure Beijing can pile onto Australia before we metaphorically tap the mat,” he wrote in Saturday’s Weekend Australian newspaper.


“If we take the punishment without complaining, more pressure will be added.”

Mr Jennings said he saw Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to cyber attacks as a way of pushing back against Beijing.

“The problem is that President Xi’s ‘wolf warrior’ instincts have eliminated all trust in any engagement with Beijing,” he wrote.

“In the absence of trust there is no dialogue and in the absence of dialogue no ability to know when or how to step back from the military brink.”

“This is fertile ground for war.”PC

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14 thoughts on “Chinese strike against Australia ‘likely’

  1. China will use an Electro-magnetic Pulse weapon against Australia to bring entire cities to a stand still. They have been saying they will use pulse weapons for the past 4 years. North Korea has said the same.
    Australian Democracy is incompetent and dysfunctional. Do you really think they can run a Republic any better.

  2. There may well be some more bullying tactics that emanate from China but my thoughts are that warfare has now moved on, with biological and cyber attacks becoming commonplace to weaken the stronger western democracies and of course, subjugation through economic reliance becoming the forcefield against the weaker Nations.

    With the release of the latest Covid virus, China has been able to wreak havoc on the economic and social well-being of all their adversaries of the Democratic Western Nations and a further release of a more potent virus would certainly drive us into the ground. No matter to China that a million or so of it’s citizens from one province are infected, – they are fully expendable in this fight!

    Rules for our international borders must have a stringent, a dire overhaul!

  3. Firstly, the CCP will take any measure to uphold their gangster, murderous and totalitarian regime! This CCP regime is not like your usual adversary or any other enemy that we have encountered “Past or Present” they will use any means and measures to fight and inflict a dirty war, be it biological (like we have experienced and are experiencing with the CCP VIRUS) or anything else! This CCP VIRUS will NOT BE THE LAST coming out of China if we don’t STOP THIS NOW! The CCP have already built at least 6 new biological labs like the Wuhan lab. This regime will use any means and measures to fight a dirty war or use any other means that we haven’t and/or didn’t even imagine!

    Australia has to be very aware of our Pacific neighbours and where the CCP has a lot of investment(s) and ports! As this will be the next desperate move by the totalitarian gangster regime of the CCP/PLA Navy to gain a dominant force within our region! Australia can’t just sit and wait for things to happen, Australia HAS TO take the initiative within this region and totally secure and kick the CCP out! Have a look at this excellent interview by Jan Jekielek from “American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times” with Elmer Yuan titled “U.S. Should Sanction All Members of China’s Communist Party—Elmer Yuan on COVID 19, HK Security Law” who outlines the criminal factions and the total dictatorship of the CCP within China and what Xi Jinping is doing and to what lengths the CCP is prepared to go to!

  4. we have some very efficient submarines and well trained submariners. if they sink or ram an australian ship they may find a couple of u.s. torpedoes heading towards their prized aircraft carriers under the cover of darkness. don’t piss off the Aussies they have a motto “don’t get mad get even”.

  5. Australia must emulate India in the event of a Chinese attack.
    Immediately bloody them back, and prepare to do it at sea or on land. Lives would be lost, but we can’t back down.
    Think India.

  6. We need to wake up, stop being laxy daisy or we will be invàded. Back with national service, to be prepared and organised. Take back Darwin port and the Chinese land that they brought. Payback time for manipulating the stock markets when Australia lost billions in one day. They are greedy but will run out of water and food. Smarten up Australia. Given nothing taken nowhere

    1. Much of the land and ports the Chinese supposedly own, they don’t, they have only possession of a lease, they are already well in consequential National Security constraint areas whereby their leases should be seceded. China are making threats against Australia be it direct or camouflaged, those leases should be revoked and foreclosed upon, and Chinese companies which can be clearly connected to the the PRC, and its standover Beijing Govt have their business dealings seized by the Federal and State govts, and operated and owned by the Govt until Beijing provides clear and open promises that they respect our country.
      As Beijing don’t even understand what the Terminology of Foreign & International Policy, regarding Promise and/or Apology & Bureaucrat Misdemeanor, they are already breaking all rules and constraints related to Foreign Diplomacy with Australia, and our National Security Legislation, by means of veiled and open threats regarding the safety and well-being of Australians and our lands and Waters.
      This govt we have is either afraid of Beijing, or hopes to hold out a hand to China in a lavish weak pursuit of a better relationship.
      A better relationship will not happen while China feels it is able to dominate Australia
      politically, militarily , and in trade without rebuttals from our govt.
      Australians need to take a stand and let our govt know we are not a weak step back nation.

  7. This is what the Japanese did before they attacked The US in 1941 and then attack Australia in 1942 first buy all the iron and then turn it in to booms and bullets and then send them back by air mail just like the Chinese are doing now getting ready to take on every one that will not stand with them (all I can say is see I said this would happen if we bend over form them )

  8. In November 2016, I personally warned Tony Abbot that war with China was inevitable. I told him that this is the 1940’s redux, and that we should have been preparing for conflict from the moment that China began building artificial islands in the South China Sea – and, in fact, that the Chinese should never have been allowed to complete that work.

    I don’t know how much credence he gave to my words, but he didn’t do anything about it. Tony is gone, but nothing has changed: our federal government remains supine in the face of mortal danger, and their biggest concerns vis-a-vis our armed forces are such important considerations as “gender balance” and “diversity”. Our country continues to trade with China even as the storm clouds are coming into view – an echo of “Pig Iron Bob”, who was so keen, in 1938, to see Australia exporting strategically important material to Japan. (It’s too bad that Menzies didn’t read the report that was written in 1924 by the U.S. General Billy Mitchell, who predicted that there would be a war between the U.S and Japan, and that hostilities would be initiated by the Japanese, who, he said, would commence with a surprise attack on the U.S. fleet in its anchorage at Pearl Harbour).

    It’s going to be a very rude awakening when it comes.


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